Can Axolotls Eat Red Wigglers

Can Axolotls Eat Red Wigglers? 14 Facts To Consider

So you’re thinking about getting an axolotl, huh? What a good time! Like any smart person who might want to own an axolotl, you are probably looking for more information on how to feed theml, you are probably looking for more information on how to feed them.

Every responsible pet owner wants to do what’s best for their pet, and that means making sure they get the food they need. Axolotls are unusual and interesting pets, which might make you wonder what kinds of food are safe and healthy for them.

Can axolotls eat things like red wigglers? What are red wigglers? This is another question. Don’t worry, though! We can help you find answers to some of those tough questions.

Can My Axolotl Eat a Red Wiggler?

Yes! Your axolotl might eat red wigglers. They have a lot of protein, which is good for a predatory animal like the axolotl.

They may also help the younger ones get bigger. Some hobbyists say that these worms don’t taste good to axolotls, but this depends on the animal.

They’re a healthy food source and a great addition to your axolotl’s diet. Just make sure to give it a variety of foods so it gets all the nutrients it needs.

Can Axolotls Eat Red Wigglers

Axolotl Dietary Concerns

The axolotl is a carnivorous species that hunts for:

  • Insects
  • Tadpoles
  • Snails
  • Small fish

Axolotls will eat anything that fits in their mouths.

Axolotls don’t chew their food because their teeth don’t work. Instead, they just sucked and swallowed their food whole. Anything you give them must be small enough to eat in one bite.

To keep your axolotl from getting sick from germs or bugs, the food you buy for it should be fresh and from a reliable source, or it should be freeze-dried. This step is very important because the axolotl is a sensitive pet.

What Is a Red Wiggler?

The red wiggler is the smallest type of composting worm. They can be anywhere from 1.5 to 4 inches long, and many animals, including axolotls, eat them. It is also one of the most common types of worms that make compost.

They are a great alternative to nightcrawlers, especially for small axolotls that can’t eat the bigger ones. If you want to do that, you can put food in their stomachs and raise them in small biodegradable bins.

Other Common Names for Red Wiggler Worms

People often mix up red wigglers and earthworms. Some keepers and breeders use these words interchangeably and say that the two animals are the same.

Red wigglers are not the same species as earthworms, even though they are sometimes called “red worms.” Even though the words earthworm and nightcrawler are sometimes used interchangeably, they are not the same species.

Red wigglers are composting worms that are a little smaller and thinner than earthworms or nightcrawlers. Their common name comes from the bright red colour of their skin.

Some of the other names for these worms are tiger worms, trout worms, composting worms, vermiculite worms, and manure worms, which are also called red wrigglers.

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Where Can I Get Red Wigglers?

You can buy red wigglers easily, either online or at a store.

Find out about the seller wherever you decide to buy them. Live wigglers could give your axolotl parasites or other diseases, so you should buy from a reputable store. Something like that could kill a species that isn’t very strong.

You could also buy freeze-dried red wigglers instead of live food to avoid the risks.

How Do Axolotls Eat Red Wigglers?

To believe that an axolotl hunts, you have to see it for yourself. Even as larvae, their teeth are very simple and look like blunt stubs.

The teeth can’t be used to chew anything. Axolotls, on the other hand, can only catch and hold their prey with their teeth. This means that axolotls grab their food and then eat it all at once.

When you feed your axolotl, always make sure that the size of the food is right for its size.

The Western Australian Department of Education says that because axolotls don’t have eyelids, they can’t see very well.

Because of this, axolotls are drawn to dark places that are bad for their eyesight. They might be only interested in larger wriggling and wiggling.

Your axolotl won’t stop to figure out if the moving thing is too big for it to safely eat. When an axolotl sees something move, it opens its mouth wide and snaps at it. This is how an axolotl hunts.

You will have to do that for your animal.

Should I Feed My Axolotl Live Red Wigglers?

Your axolotl would go out into the wild to find food. So, it might be tempting to want to have as many of their crazy experiences as possible.

You can give them live red wigglers, for sure. Slowly drop one worm into the aquarium with tweezers and watch your axolotl at work.

Make sure you don’t put too many in at once. If your pet doesn’t eat them all at once, you don’t want them to get into the water.

Can I Feed My Axolotl Dead Red Wigglers?

You can feed your axolotl dead red wigglers, and it may be healthier for it in some situations.

If you feed them live, fresh red wigglers, they might have parasites or diseases that could hurt your axolotl. If you give them freeze-dried red wigglers, that risk is gone.

Some owners choose to break the red wigglers into smaller pieces, which is a common thing to do with younger axolotls.

Does Gut Loading Help with Feeding Red Wigglers?

It can! Get red wigglers and feed your axolotls a healthy diet to make sure they get the most nutrients from their food. You are, after all, what you eat.

You don’t need as much time or skill as you might think to make your own worm compost. You might like it so much that you want to make your own red wigglers. To do this, you should keep your red wigglers in a pot with good compost.

