Can Dogs Eat Cough Drops? Notes To Know

When people hear the question “Can dogs eat cough drops?” their knee-jerk reaction is to think about their own dog. Then, they pause, think about whether or not their own dog would actually like the taste of cough drops and conclude… probably not.

Can Dogs Eat Cough Drops?

Introduction: As a pet owner, I’m sure you’ve had the experience of watching your dog gobble up a piece of food off of your dinner plate. It’s cute, right? I mean, who could resist a dog eating a piece of chicken off of your plate?! Well, I can. That’s why I set out to find the answer to this age-old question. To get to the bottom of this conundrum, I gathered an array of information, ranging from scientific evidence to my own anecdotal experience as a dog owner. And then, after conducting a thorough search on Google, I came to the conclusion that dogs probably cannot eat cough drops.

Here’s a real question from the Q&A section of a recent blog post. The answer is Yes, dogs can eat cough drops, and if you want to make sure your dog gets a good dose of cough remedy, here are some dos and don’ts.

Can Dogs Eat Cough Drops?

Can Dogs Eat Halls Cough Drops? Safe?

Every now and then, we’re destined to become unwell; we’re more likely to catch a cold or cough. As a result, you do what the majority of people do and stock up on cough drops and Robitussin®, among other things. When you’re sick, you don’t always pay attention to where things are, and when you get home after racing to the shop (to get your favorite soup and grilled cheese products), you discover cough drop wrappers everywhere, shredded all over the floor, and hardly no cough drops in sight. Panic is your initial reaction. Is it possible for cough pills to harm your dog? What options do you have now?

What happens if my pet eats ten cough drops?

You should call your veterinarian if your pet ate ten cough drops.

Can cough drops kill a dog?

Cough drops include several chemicals that are hazardous to dogs. Only minimal gastrointestinal discomfort can be caused by a single cough drop. If your dog’s health or behavior changes, get medical help right once.

What to Do When Your Dog Eats Cough Drops

Can Dogs Eat Cough Drops?

Halls cough drops have been ingested by the majority of people, as well as numerous pets. Your dog has almost certainly consumed more than one type of lozenge, as do many humans. So, while you may be inclined to feel stressed, resist the urge (this could only make matters worse). This does not discount the fact that you should be concerned if your dog takes a cough drop.

Halls® cough drops can contain a variety of ingredients and flavorings. Some of these are potentially harmful to dogs. You should be concerned if your dog ate a big quantity of cough drops. If they’re sugar-free, that’s one thing to check for. If your cough drops include Xylitol, it’s one of the key ingredients that might hurt your dog.


Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that helps to sweeten cough drops without causing them to contain too many sugars. The disadvantage is that it’s incredibly harmful for dogs; too much of this chemical can cause their livers to fail, thereby poisoning them in the same way that alcohol would. If your dog ate one, you should call your veterinarian. Your pet may be OK depending on their size and how many Xylitol-containing cough drops they ate (if they only ate one cough drop, or a bit of one, and they’re a huge dog, they’re probably fine). The disadvantage is that if a dog consumes a cough drop, it is likely that they ate more than one. Xylitol also produces a significant drop in blood sugar in your pets, which can be quite harmful. You could be fine if your cough drops contain glucose, corn syrup, and no xylitol. Just keep an eye out for warning indicators.


Menthol is included in a variety of cough drops because it soothes our throats and aids in cough suppression. This, however, can be potentially harmful for a dog. It’s unlikely to harm an adult dog, but it can induce “rapid cooling” (as they’re commonly described) in pups, which decreases blood oxygen levels and makes it difficult for newborn puppies (or just weened puppies) to breathe and intake oxygen. Otherwise, menthol isn’t a major issue (there are plenty of medicated shampoos for adult dogs that have menthol in them).


This chemical is commonly found in “highest strength sore throat treatment” drops and throat lozenges. They’re supposed to help numb our throats so we don’t feel as bad. If your dog gets a hold of this and eats it, it will very certainly irritate their stomachs. However, at larger dosages, it can produce Methemoglobinemia in dogs, which is an uncommon but serious anemia. Make sure your dog isn’t vomiting nonstop or has edema in his face or jaw. It also provides a risk since, by numbing their tongues and throats, it can cause choking in dogs that are prone to choking.

Choking Hazard

Can Dogs Eat Cough Drops?

Apart from the dangers of the chemicals in cough drops, they’re already regarded a very high risk of choking. If your dog is unable to chew a cough drop, they may swallow it whole, resulting in choking. This has been known to happen with a variety of tiny objects, and smaller dogs, in particular, are prone to choking on cough drops.


Cough drops can also cause blockage in the intestines, which is one of the additional concerns for your cat. While your pet will most likely swallow the cough drop itself, the wrappers (such as those found in plastic wrappers) are not always digested. If your dog consumes enough of them, they might cause intestinal obstruction, which may require surgery – they won’t be able to use the toilet, and if not treated right once, they could die from a severe blockage.


Can Dogs Eat Cough Drops? The answer is yes, they sure can! And, they probably will, too. There are many healthy treats that are safe for dogs to eat. Just like humans, some dogs are more likely to eat certain things than others. Some dogs are picky eaters, some are “grazers” and eat just about anything, and some (like most puppies) aren’t choosy at all. However, just because a dog can eat something doesn’t mean that he should. Like humans, dogs should only eat what they should. If you give your dog a piece of cheese or other hard food every day, it will eventually cause problems for him. Why? Because his teeth will get worn down and he may end up with indigestion or worse. Just like humans! So, always be on the lookout for junk food, treats, and hard candies that are bad for your dog. If you see your dog eating something that you know isn’t good for him, don’t worry about it. Just give him a quick “talking to” and take the treat away. He’ll soon learn that he is not supposed to eat that stuff. And, if he doesn’t, it will simply be a sign to you that he needs to go to the vet. Which brings me to the next point.

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