Can Dogs Break Their Nose? 5 Signs To Watch Out For

Any dog lover would be devastated if something happened to their beloved pet, especially a puppy. Injuries can happen to anyone, even if you’re careful with your dog.

A dog’s nose can be broken, yes. Yes, that’s correct. A dog’s nose can break in a puppy, and it happens to dogs all the time.

If a dog gets stuck in a car or falls down, they may break their nose. Puppies, especially those over a year old, are more prone to fracturing their noses bouncing around. Puppies’ noses can even be broken if they are accidently stepped on or hit by humans.

Suppose a puppy breaks its snout. What are our options? Let’s find out. If your dog breaks a bone, this article will assist you understand what to do and how to respond.

What Is a Broken Nose?

When a bone in your nose, usually the one above the bridge, breaks or cracks, it’s called a broken or cracked nose. It’s the most common sort of facial injury, and it’s known as a nasal fracture.

can dogs break their nose

Maybe you’re not sure if it’s broken or not. In the event that you are unsure, consult a physician. To avoid issues, it’s preferable to go as soon as possible.

Broken Nose Symptoms

Nasal fractures are often accompanied by the following symptoms:

Inflammation or deformity of the nose

When you touch your nose, the pain is excruciating.


Under-eye bruising or black circles

Obstacles to normal nasal breathing (as though your nostrils are stuffy or blocked)

Your nose is clogged with mucus.

When you touch your nose, you hear a “cracking” sound.

Stopping the bleeding and reducing the swelling are the first steps you should take if you’ve been injured. Before you can see a doctor, try some of the suggestions listed below.

When should you go to the doctor?

If your symptoms are limited to swelling and mild pain, you may want to put off seeing your doctor. You may notice an improvement in your symptoms, and you may be able to heal on your own.

However, you should contact a doctor if, after 3 to 5 days, you experience any of the following symptoms:

There is still a lot of discomfort and swelling.

The swelling has subsided, but your nose still looks a little wonky.

Even after the swelling subsides, you still have trouble breathing.

Your nosebleeds are becoming more regular.

You’ve got a high temperature.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms in addition to nose pain:

Vomiting, dizziness, or passing out are all symptoms of a strong headache.

Breathing difficulties

That won’t stop bleeding.

Nasal discharge that is clear and watery in appearance

Broken Nose Causes and Risk Factors

A vehicle accident, a sporting event, a fistfight, a tumble, or even running into a door can all result in a broken nose.

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If you’re prone to falls or practice certain activities on a frequent basis, your risk of breaking your nose rises.

Football (particularly if your helmet lacks a face mask) and other contact sports are recommended.

Get on a bike and pedal around.

Assemble a weightlifting routine

Wearing a seat belt while driving a vehicle is illegal.

Broken Nose First Aid

Stopping the bleeding and reducing the discomfort and swelling are the first steps you should take. While you wait for an appointment with a doctor, try the following measures:

Stop the bleeding.

Don’t slouch or recline; instead, sit up straight. Keep your nose above your heart at all times.

In order to prevent blood from dripping down your throat, you should lean forward.

Hold your thumb and index finger tightly against the soft part of your nose for five minutes.

Pinch your nose for another 10 minutes if the bleeding doesn’t stop.

Take a break from the suffering.

Take over-the-counter pain medication (such acetaminophen or ibuprofen) as suggested on the box when necessary.

Place an additional pillow under your head at night.

Soothe the irritated area

Towel-wrap an ice pack for extra cooling power. Remove it after 10 minutes and put it back on for another 10 minutes. Repeat.

You could injure your nose if you apply too much pressure to the ice pack.

For the first two days following an injury, apply an ice pack or cold compress to your nose at least four times a day.

can dogs break their nose

Broken Nose Diagnosis

He or she will most likely perform the following tests to see if your nose is broken:

Ask about what happened to cause the injury.

Pressure the outside of your nose and the surrounding area with a light touch

Inspect your nasopharynx.

Do you have any bruises or swelling? Check for cuts and wounds.

Observe your eyes, jaw, and teeth for signs of wear and tear.

Though they aren’t typically required to detect a broken nose, your doctor may order them if they suspect you have other problems as well.

Broken Nose Treatment

Swelling will likely subside before a decision is made about whether or not to repair a broken nose, should that be confirmed by your physician. If that’s the case, they’ll have the option of repairing it surgically or not. Based on your injuries, they’ll determine what’s best for you. This is what to expect from both operations.

Re-alignment by hand

Within a week or two of your injury, if your doctor decides that your nose can be repaired without surgery, they will have to do it. Even though the bones are out of place, the damage will heal on its own if they wait any longer.

Before the surgery, your doctor will administer analgesics to ease your discomfort. After that, they’ll use a speculum to open your nostrils. Your shattered bones and cartilage will be repositioned using a specific device.

Your nose will be filled with packing by your doctor. They’ll cover it with a dressing, too. When your nose is healing, you can wear this to keep it in place. Antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent an infection.


If your nasal fracture is severe or has been left untreated for longer than two weeks, your doctor may choose for this procedure. Make sure your bones are aligned and reshape your nose as necessary to achieve the desired results.

