At What Age Do Male Cats Calm Down

At What Age Do Male Cats Calm Down? 4 Special Facts

Kittens have more energy than most other animals. They like to do physics experiments by knocking things over over and over again to see what happens. They cut up everything, from scratching posts to furniture, and climb walls and drapes.

It’s cute for a few weeks, but once your male (or female) cat starts pushing the limits and testing how strong their opinion is against yours, you may wonder, “At what age do male cats settle down?”

You’re not the first cat owner to have this question. There are many things that affect the answer.

At What Age Do Male Cats Calm Down?

If you neuter your cat when he is one or two years old, he should settle down. On the other hand, some cats are naturally active and won’t slow down until they become old. Still, some cat breeds may still keep moving.

But there are things you can do to help calm your cat down, such as playing with it often and letting it roam around the yard.

Like everything else important, a cat doesn’t settle down overnight. So, be patient and keep children away from things that can break. Best wishes!

At What Age Do Male Cats Calm Down


Your cat’s hyperactivity has a lot to do with how old it is. Kittens are too weak to get into too much trouble when they are young. When they move, they stumble and wobble close to their mother.

But between the ages of three and six months, both male and female kittens start to want to hunt. This is a throwback to when their ancestors were still wild and needed to hunt to make up for the fact that they had just stopped nursing.

This is when you’ll see the most cats moving around. Cats know that they are both prey and predators.

Teenage male cats show that they are predators by assuming that everything that could be prey is actually prey. This includes a lot of different things, such as:

  • Cat toys
  • Shadows
  • Feet
  • Other cats
  • Rugs
The more time goes by, the less your male cat wants to kill anything that moves. That usually happens when a cat is between one and two years old, but it depends on how old your cat is.


One more reason male cats act out is to show who’s boss. It’s sometimes about you and sometimes about another cat.

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Here are some examples of dominant behaviours:

If your cats are fighting for power in your home, it doesn’t matter how old they are. They have a small chance of calming down and creating a feline hierarchy in a democratic way.


The second important thing that affects whether or not male cats settle down is whether or not they have been neutered.

Neutering a cat can fix many of its dominant behaviors. When a male cat is neutered, he stops marking his territory and wandering as much.

The most obvious benefit of this trip to the vet is a calmer cat. But some things get better, like the smell of a male cat’s urine.

When a male cat’s testosterone level drops, the chemicals in his urine change, making it less smelly.

It might also help a male cat calm down.

Because there is no hard and fast rule about when to neuter a tom cat, there is no clear line in the sand that says when male cats should be quiet. Male cats, on the other hand, are frequently neutered as young as four months.

Because of this, a neutered male cat starts to calm down at 16 weeks. But keep in mind that the drop in testosterone doesn’t happen right away.

No cat ever comes back from the vet feeling completely fine. It takes time for the body to run out of hormones.

After getting neutered, a cat’s behaviour will start to change several weeks later.

Key Factors That Impact Male Cat’s Calmness

1. Neutering

This is a simple thing that does make a difference.

When a male cat is neutered, it won’t have as much energy as it did before. This is how biology works, and it will change the way they think about things in general.

At What Age Do Male Cats Calm Down

Even though some male cats are naturally quiet, neutering makes all male cats more quiet.

Cat owners do this to stop their cats from mating, but it also has other effects, such as making a male cat calmer during the day.

If your male cat is going to be neutered, it will probably be less active. This includes how mean it is at different times of the day.

Those who want to know, “When do male cats get married?” This is a great place to start.

Most of the time, it is a good solution.

2. Environmental Stimulants

There are things in a cat’s living space that make it more or less active.

It could be certain animals in their environment, for example (i.e. mice). It’s possible that they are given foods that might kill them.

It could also say how many people are inside a house during the day.

No matter what the stimulant is, some of them will make the male cat more aggressive and/or active.

Cats who live in places with a lot of stimulants may find it hard to stay quiet for long periods of time, which could lead to aggression.

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By taking away some of these environmental triggers, you may start to lower the male cat’s energy level.

It might not work right away, but it will help a male cat’s testosterone level drop as he gets older and starts to relax.

3. Breed

When asked, “When do male cats find a place to live?” You must first look at the basics.

This is about the male cat’s breed.

Some breeds of cats are more active and mean than others. Even though this doesn’t mean that all cats of this breed are like this, most of them are.

Some cats, like the Maine coon, Siamese, and Sphynx, are very active and might be hard to calm down when they are young.

Check your cat’s breed to see if it is known to calm down at a certain age.

Some will ask how old the cat will be when it can rest. But by the time a male cat is 2 or 3 years old, he starts to calm down.

Calming Male Cats Down

We’ve already talked about spaying and neutering, but are there other ways to calm a hyperactive cat?

There are different things you can do, but how well they work depends on the cat. Some cats are naturally athletic, like the Siamese and the Scottish Fold. No matter what you do to these male cats, they will stay active.

If you don’t want your cats to randomly knock over your grandmother’s old china, there are a few things you can do to help them get rid of excess energy and relax.

Routine Playtimes

Cats of all ages often won’t settle down because they are bored. They say that if you don’t play with them, they’ll just make up their own games.

Cats, on the other hand, would rather do something destructive than play alone to burn off energy.

If your male cat isn’t yet old, getting him to play more often may help him stop doing this.

Even ten minutes of play a day could help keep kids from doing bad things. The best toys are ones that bring out your cat’s natural desire to hunt. Try some of the following:

If you don’t have time to play with your cat often, you could train it to play with toys that play by themselves. These are good because they act in ways that your cat doesn’t expect. This makes your cat think at its best.

Restrict Your Cat’s Territory

If your male cat won’t stop making noise, you might want to limit its territory.

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This is done by making them stay in only one or two rooms. The idea behind this plan is that your cat will have less to pay attention to.

but it doesn’t work for every cat. Cats, like dogs, can recall unpleasant experiences.If a cat doesn’t like being crowded or doesn’t like being in a shelter, it might not like this method.

At What Age Do Male Cats Calm Down

Look for signs of stress, and if you notice any, change your plan. Cats show their stress by:

  • Inappropriate elimination
  • Destructive chewing/clawing
  • Increased vocalization
  • Hiding

Consider Letting Your Cat Outdoors

This seems to go against what was said before, and it does. But, as we’ve already said, not all cats do well in small spaces.

You could find out when male cats settle down by letting your cat run around in the garden.

Remember that not all states let cats go outside, so keep that in mind. But an outdoor cat doesn’t have to be like Six-Dinner Sid, who goes out for hours and has six different families.

Finding a good leash for your cat and letting it play outside while you watch could be a good compromise. They can’t move around, and they can’t catch birds where they are. They might, though, use up energy.

Related Questions

1. Will My Male Kitten Calm Down?

Yes, after the age of 2–3, the normal male kitten will settle down. The cat’s breed, surroundings, and/or neutering may all have an effect on this.

2. Will Male Cats Get Calmer After Being Neutered?

Yes, the typical male cat gets noticeably calmer following neutering. This is due to the effect this procedure has on the hormones of male cats.

Final Thoughts

“When do male cats calm down?”

After the age of 2–3, most male cats begin to relax. They become more comfortable in their surroundings and settle into their routine.

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