Are Snails Safe For Axolotl To Eat

Are Snails Safe For Axolotl To Eat? 6 Things Must Consider

When it comes to feeding the axolotls, we have a few options. Axolotls are carnivores, which means they only eat things that come from or contain meat.

This is bad news because it means that all of the smaller fish and snails in your aquarium will die. You should be careful because axolotls will attack your fish and snails in your aquarium to eat them.

But this might not be such a bad thing. People often eat axolotl snails as part of their diet. The question is whether or not axolotls eat snails.

They will, in fact, eat snails. It’s one of their favourite things to eat, but you have to be careful about which snails you give them. Axolotls will eat both snails and fish.

It is best not to give snails to axolotls at all because they may end up eating the smaller snails that fit in their jaws. But you shouldn’t give them snails because they will also eat the shells.

The shells will then get stuck in their digestive tract, which is called a “blockage.” And you don’t want to have to deal with this.

Can axolotl eat snails?

Axolotls like to eat snails, but it’s important to give them the right kind. Snails with hard, sharp shells should not be eaten by axolotls. On the other hand, axolotls can eat soft-shelled snails without any risk.

We’ve had axolotls for a long time, and we’re always careful about what we feed them. So, we’ll use what we know to tell you more about these amazing creatures and the kinds of snails they can eat.

Which Snails Are Safe for Axolotls to Eat?

Apple Snails

Apple snails are a good choice if you want to feed an axolotl. Apple snails are different from other kinds of snails because their shells are softer and easier for the axolotl to bite and eat.

They are also bigger, which means that a predator can get more food from them. Apple snails, on the other hand, grow quickly, so it’s important to keep an eye on their population and control how many there are in the tank or pond.

Apple snails may also eat plants, so they shouldn’t be kept with plants that are sensitive or grow slowly.

Are Snails Safe For Axolotl To Eat

Apple snails are a great choice for axolotl owners who want to give their pet a variety of foods. Keep an eye on how many there are and think about how they might affect the plants in the tank.

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Ramshorn Snails

When it comes to snails for axolotls, ramshorn snails are often a good choice. This is because their shells are softer than those of other species, which makes it easier for the axolotl to eat them without hurting its soft jaws.

Ramshorn snails also have a slower rate of reproduction, which makes it easier for owners to keep the population in their tanks under control.

It’s important to note, though, that ramshorn snails are predators and shouldn’t be kept with small fish or shrimp.

Before adding any new Ramshorn snails to the tank, it is also important to clean them well and put them in a quarantine area for a few days. This is because they may carry parasites or diseases that are bad for your axolotl.

Overall, ramshorn snails may be a safe and helpful addition to an axolotl’s aquarium if they are cared for properly.

Bladder Snails

Bladder snails are different from some other types of snails because their shells are softer and less likely to hurt an axolotl’s mouth.

Bladder snails are also smaller and don’t have as many babies as other snails. This makes it easier to keep a healthy snail population in the tank.

Axolotls can also eat these snails because they eat algae and plant matter that has gone bad.

It is important to remember, though, that any snails caught in the wild should be kept in a quarantine area for a while before being put in the tank.

This is because they may have parasites or diseases. Bladder snails might be a good and safe addition to the environment of an axolotl.

Which Snails Aren’t Suitable for Axolotls?

Malaysian Trumpet Snail

The Malaysian Trumpet Snail, or MTS for short, is small and seems harmless, but it can kill axolotls.

The sharp and rough shells of these snails make it hard for the axolotl’s stomach to break them down.

Are Snails Safe For Axolotl To Eat

If you eat these snails, you might get indigestion or even clogged bowels, which can cause serious health problems.

MTS grow quickly and can quickly take over a tank if they are not kept in check. Because of this, it is very important to make sure they are not in the axolotl’s environment and to get rid of any that are found before they cause harm.

Overall, the Malaysian Trumpet Snail should be avoided at all costs for the health and safety of axolotls.

Rabbit Snails

As owners of exotic pets, we need to learn about the risks that may be hiding in the animals in our tanks. One of the worst things for axolotls is the rabbit snail.

This species is easy to recognize because its shell is hard and spiked, and axolotls have been known to get stomach cramps or even die after eating it.

