Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Live In Hot Climates?

Can bernese mountain dogs live in hot climates?

Bernese Mountain Dogs are a very unique breed of dog, especially when it comes to weather. Bernese Mountain dogs love cold temperatures but will not tolerate extreme heat. These dogs thrive in dry, sunny conditions and are not known for liking to walk on icy sidewalks. Bernese Mountain dogs can also be quite athletic and are prone to falling off things if they get too excited. This can make life easier for you if you own a Bernese Mountain dog as you won’t have to worry about them getting injured during playtime in the backyard or while you’re running through the sprinklers. Bernese Mountain Dogs do not like rain and cannot tolerate being wet. The weather plays a big role in the care and maintenance of these dogs, so be sure that they’re protected from the rain and have access to shelter at all times.

How cold can Bernese Mountain Dogs withstand?

If the temperature drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, your Berners are at risk for cold-related health concerns such hypothermia and frostbite, regardless of their breed.

Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Live In Hot Climates

Do Bernese mountain dogs get cold?

In cold conditions, the Bernese mountain dog thrives; nevertheless, they fare poorly in hot climates.

Can Bernese mountain dogs stay out in the cold?

Several variables influence how well a person can withstand the cold: Most cold-tolerant are dogs with thick, double-layered coats, such as Siberian Huskies, Newfoundlanders, or Bernese Mountain Dogs…. Having a little extra fat on your dog isn’t worth the dangers it poses to your pet’s health.

How long can a Bernese mountain dog be outside?

Only if they have access to plenty of water and shade can they go longer than an hour or two without being dehydrated. For longer durations, though, they should be fine in temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do Bernese mountain dogs prefer to be outside?

Bernese Mountain Dogs enjoy being outside, even when it’s cold. The Bernese Mountain Dog can survive outside in cold and moderate climes, but it is too loyal to its family to be left alone in the wilderness.

Do Bernese mountain dogs like to swim?

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Take To The Water For Exercise? Bernese Mountain Dogs, for the most part, like paddling in small bodies of water. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to swim in deeper waters, though. Other dog breeds have a natural affinity for water and enjoy swimming as a kind of physical activity.

Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Live In Hot Climates

What temperature do Bernese mountain dogs like?

The breed was created by the Swiss to withstand the frigid climate of the Alps, where even in the warmest months, temperatures seldom rise over 75 degrees. When it comes to the cold and snow, nearly all Bernese Mountain Dogs enjoy it. Despite the cooler weather, many dogs seek shelter from the sun because of their black coats’ ability to absorb heat.

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Are Bernese mountain dogs good first dogs?

It depends on whether or not your lifestyle lends itself well to a dog of that particular breed. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog you adopt, you need to perform extensive study on training, conditioning, feeding, and exercising (mentally and physically).

Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Tolerate Hot Weather

It is possible to live in hot temperatures with a Bernese Mountain Dog, but they will want additional assistance from you. In addition, they can adapt, although it goes without saying that they are better suited to colder climates.

There is a lot of interest in these fluffy giants from countries like India and Malaysia, as well as the United States states of Texas and California, but they are also extremely hot locations.

To make your Berner as comfortable as possible, make sure you follow all of the suggestions listed below. If you live in a hot area, some people believe that owning breeds like Berners is cruel. The owner’s ability to keep them at a reasonable temperature has everything to do with whether or not this is true.

In areas like the Philippines, where the average temperature is approximately 30°C (90°F), northern breeds like the Siberian Husky have a wonderful existence.

Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Live In Hot Climates

8 Best Ways To Keep Your Bernese Mountain Dog Cool

You can do a lot to keep your Berner cool in the heat. First and foremost, raised cooling beds must be considered!

1. Use an elevated cooling bed

There is nothing better than a cooling bed that’s elevated above the ground. As effective as many other high-end cooling mats in keeping dogs cool in the summer, these are a great value for dog owners. Your Berner will sleep 7-10 inches off the ground on a durable perforated meshing on an elevated cooling bed.

There is a continual airflow beneath your Berner’s belly area, which is why these beds function so well. With this design, he can evacuate an enormous amount of heat from his lower body and keep himself cool. Coolaroo’s cooling bed comes highly rated on Amazon. Reviews for this product have been nothing short of outstanding. See it for yourself right here: (Amazon)

2. Avoid walking on hot surfaces

Dog paws are extremely sensitive to heat, a fact that few people are aware of. As a result, we must be quite careful regarding the surfaces on which our dogs trot. Pavement and tarmac may get quite hot very quickly.

Make an effort to be aware of this! As we all know, sweating is a great method to stay cool, and your Berner has sweat glands on his paws. As long as the sweat glands in his paws are functioning properly, he’ll be able to keep himself cool.

In addition to being extremely uncomfortable, it might affect his ability to sweat adequately if his paws are burned on hot sidewalks. Consider this when you take him for a stroll or leave him go in the yard.. When possible, stay on the grass. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for his paws, so keep that in mind.

