Can Marshmallows Kill Dogs? Be Careful

The Labrador Site investigates if marshmallows are healthy for dogs and how to protect your dog from possibly harmful substances in confectionery. The majority of store-bought marshmallows include one of two chemicals that are toxic to dogs. Sugar is a causative factor in obesity and tooth decay. Or xylitol, an artificial sweetener that is poisonous … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Taffy? Consider!

can dogs eat taffy

If you’ve ever wondered if your dog could really enjoy eating taffy, you’re not alone. Well, the answer is yes! The same process that makes the human tongue so versatile can be used with a variety of foods. Can dogs eat taffy? Most of us would say no, right? But is there any scientific evidence … Read more

Can Pine Sol Kill Dogs? It’s Dangerous

I like discovering new home cures, especially for my pets. And, because I despise dealing with fleas, I’m always excited to hear about home cures for preventing or combating flea infestations. The topic was recently raised to me: Does Pine-Sol remove fleas on dogs? Does Pine-Sol Kill Fleas? Based on the chemicals in Pine-Sol, I … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Helicopter Seeds?

You’re probably thinking “no way!” But in fact, dogs do eat certain seeds. Here’s why… Have you ever wondered what would happen if you dropped a helicopter seed into the ground? Could a dog eat it? It may surprise you to know that a dog can indeed eat a helicopter seed, but it’s not as … Read more