Are Axolotls Illegal In Texas

Are Axolotls Illegal In Texas? All 10 Things You Need To Know

As a good Texan, you may be wondering if it is legal to own an axolotl. The short answer is “yes.” You can have an axolotl in Texas.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the laws about owning axolotls in our beautiful state and give you some tips if you’re interested in bringing one of these interesting animals into your home.

What Are Axolotls?

Even though axolotls are amphibians that like to live their whole lives underwater, they are often called “Mexican walking fish.”

They are the rarest species in the salamander family, and they are hard to find in the wild. Axolotls are usually olive-brown with gold spots, but genetic problems can cause them to be different colors.

On top of these natural colour changes, exotic pet breeders will cross-breed certain types to create new and interesting colour combinations.

Both male and female axolotls can grow up to 18 inches long, but on average, they are closer to 9 inches long. They have thin mouths that smile, big, flattened heads, and eyes without lids.

Each has three gills that branch out from each side of the head, and they live their whole lives with their dorsal fins from when they were young. Their limbs are small and not fully developed.

Are Axolotls Illegal In Texas

Their digits are long and thin, like fingers. Men and women are easy to tell apart once they reach sexual maturity. The male’s cloaca grows and gets bigger, and their tails usually get longer.

Almost every part of these amazing creatures’ bodies can grow back if they need to, including their spines, organs, and even some parts of their brains.

They look different from other animals and are very popular as exotic pets, even though they are kept in zoos, labs, and breeding facilities.

Do Axolotls Make Good Pets?

That’s a hard question to answer. Axolotls have become a very popular pet, but are they really good to keep as pets?

You must always keep your pet Axolotl in water.You are wrong if you think you can take them out of their tank, touch them, and feed them like you can with other amphibians.

Even though they are amphibians, axolotls can’t live without water. This is because they have skin that is very sensitive.

Their bodies are protected by a slime coat, which can dry out quickly if they are taken out of the water.

This leaves the axolotl vulnerable to dangerous outside forces. Axolotls are also hard to keep as pets because their skin is sensitive to light.

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Another reason why they can’t be taken out of the water The sea spreads out the light. If they aren’t in the water, the light will hit their skin, which is very sensitive.

You won’t be able to have as much fun with this pet as you would with other pets. Also, you’ll have to keep the animal alone. Axolotls don’t get along with most other animals. You can do something.

Are Axolotls Illegal in Texas?

Axolotls are not against the law in Texas, and they can be kept as pets as long as the owner follows all laws and rules.

Even though it is not illegal to own an axolotl in Texas, it is illegal to bring this exotic species into or out of the state without a license.

Axolotls usually have a range of prices. A regular, healthy axolotl will cost between $30 and $75, but a piebald axolotl, which is not as common, will cost around $100. Only buy them from breeders or pet stores that you can trust.

Don’t order an axolotl through the internet or a classified ad unless you’ve talked to the dealer and they can tell you enough about the animal. This is a red flag if they can’t give you enough proof of its ancestry and medical history.

Talk to people who have bought animals from that seller before to see if there are any problems. A good breeder or business is also usually known to a local vet who works with exotic pets.

As many people know, it is against the law in many US states, some Canadian provinces, and other countries around the world to keep an axolotl as a pet.

In the U.S., it is illegal to own an axolotl in California, Maine, New Jersey, and Virginia, and you need a permit to do so in New Mexico, Hawaii, and New Jersey.

In Canada, it is against the law in New Brunswick, British Columbia, and Prince Edward Island to own an axolotl, and you need a permit to do so in Nova Scotia.

Axolotls are legal everywhere in Manitoba except for the city of Winnipeg. Even though this is frustrating for people who live in areas where these rules are in place, it is important to remember that they are there for a reason.

Discussion of the laws around owning axolotls in Texas

You don’t need a permit to own an axolotl in Texas right now. People often think of axolotls as strange animals, which may surprise them.

But each state has different rules about owning exotic animals, and axolotls are considered domestic animals in Texas.

