Can Dogs Drink Buttermilk? Good Or Bad?

If you’re like many of my students, you may have wondered if your dog would benefit from buttermilk. But did you know it’s an excellent source of nutrition?

Can dogs drink buttermilk? The question was posed to me recently by a friend and she had a good reason for asking: her dog is a buttermilk addict.

The two of them had been traveling together, when her dog started to look a bit peaked. After an examination, her veterinarian discovered that he was dehydrated and advised her to feed him some buttermilk in order to replenish his lost fluids.

In fact, the vet recommended that she give him one glass of buttermilk every day for a month in order to help with the healing process.

For those who say dogs can’t drink buttermilk, we bring you a study that proves otherwise.

What Is Buttermilk?

Buttermilk is a sort of fermented milk that has been separated from the rest of the milk. Buttermilk was originally the liquid left over after the butter was churned out of cultured cream. Buttermilk is now cultivated independently as a result of current dairy business procedures.

Buttermilk has a thicker, lumpier consistency than ordinary milk. It also has an acidic tinge to it, but it isn’t sour. It has a flavor that is comparable to plain or tart yogurt. Surprisingly, most dogs appear to enjoy the flavor, texture, and smell of buttermilk.

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Is Buttermilk Good/bad for Dogs?

Because buttermilk is not poisonous to dogs and they are allowed to ingest small amounts of it, it is best to mention that it has both positive and negative aspects.

Specifically, whether buttermilk is beneficial or harmful for your dog is determined by responsible feeding — the amount and frequency with which you offer it to your dog. Individual characteristics such as the dog’s age, overall health, and lactose digestion abilities also play a role.

Why Is Buttermilk Good for Dogs?

Buttermilk is high in health-promoting elements, and dogs appear to like its distinct flavor. Furthermore, the substance is easily available and simple to incorporate into the dog’s diet. Here are a few of the benefits of buttermilk for dogs.

Excellent protein source

Buttermilk is a high-protein food, with 8 grams of protein per cup. Despite the fact that dogs are carnivores and require meat-based proteins, milk is a wonderful supplement to their overall protein diet.

Rich in vitamins and minerals

Buttermilk has a high concentration of certain vitamins and minerals. Buttermilk is high in vitamin B12, and it is particularly high in calcium and potassium in terms of minerals.

Improved oral health

Buttermilk contains anti-inflammatory characteristics that can help dogs avoid gum disease. Calcium also helps to maintain strong teeth and enhances overall oral health.

Low cholesterol and blood pressure

Buttermilk’s unique combination of nutrients aids in maintaining appropriate blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

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Combats constipation

Buttermilk is high in probiotics (good bacteria) and dietary fiber (prebiotics). These nutrients help the dog’s intestinal health and keep his bowels regular.

Why Is Buttermilk Bad for Dogs?

Why not make buttermilk a regular part of your dog’s diet, with all of its health advantages and nutrients?

Because buttermilk isn’t on the dog’s natural food pyramid, it might be problematic if given in big quantities or too frequently. Here are some of the potential dangers and reasons why dogs should avoid buttermilk.

Digestion problems

When it comes to digestion, all dairy products are difficult, and buttermilk is no exception. Buttermilk is easily digested by some dogs, but it might be too much for others.

Lactose intolerance

Lactose intolerance in dogs is well-known. Despite the fact that buttermilk contains less lactose than other dairy products, it is nevertheless high enough in lactose to create problems in especially sensitive dogs.

What Should I Do if My Dog Drank Buttermilk?

It is dependent on whether or not your dog is lactose intolerant. It also relies on whether or not your dog’s stomach is sensitive and irritable. If you think the buttermilk will make your dog sick, serve him a bland diet for a few days.

Usually, seeing a veterinarian is unnecessary since these digestive disturbances are caused by milk and may be resolved at home. If your diarrhea persists and you’re considering using Pepto Bismol, Imodium, or another over-the-counter drug, speak with your trusted veterinarian first.

The Vet’s Preferred Advanced Anti-Diarrhea Liquid is a really wonderful product. It not only treats diarrhea, but it also relieves discomfort and is quick-acting. Furthermore, the liquid form makes it easy to administer, even to dogs with finicky appetites.

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Buttermilk is safe for dogs to drink as long as it is used responsibly. By “responsible usage,” we imply serving quantities and frequency that are modest.

Many health advantages can be obtained through proper nutrition while avoiding potential adverse effects. Giving a dog too much buttermilk, on the other hand, is likely to wreak havoc on his digestive tract.

Overall, moderation is the key when it comes to buttermilk for dogs.


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