Other Live Foods for Axolotls?

Red wigglers are a great source of protein and may help young axolotls gain weight, but you can also feed your beloved salamander other live foods.

People like to eat bloodworms, but they are often served dead. You should give your pet a variety of foods since one kind won’t give them everything they need.

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Nightcrawlers (Earthworms)

Axolotls like to eat nightcrawlers, which are easy to find almost anywhere. Like red wigglers, they have many of the same pros and cons.


Axolotls like to eat blackworms, which are much smaller than other kinds of worms. The biggest problem with this food is that it only comes in such small amounts that you have to buy a lot of it to feed your pet. If you don’t clean them up right away, they could make a big mess in your tank.


Daphnia are tiny planktonic crustaceans that are often called “water fleas.” You can buy them online or at pet stores. They are small and great for axolotls that are much younger.

Ghost Shrimp

Small shrimp in fresh water have softer bodies than larger shrimp, which have hard shells. Because of this, they are completely safe for your axolotl to eat, and you don’t have to worry about them getting hurt from rough surfaces.

Brine Shrimp

Another small shrimp, these are just as great as ghost shrimp because they are small and soft enough for an axolotl to eat without much trouble.

Are There Different Sizes of Red Wigglers?

Just like axolotls come in different sizes, red wigglers also come in different sizes.

Most red wigglers are between 2 and 5 inches long. Bigger axolotls do better with bigger worms.

Thriving Yard says that the average life span of a red wiggler is between one and four years.

There are many pet stores that sell red wigglers, and some online stores also sell them. If you have red wigglers that are too big for your axolotl to eat, you could cut them up and feed them that way.

Are Red Wigglers Safe to Feed to Axolotls?

Red wigglers are poisonous to snakes, and even if they don’t hurt other predators, their bitter taste may keep them away. Water Critters says that depending on what they eat, red wigglers may have a smelly waste.

Red wigglers are often used to break down compost. If you want your red wigglers to have babies, you can watch how your axolotl acts and change the red wigglers’ food as needed.

This could mean separating the part of your red wiggler colony that your axolotl will eat from the rest of your compost pile so you can better control how much food they get and lessen the smell.

You can also try rinsing the red wigglers before feeding them to your axolotl. This may get rid of the slime that makes them taste bad.

Gulf Coast axolotls give axolotls another way to get rid of the harsh, slimy taste that many of them don’t like. You could try to blanch your red wigglers instead of rinsing them before feeding them to your axolotl.

To blanch red wigglers, you first wash them in hot water and then let them cool down before feeding them to your axolotl.

When Can Your Axolotl Eat a Whole Red Wiggler?

Most of the time, an axolotl will be fully grown in every way except size by the time it is six months old.

But your axolotl might not reach full adult size for 18 to 24 months.

There are many more things that can affect how big and how fast your axolotl grows. When they are nine inches long, some axolotls will stop growing. People have seen axolotls that were up to 27 inches long.

Yorkshire Worms says that as a general rule, you should start giving your axolotl complete, live worms when it is six inches long or six months old, whichever comes first.

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Always watch how your axolotl eats to make sure it doesn’t get sick, either from the red wiggler’s defensive secretions or from the size of the worm.

Can Axolotls Eat Red Wigglers

Regurgitation When Feeding Red Wigglers to Axolotls

Since red wigglers can make slime that tastes bad, your axolotl may throw up the worm after eating it once or more than once.

Vegas A person who breeds axolotls says that red wiggler worms are not a good main food source if your axolotl can’t be taught to eat them quickly.

If not, don’t be surprised if your axolotl eats half the worm, spits it out, eats the other half, spits it out, eats the other half, spits it out, eats the whole worm, spits it out, eats the whole worm, spits it out, and does this many times before swallowing it.

You might see this from your axolotl for one of two reasons:

  • Your axolotl is trying to deal with the taste of the slime by spitting it back into the water to “wash” in.
  • Your axolotl softens or even cuts up a big red wiggler before eating the whole thing with its old, blunt teeth.

If your axolotl seems to be throwing up more than usual, take out the red wiggler and wash it or boil it and cut it into small pieces before putting it back in.

Are Red Wigglers Good for Axolotls?

Red wigglers are a good way for older children and adults to get the nutrients they need.

The best food for axolotls of this age is definitely earthworms or nightcrawlers.

Bloodworms are a better and safer choice for young axolotls and babies who want a healthy, tasty, and all-around good staple food.

If you feed young axolotls bloodworms and older axolotls earthworms, you shouldn’t need to give your pet axolotl any extra vitamins or minerals.


Can red wigglers be eaten by axolotls? Red wigglers are a good food choice for your growing axolotls, and you can add them to their regular diet. They fill you up and are easy to find in stores and online.

You can feed them live worms or freeze-dried worms, but either way, you can be sure that you’re giving them something healthy and tasty. Do you have any more questions regarding axolotls? Check out how to take care of other axolotls.

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