Can Dogs Eat Hazelnut Spread? Update 2022

To many of us, hazelnuts are associated with holiday cookies and nutty treats—not as a food for dogs. But a recent study found that dogs actually prefer the nutty flavor of the roasted nut more than we do!

Did you know that dogs can actually eat hazelnut spread? Well, they can. And you may be surprised to learn that a recent study found that it is not only OK but healthy and even nutritious for dogs to have this type of nut spread.

Now, if you’re still wondering if it’s ok to feed your dog hazelnut spread, let us help you. You should always check with your veterinarian before giving a food to your dog.

The question is simple. Can dogs eat hazelnut spread? Or as we like to say at home, can my dog eat Nutella? The answer is no, or at least it shouldn’t be. The reason is simple: the hazelnut oil in this spread contains a toxin that would cause severe diarrhea if ingested by an animal.

The ingredient is a naturally occurring toxin called prussic acid, which has been around since ancient times. This toxin doesn’t just make you puke, though, it also causes kidney failure and death. That’s why the hazelnut spread is labeled “not intended for consumption” by the Food and Drug Administration.

Can dogs eat hazelnut spread?

Sugar, chocolate, milk, and hazelnuts go into making Nutella, a spreadable paste. All of these components should be omitted from your dog’s diet since they could be harmful. Your dog should not be fed any food that contains cocoa (chocolate).

can dogs eat hazelnut spread

Will hazelnuts hurt my dog?

In the mood for hazelnuts? Hazelnuts are not poisonous to dogs, but there is another hazard that can cause problems if your dog eats a few unsalted, uncoated hazelnuts. There is a similarity between hazelnuts and almonds in terms of choking and intestinal obstruction.

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What nuts are toxic to dogs?

Owners of dogs are definitely eager to learn about the dangers of eating nuts. This is a good thing, because several regularly consumed nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios, macadamias, and pecans, can be dangerous to dogs.

What happens if my dog eats hazelnuts?

Hazelnuts aren’t poisonous to dogs, but you shouldn’t give them to them as a treat. All nuts can upset your dog’s stomach or impede his or her intestines, both of which can result in significant digestive problems.

What nuts are poisonous to dogs?

Why Dogs Can Be Injured by Nuts

Nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts, and a variety of others are high in fat and difficult for dogs to digest. Nuts, which are high in fat, can induce vomiting, diarrhea, and pancreatitis in pets.

Is peanut butter good for dogs?

When consumed in moderation, the protein content of peanut butter is fantastic, as well as the healthy fats, vitamins B and E as well as niacin, that it provides.

Why can’t dogs have almonds?

You should avoid feeding your dog almonds, as they contain a lot of fat, which might increase the risk of pancreatitis. Even in tiny breeds, almonds can cause blockages in the esophagus, intestines, or windpipe of your dog. If left untreated, these clogs can be lethal, necessitating surgery.

Can dogs eat green hazelnuts?

It is safe for dogs to eat hazelnuts, since they are not hazardous to their digestive systems. Nonetheless, for little dogs, a hazelnut may constitute a choking or intestinal blockage risk.

Can dogs eat hazelnut spread?

Nutella’s components are not safe for dogs. Sugar, cocoa, milk, and hazelnuts are all ingredients that should be avoided while making this spread for your dog. A dog that consumes a high amount of it may experience vomiting, an elevated heart rate and blood pressure, agitation and seizures as a result.

Our Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread recipe

As it stands, the ingredients that go into making Nutella are quite simple. Sustainable and high-quality ingredients are extremely important to this business. (It’s one of our favorites.) You can find these ingredients and a few more in cocoa powder.

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There aren’t many ingredients that would make you want to flee if you looked at the list. (It’s a nice thing!) Despite its popularity, this product is still of high quality!

can dogs eat hazelnut spread

Despite this, we still wanted to attempt making our own.

And, what are you to say?

There’s nothing like home-made chocolate hazelnut spread when compared to store-bought (and who knows how long it sat on the shelves).

In addition, you have the option of adjusting the sweetness level of the dish. There is also the sense of accomplishment that comes from creating something on your own.


1/4 cup chocolate powder, 8 ounces of hazelnuts melted 14 cup powdered sugar, 4 ounces semi-sweet chocolate

Light-tasting olive oil or vegetable oil should be used in place of the more robust flavoring agents.

Pure vanilla extract and a pinch of salt


Set your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and get ready to bake.
For 8-12 minutes, roast the hazelnuts in one layer on a baking sheet. Allow the nuts to cool slightly after removing them from the oven.
To remove the skins, place the warm nuts in a towel and rub the towel together. (It’s fine if not all of the skins fall off, and it won’t influence the flavor of your nutella in any significant way.)
Roasted hazelnuts, peeled and de-skinned, should go into a food processor. Process the nuts to a powdered state. To make a paste, continue to process them.
Add the rest of the ingredients to a food processor and process until they form a homogeneous paste. If you prefer your spread to be a little less thick, add a little more oil. (As it cools, the spread will thicken a little.
At room temperature, store your homemade nutella for 2 weeks to 1 month.

Conclusion – can dogs have hazelnut spread

In conclusion, it was not the dog’s fault. The problem occurred due to the way the hazelnut spread was handled and stored by the owner. If there are any problems with the product, it is the owner’s responsibility to make the problem right.

It is only when the owner of the product, the seller, refuses to take responsibility for the quality of the product that it is the buyer’s responsibility to reject it.

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The hazelnuts, although not toxic to dogs, can also cause pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is extremely painful and causes dogs to vomit and go off their food. Dogs usually need hospitalization for fluids to recover from pancreatitis. You should also be careful what the Nutella is on, or with.
A teaspoon of Nutella should not put Buba at risk of serious chocolate toxicity. A 16lb dog would need to eat 5 or more ounces of milk chocolate to be at risk of serious toxicity. At worst, you may see some vomiting or diarrhea.
Hazelnuts. These tasty nuts fall into the same category as pecans and walnuts for your dog. They’re risky because mycotoxins and juglone could be present. It’s best to avoid sharing this popular snack nut with your dog.
The ingredients in Nutella are not dog-friendly. The spread contains sugar, cocoa, milk and hazelnut, which are all potentially harmful and dangerous additions to your dog’s diet. In fact any food containing cocoa or chocolate, shouldn’t be fed to your canine pal.


can dogs have hazelnut spread
can dogs have hazelnut milk
can dogs eat hazelnut spread

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