During the process, you will be given analgesics to ease any discomfort. Any respiratory issues may necessitate nasal surgery. It is possible to return home the same day of surgery in many circumstances. However, swelling and bruising may necessitate a one-week recuperation period at home.

Can a dog break its nose?

A dog’s snout can be broken, and this does happen. It occurs more frequently than most people realize. Accidents like as running into things and breaking their nose can happen to puppies frequently since they are so energetic.

How can I tell if my dog broke her nose?

In the event that your dog has fractured his nose, you’ll notice a few telltale indicators. These are the signs:

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Near the nose, a bulging bridge of the nose, or both.

It’s possible that a bump on your dog’s nasal bridge indicates a broken nose bridge. It’s also possible that your dog’s nose is encrusted with a growth. Dogs with white faces are more likely than dogs with dark faces to develop masses on their noses.

Their nose is bleeding

There may be bloody discharge from your dog’s nostrils if they have a broken nose. It’s possible that your dog’s nose is bleeding because of a mass or infection in the nose, especially in older dogs.

Your dog is pawing their nose

Experiencing pain from a broken nose is no joke. It’s possible that your dog is pawing at his face and nose because he has a fractured nose. It is also possible that they have a foreign object lodged in their nose that is causing them to paw at it.

Their nose is changing color

It’s possible that a broken dog’s nose has been bruised. Their nose would turn a different shade of red as a result of this. Even in dogs with darker skin tones, this can often be visible. Dark-faced dogs rarely exhibit any signs of aging or fading in their coat color.

What happens if a dog hits their nose?

If your dog accidentally bumps their nose, you may wake up the next day to a small amount of bleeding and swelling in the area. It’s possible that they’ll cause damage to the delicate bones inside the nose, making it difficult or impossible for them to breathe normally.

Signs Your Puppy’s Nose Needs Attention

As long as you are familiar with what a healthy puppy’s nose should look like, finding any abnormalities will be a breeze. Check out these telltale signals that your puppy needs some TLC.

#1 Why does your dog have bumps near the nose?

Is there a bump on the dog’s nose that you notice? Tumors are a possibility. The upper jaw is the most common site of canine cancer. It’s concentrated in the lips and the area under the nose. This results in a swollen outer layer. Having a light-colored nose and spending a lot of time in the sun may put your puppy or dog at risk for developing that bump.

#2 Why is your dog’s nose breaking?

You may suspect allergies, dehydration, sunburn, or even excessive sleep as the cause of a cracked or dry dog’s nose. Nasal hyperkeratosis, for example, could be present.

#3 Why is your dog’s nose bleeding?

If you notice that your dog’s nose is bleeding, it could have a tumor, a bacterial infection, or even a blood clot in its nose. If the wound is large, you should take your dog to the veterinarian.

#4 Why is my dog’s nose color changing?

A dog’s nose might vary slightly over time. Using plastic plates for feeding may be the cause of this color change, or it may be a natural occurrence during the winter months. An altered nose color may be a sign that your dog is suffering from an immune system issue. Getting it checked by a vet is preferable to attempting to treat it yourself.

#5 Why is your dog rubbing his nose frequently?

If you notice your dog often rubbing his nose against furniture or making noises while breathing, it’s possible that something has been lodged inside his nose. Allergies and skin conditions can also cause itching. Their nose may be red.

can dogs break their nose

What Do You Do if Your Dog’s Nose Is Broken?

Stay Calm

He may be afraid and in agony after breaking his nose. You might be afraid, too. You must, however, maintain your composure and good judgment until you can get your dog to a veterinarian to be treated.

Your dog may have an internal nose break.

Bones can fracture without rupturing the skin if they shatter inside. It’s possible that your dog’s nose was injured if you observe him whining in pain or if you notice some swelling around it.

Take your dog to some safe place.

To begin, take your dog to a familiar, secure location. Do not be afraid of the animal’s aggression. It’s possible that your puppy is terrified because of the injury or suffering it’s inflicting on him. You’ll need to use extreme caution around him.

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Get An Appointment With The Vet Immediately.

When a puppy’s snout is broken, immediate veterinary attention is required. If you can’t bring your dog to the clinic, ask the vet to come to you.

Make a list of all the possible causes of a broken nose that you can think of. Do you know where your dog or puppy fell? A vehicle got stuck on him, or something like that.

Don’t try to be a vet yourself.

Putting lotion or ointment on your dog is not something you should attempt on your own. Make an appointment with your veterinarian and leave the matter in his or her hands. Doing something may cause a reaction from your dog, which may include biting.

If your puppy is bleeding profusely, use a clean cloth or shirt to carefully cover the wound. If your nose is bleeding, you can try applying pressure and seeing if that helps. Some dogs may require a collar and/or a hood. Pain or damage may cause them to bite you.

Get someone along to take your dog to the vet.

If you can, bring a friend or family member with you when you take your dog to the vet. Try to keep your dog’s nose up as much as possible when he or she is out in the cold.


If your dog runs into something or is hit by a car, they may break their nose. Breaks can be excruciatingly painful, necessitating a trip to the vet for pain treatment and possibly surgery.



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