The axolotl’s digestive system could be hurt by the sharp edges of its shell, which could cut into it.

Also, the thing that can’t be digested might get stuck in the intestines, which could lead to a potentially deadly blockage.

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Rabbit snails may look harmless, but they pose serious health risks to axolotls and should be avoided at all costs.

Why Must You Keep Snails in an Axolotl’s Tank?

They Eat Away the Excess Algae

When they have an axolotl, it can be hard for aquarists to keep algae from growing in their tanks.

Algae can quickly take over a tank and ruin its look and water quality.

Snails are a great addition to an aquarium with an axolotl because they eat algae. They eat the algae on the tank walls and plants, which keeps them clean and helps keep algae levels in the tank at a good level.

They also eat leftover fish food and trash, which makes them useful members of the cleaning crew that helps keep the water clean.

Also, some snails aerate and mix up the soil, making it a better place for the axolotl’s roots to grow.

Add snails that eat algae to your axolotl’s aquarium to make the water cleaner and healthier.

They Keep the Substrate Clean

The substrate is a layer of material on the bottom of an axolotl tank. It gives the tank a natural look and lets the axolotl dig and burrow.

But if nothing is done, the substrate can quickly fill up with trash and food that hasn’t been eaten. This could make the water dirty and make things unclean for your axolotl.

Adding snails to the tank is one way to solve this problem. Snails will eat any leftover food or waste, so it’s important to keep the substrate clean.

This helps keep the water clean and also makes the tank look better by getting rid of any extra trash on the bottom.

So, if you want to add something useful to your axolotl’s tank, think about getting some snails to clean the substrate.

How Do Axolotls Eat Snails?

Axolotls can’t see very well. Most of the time, they get interested in something when it moves.

When an axolotl sees something move, it opens and closes its jaws in the direction of the movement. With hope, they will be able to catch and swallow anything that moves in their mouths.

As you may have seen with your own axolotl, this is not the best way to hunt.

It’s also not the safest thing to do because your axolotl might not know what it just caught, how big or strong it is, or if it’s safe to eat or swallow.

If a wild axolotl tries to grab and swallow a snail and gets stuck, it has no way out. But if you keep your axolotl in a tank, it depends on you to keep the tank safe so it can hunt and live.

Because snails move slowly, it might seem like they don’t pose much of a threat to getting an axolotl’s attention.

Snails, on the other hand, mostly eat algae and often sit on plant leaves, move up and down the tank walls, or crawl over the substrate at the bottom of the tank.

This is something that will get an axolotl’s attention and make it snap its jaws.

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But, as the Caudata axolotl forum points out, this could make your axolotl eat substrate, plants, or algae, which are all bad for them.

The whole time they live, axolotls eat meat. Since they can’t digest plant matter, they don’t need to eat it. So, when they eat plant leaves or algae, it makes their digestion worse.

If the plant is made of silk or plastic, this could cause a blockage or impaction, which can be fatal. It doesn’t matter if you use sand or gravel as your base.

Gravel and tiny pebbles, like snail shells, can get stuck in the gills of your axolotl, causing it to suffocate or get seriously hurt. You might have to take the stuff out of your axolotl’s gills or mouth, which is risky.

Are Snails Safe For Axolotl To Eat

Why Your Axolotls Should Eat Snails

People don’t often eat snails, but they may be a key source of nutrients for axolotls.

There may be up to 6 grams of fat, 27 calories, and 5 grams of protein in a single snail. Snails are also low in carbs, which makes them a great choice for axolotls who need a balanced diet.

Snails have important fats and proteins, as well as calcium and phosphorus, which help keep bones and teeth healthy.

Snails should be part of an axolotl’s varied diet, along with bloodworms, commercial pellets, and other good foods.

So, the next time you clean your axolotl’s tank, try putting some snails in there to give it a nutritional boost.


Axolotls like to eat snails the most. But this is not the best way to feed your axolotls, and it could be a problem if you have snails in their tank.

Some snails have shells with spikes, which can make it hard for axolotls to digest. The axolotl’s intestines will be hurt if the shells are too sharp. So, you have to be careful about which snails you buy.

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