Can Dogs Eat Birdseed? Be Careful!

For most of us, dog owners, this is an obvious question and we’ve all been asked this at some point.

Actually, yes, they can. But it’s not a good idea. If your dog eats too much birdseed, it will attract a lot of birds to your yard. And when the birds eat the seed, they will vomit up the seeds into your yard. When this happens, your dog will start to eat the seeds. And that’s when the problems starts. Birds vomit up seeds all year long. But, in the summertime, the problem is especially bad. That’s when the most aggressive and territorial birds in the area are attracted to your yard. They see your dog eating the seeds and they think your dog is feeding him—so they will attack your dog. These birds have very strong beaks and they will seriously hurt your dog if they can catch him.

Many people think that birdseed is food for pigeons and other wild birds. However, you may have never known that birdseed can be very nutritious for your pet dog. It’s even high in protein!

Can Dogs Eat Birdseed

Dogs and Bird Seed

We all like seeing the birds in the yard, and many of us have set up feeders to keep an eye on them while providing food. One thing to keep in mind is that the meal is intended for birds and is not suitable for our canines.

Dogs frequently consume too much at once, perhaps causing gastrointestinal distress or even blockage. Too much irritates the intestines and takes up a lot of space. When items obstruct the guts, we’re also concerned about bloat (twisted intestines or stomach), which is a critical problem that requires quick veterinarian attention.

Seeds are more difficult to digest, especially in large numbers, and combining them with any suet might provide a problem owing to the amount of fat the body will be trying to digest. Mold may easily grow on wet or old seeds, causing intestinal inflammation.

Bird droppings are almost always present when birds are consuming seed. We don’t want the dogs to consume them since they might carry a variety of germs and parasites that can infect pets. Salmonella is the most prevalent, and it can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Keep your dog away from the feeders and that area to avoid this, and remember that it’s simply “for the birds.”

Can Dogs Eat Bird Seed?

Why dogs shouldn’t eat bird seed on the ground

Keep your dog safe

Can Dogs Eat Birdseed

If your dog ate bird seed, call your veterinarian as soon as possible, especially if the bird seed was old or you don’t know how much your dog ate. Early therapy can help prevent more serious issues in the future.

Take precautions to keep your dog safe while still being able to enjoy the birds attracted to the feeder. Make sure the bird seed you buy is devoid of raisins and other potentially harmful components for your dog. To avoid mold, replace the seed on a regular basis, especially if it becomes wet. When changing the bird seed, make careful to clean and sanitize the feeder.

Choose a bird feeder with a tray to catch any spilled bird seed. Clean the area surrounding the feeder on a regular basis to remove any seed that didn’t make it into the tray. If at all possible, keep your dog out of the area where the bird feeder is located and give him a command like “leave it.” This is beneficial not just for bird seed, but also to keep him away from any other potentially harmful or deadly objects.


In conclusion, Birdseed is high in nutrients, making it an ideal treat for dogs. However, since it is a natural treat, it does require extra care when feeding your dog. The best way to give your pet a healthy dose of nutrition is to feed it twice a day. And make sure to avoid feeding it after 6 pm.

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