3. Do not shave his coat

Even now, I still see people cutting their dogs’ double coats to “cool them off.”

That’s not how it works!

A double-coated breed should not be shaved! However, despite its ability to keep him warm in the winter, his thick coat also helps to keep him cool in the summer. Unbelievable, I know, but it’s real!

Whence comes this ability? The top coat and the undercoat are both present in dogs that are classified as double-coated. As the temperature warms up, the undercoat sheds. Air may circulate freely between his skin and residual top coat, resulting in a cooler body temperature.

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Another crucial function of the remaining top-coat is to prevent the sun’s direct heat and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. It’s also really good at it. If his coat is shaved, his skin will be exposed to the sun’s harsh rays, making it difficult for him to stay cool. Although this idea appears to defy logic in certain ways, it actually does function in this manner.

Additionally, when a double-coated breed is shaved, the undercoat typically gets tangled and matted inside the top coat when it regrows (if it regrows). Due to the fact that the coats grow at different speeds, this is the case. If he is exposed to this for a long period of time, it can produce a variety of health problems.

Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Live In Hot Climates

4. Give him a breeze

Instead of blowing in his face for three hours straight, why not invest in a fan? It’s all up to you, so go for it! But honestly, Bernese Mountain Dogs, in particular, enjoy the air in hot weather. The fact that cooling beds perform so well is due to the continual flow of air. In addition to air conditioning, turning on a desk fan or ceiling fan is the final step.

When I lived in the Philippines with Siberian Huskies, I found that their favorite spot to cool off was in front of a fan, and that was certainly the most efficient method to do so. If you don’t have air conditioning, I recommend opening a few windows and doors to allow fresh air in. Unless you live in a windless climate, it’s better to keep your windows and doors closed.

5. Ice cubes and ice treats

A fun game with ice cubes can also keep your Berner cooler throughout the day. However, it’s worth considering where you do this because it may quickly become a snarl. Drinking extra water might be as simple as placing some ice cubes in his water, which will encourage him to do so.

With goodies, why not give it a whirl? Alternatively, you may buy ready-made dog ice-cream or prepare some simple homemade frozen treats using dairy-free yogurt and peanut butter in small cubes.

You can also produce meaty ice cubes by freezing chicken broth in an ice cube tray. Take cautious not to overdo it on the salt or the calories. It’s easy to keep your Berner engaged and cool at the same time with all of these ideas. Despite the fact that it may not last long!

6. Keep him hydrated

It’s understandable if you’d rather skip this section, but it’s worth your time! I’m confident in my abilities. When the water bowl is still full, it’s easy to forget to refill our dog’s water. However, we should…

Eventually, if your Berner becomes thirsty, he’ll have to drink. This is not enough. When it’s hot outside, we need to remind him to drink extra water. Making sure he always has access to fresh, cold water in his dish is part of it. In general, dogs will drink more water from their bowl if it is cool and clean.

For a long time, I assumed my pets couldn’t possibly care less about this. Changing his water frequently will encourage him to consume more of it. That’s exactly how it works. I know that staying hydrated is a no-brainer, but I feel compelled to say it anyway.

7. Avoid midday sun and heat

Even humans, let alone our four-legged pets, should avoid the noon sun. Midday sun hours vary significantly from country to country, but in most cases, the warmest and strongest time of the day is between noon and 3pm.

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These are the periods when you should keep your Berner inside or in a shady spot as much as possible. When it comes to keeping your Berner safe from the sun, investing in UV shades is a fantastic option if you have a lot of windows in your home.

8. Exercise at the right times of day

Finally, exercise should be done in the morning or at night, when the weather is cooler, in order to avoid overheating. Keeping him indoors during the warmest portion of the day is a logical follow-up to this.

I understand that everyone’s schedules are different, so I apologize if this is difficult to fit into yours. If you can’t take your Berner for a walk because you’re too busy, there are several dog-walking services available online that may help. A simple Google search for “dog walking services near me” can bring up a plethora of options.


In conclusion, it’s not surprising that, while there are many health risks associated with the lifestyle of this breed, and some of these risks can even be fatal, Bernese Mountain dogs are quite healthy.

There are ways to increase the life expectancy and quality of life of Bernese Mountain dogs in hot, humid climates, including reducing their risk of heat-related illnesses by monitoring their activity level, providing a clean, dry environment for them, providing shade when it’s hot, and offering a cool place to sit when it’s too hot.


The dogs’ black coats absorb heat from the sun; many dogs seek shade, even on cool days. It is not uncommon for Bernese to be less energetic and active in hotter months. Most Bernese seek out the coolest resting spot they can find in hot weather. Berners are heat intolerant – some more so than others.
Even our larger and bulkier Bernese Mountain Dogs do well here because they are cared for indoors and enjoy the A/C during the summer that all Texans both human and furry need to survive!
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Your dog loves being around you. Yet, sometimes physical contact can mean more than just love, even though Bernese Mountain Dogs love to be with you. When your dog goes in between your legs, the physical touch of your legs against their body feels extremely safe.
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