Since there are no clear rules about how to care for or own an axolotl, anyone can legally buy one and keep it as a pet.

This doesn’t mean that having an axolotl is always easy, though. They can be sensitive animals that need special care.

On the other hand, if you are willing to put in the work, owning an axolotl may be a rewarding experience.

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A list of animals that are illegal to keep in Texas

Because they are dangerous to public safety, these animals are against the law. Large carnivores, for example, are strong and can be dangerous even when they are well-trained.

Also, these animals need special care that most pet owners don’t know how to give. So, it is in everyone’s best interest to keep them out of private homes.

Which States Are Axolotls Illegal in?

Even though you can have an axolotl as a pet in Texas without any problems, you can’t do that in all states.

In the states of New Jersey, Virginia, California, and Maine, it is against the law to own an axolotl. In New Mexico, you have to get permission to own an axolotl. In the other states, there are no laws that limit axolotls.

Why Are Axolotls Illegal in Some Places?

Some people might think that these rules are necessary because wild axolotls are in danger, but that’s not the only reason.

The wild axolotl population is in steep decline and will likely go extinct soon. However, the axolotls kept as pets have been completely bred in captivity for decades and are the ancestors of many small colonies that live on a few different continents.

Since they have been raised in captivity for so long, pet axolotls are no longer genetically or behaviorally the same as axolotls in the wild.

Axolotls kept in captivity have been mixed with tiger salamanders; their DNA has been changed; and they have been raised for many generations without natural selection taking place.

So they are a whole different kind of animal. This is a big reason why putting pet axolotls back into their natural habitats won’t help save the species of wild axolotls.

Are Axolotls Illegal In Texas

What to Do If You End Up with an Axolotl in a State Where It’s Illegal?

If you live in Texas, you don’t have to worry about anything because you can own an Axolotl there.

You just have to make sure that you follow the rules and laws that your state has set up.

But what if you get an axolotl as a gift or find one in your house if you live in a country or state where axolotls are illegal?

First, you have to stop your axolotls from having more babies.

Separate the male and female tanks if you have a pair.

If you have an axolotl that is pregnant, kill the eggs before they hatch.

Your first goal should be to keep the number of axolotls in states where they are illegal under control.

Don’t give the eggs to your friends, because that will just help the axolotl population grow. Even giving the animal to someone else as a gift is not allowed.

If something bad happens, the law will hold you responsible and charge you.

Your best bet is to call the authorities in your area and tell them you have an axolotl.

They’ll be your best guides. You shouldn’t put this off because the longer you wait, the more likely it is that the authorities will find out.

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How to care for an Axolotl?

If you want to add an axolotl to your family, there are a few things you should know.

First of all, where do I find it? Axolotls are from Mexico and can be found in stores that sell reptiles and amphibians.

Axolotls don’t have a lot of needs when it comes to care. They should be kept in an aquarium with sand or gravel at the bottom and water that has been filtered.

Because axolotls are shy animals, give them a place to hide. Axolotls eat meat, which means they eat almost anything that moves.

Possible choices include crickets, bloodworms, and earthworms. Finally, remember to take your new pet to the vet on a regular basis.If you take good care of your axolotl, it will be a part of your family for many years.

Where to Buy Axolotls in Texas?

Since axolotls are not against the law in Texas, you can start looking for your new pet right away.

Are Axolotls Illegal In Texas

Even though there are many options online, you should only buy an axolotl from a reputable pet store.

When you buy Axolotls from a reputable store, you know that the pet was well taken care of, isn’t sick, and doesn’t have any diseases or bugs that could kill it or spread to other animals in the same tank.

Even though an axolotl should be kept in its own tank, it can share a tank with several fish species.


In the end, it is legal in Texas to own an axolotl. As long as you buy an axolotl from a licensed dealer and keep it in an aquarium that is at least a certain size, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Even though they are not listed as endangered right now, it is important to be aware that this could change in the future.

So, if you want to get an axolotl as a pet, you should do your research and be ready to give it the care it needs.

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