Can Dogs Eat Cool Ranch Doritos?

If you’re a fan of the brand, you’ll know that the Doritos Locos Taco is a deliciously crunchy, cheesy and spicy treat that’s available in three varieties—Original, Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese.

Dogs eat cool ranch doritos. Cool ranch is a brand of ranch flavored chips that have been available to humans since the early 1990s, but it’s only since the start of 2016 that the brand’s dog owners have started letting their dogs chow down on them.

So the big debate is… Can dogs eat Cool Ranch Doritos? We’re going to put it to the test.

Can my dog eat Cool Ranch Doritos?

Dogs love cheese, and dogs love to eat whatever you’re eating right now, so it’s understandable if your dog begs for a Dorito or three. However, you should consider whether or not it is safe to offer one of these chips to your dog.

It turns out that while giving your dog a couple Doritos is acceptable, it’s really better if you don’t.

Continue reading for a more detailed response, as well as some tips on when you shouldn’t share your Doritos.

Are Doritos Bad For Your Dog?

You’re enjoying taco Tuesday or nacho night, and your dog suddenly wants to join you for some chips. You usually have two options: give in to them or let them have it when you aren’t looking. When you have your food set up for the big game on Sunday, the same thing happens. Your Doritos® are consumed, and your inventory is depleted. So, what exactly do you do? Is it necessary to be concerned? In reality, many of our meals (particularly those intended for people to eat as a snack) might be hazardous to your dog. Is a Dorito, nevertheless, a Dorito?

What does Cool Ranch Doritos contain?

Doritos are made up of whole corn, corn, vegetable oil (corn, canola, and/or sunflower oil), buttermilk, salt, corn dextrin, tomato powder, corn starch, whey, corn syrup solids, onion powder, garlic powder, monosodium glutamate, Cheddar cheese (milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), skim milk, sugar, Dextrose, malic acid, and sodium acetate.

Toxic components in Doritos, such as onion and garlic, may be extremely dangerous to dogs. Aside from that, it includes Monosodium glutamate, often known as MSG, which is hazardous to dogs and should not be provided even in little amounts. Whey and cheese in large quantities might also irritate your dog’s tummy.

What happens if my dog eats Doritos?

If your dog eats a chip or two, it will not impair his or her health since harmful substances in such little amounts will have no effect. If you detect any unusual behavior or symptoms, you should visit a veterinarian. If your dog has consumed a considerable amount of food, you should see its usual doctor right away since high concentrations of harmful chemicals can harm your dog’s health, and carelessness can be fatal. Consumption of Doritos might result in a high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, depression, and other symptoms. It’s advisable to keep these sorts of chips and other human delicacies out of the reach of dogs. Dogs have no idea what might injure them, so keeping an eye on them is a major duty.

What treats can I give my dog instead?

Dogs can be given a wide selection of nutritious dog treats, such as green peas, carrots, green beans, and watermelon. Cooked sweet potatoes, bananas, and broccoli are some delightful treats you can offer your dog that will satisfy both their taste buds and their nutritional needs. Watermelon is also a fantastic way to keep your pets cool during the hot summer months.

Whole wheat, brown rice, and fruits like bananas and apples may also be used to produce homemade sweets. Popsicles made from watermelon juice could appeal to your dog. Before making sweets, you should examine for harmful substances in food that should be avoided. And, of course, don’t forget to include plenty of affection, because dogs can never have enough.

Commercial treats should be provided with caution since many brands employ low-cost, potentially hazardous chemicals. Most brands of dog treats cannot equal the nourishment that fresh food provides to your dog. If you do want to offer your dog any store-bought ready-made goodies, double-check the contents to be sure they aren’t dangerous before feeding them to your dog.

Healthy Alternatives to Doritos

If your dog refuses to quit begging, there are other things you may offer them to fulfill their hunger without endangering their health.

A dog treat is the most obvious alternative. Because they are made exclusively for dogs, there shouldn’t be any potentially harmful components within. All you have to worry about is the calorie content, which is sometimes high, so offer them in moderation.

However, if you want to feed them human food, try fresh fruit such as apples or bananas (just avoid grapes and raisins). You may also feed broccoli to your dog, as well as a piece of green beans or sweet potatoes.

You may even prepare your own dip for your dog. Simply combine yogurt, peanut butter, and any other foods your dog loves in a blender. Put everything in a bowl and give it to your dog to eat while you have your own dip — just save the Doritos for yourself.


So, even if it’s game day or you’re having nachos for supper, giving your dog some Doritos® won’t make you feel bad. However, you shouldn’t offer them the entire bag to oneself, nor should you feed them to your dog on a daily basis. You might end up causing a lot of difficulties in the long term if you do so. Of course, these kind of treats might cause choking in your dogs, so it’s generally a better idea to offer them something they can chew on rather than swallow whole.

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