Can Dogs Eat Perilla Leaves? Outstanding Health Benefits

Can dogs eat perilla leaves? It turns out they can—and in fact, they may be healthier for dogs than lettuce.

The Perilla plant, or perilla, contains omega-3 fatty acids, which can help your pet’s liver. It is one of the best sources of ALA, an Omega-3 fatty acid.

My dog loves perilla leaves. I don’t know why he loves them, but he does. He takes his favorite leaves and crunches them up like nuts, and then rolls around in the pile to make it look like he’s covered in dog hair. It’s very adorable, but then I realized something disturbing about perilla leaves..

How do you grow perilla leaves at home?

Plan to sow or direct sow your perilla seeds in wet but well-drained soil with full to partial sun exposure. You may also bury them in the ground and loosely cover them if you choose to use the latter method. At 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius), the shiso seeds will germinate quickly.
can dogs eat perilla leaves

How long does it take to grow perilla leaves?

Planting out perilla too soon after a danger of frost is a bad idea. A whole summer’s worth of harvesting is possible after the leaves are eight weeks old.

How do Korean perilla leaves grow?

Note-planting and note-harvesting

After the last frost, or 4-6 weeks before the last frost, sow in wet potting soil on the surface. Do not cover the seeds once they have been firmly pressed into the soil. Keep the seeds wet until they sprout. Plant 12-24 inches apart.

Can you grow perilla leaves?

Perilla Growing Conditions

Perilla is a hardy annual that may be grown anywhere. A bigger variant of basil, it may reach a height of two to three feet. It will thrive in full to partial light, but only when the danger of frost has gone should you attempt to plant it outside.

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Are perilla leaves healthy?

Perilla’s entire plant includes fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, making it a healthy and helpful food source. Perilla leaf extract has a 5.47 percent crude protein, 7.61 percent crude fat, and 7.68 percent water content. Carotenoids abound in Perilla leaves, much as they do in spinach.
can dogs eat perilla leaves

Is Perilla poisonous to dogs?

The easiest way to keep your pet from eating these plants is to be on the lookout for them when out for a walk or even to remove them from your yard. Horses and other livestock can be poisoned by Senna (also known as sicklepod and coffee Senna) and Perilla mint (also known as purple mint).

Are all perilla leaves edible?

All Perilla, regardless of hue, are classified as Perilla frutescens, a single species. So, it stands to reason that Purple Perilla, like its Green Perilla relative, is safe to consume. When compared to green Perilla, purple Perilla is a rarer raw food.

Can you eat perilla leaves Raw?

In addition to salads, perilla leaves may be used in pancakes, bread and stir-fries. To make a crispy side dish, deep-fry them in batter and serve them as a snack.

Is Perilla toxic to humans?

respiratory distress syndrome is caused by the consumption of Perilla Mint (panting disease). Ketones in the plant promote irritation of the lungs and impede gas exchange during respiration. However, even if hay is made from the plant, it still has a harmful effect.

Are perilla leaves poisonous?

Toxic to cattle and other ruminant animals, as well as horses, perilla is very toxic. All components of the plant are poisonous, but the blooming structures are most dangerous. As a result of the ketones in perilla mint, cows suffer from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), often known as panting illness.
can dogs eat perilla leaves

What is Perilla good for?

Inhaling the aroma of perilla can alleviate symptoms of asthma. Additionally, it can be utilized to alleviate symptoms such as nausea, sunstroke, and muscular spasm. Perilla is a flavour agent in cuisine.

Is Perilla an invasive plant?

Beefsteak plant, also known as perilla mint, is a traditional Asian crop that is both used in cooking and grown as a decorative. It is a troublesome invasive plant in natural settings across the mid-Atlantic region and beyond because it easily eludes cultivation.

Can you freeze perilla leaves?

Wash and dry the shiso leaves in a colander. Freeze the shiso-filled paper towel after it has been folded several times. The shiso leaves that have been frozen have become stiff and chewy. After thawing, they will become more malleable.

Can you eat perilla seeds?

Deulkkae Garu (들깨가루) is made from ground perilla seeds and may be used to foods like namul or tang to offer a great nuttiness (soups). Because it takes some getting used to and isn’t commonly accessible in many stores, I don’t use it very often in my recipes.

How do you eat perilla leaves?

Garlic and vegetables may be stir-fried with perilla leaves, flour and eggs can be deep-fried, pickled or marinated, or perilla leaves can be used as a wrapping. It’s also possible to batter and deep-fry something after it’s been wrapped in perilla.

Is Magilla Perilla edible?

Perilla Magilla is a kind of Perilla that may be eaten.

Is Perilla a coleus?

Coleus is a close cousin of perilla. The mint family includes both of these plants. When preparing cuisine, Perilla leaves, particularly those of Perilla frutescens, can be utilized in the same way as mint.

What is Magilla Perilla?

can dogs eat perilla leaves

Perilla Magilla is the Latin name for this plant. Magilla Coleus look-alike Perilla thrives in Arkansas gardens thanks to its rapid growth and ability to handle the heat. Annual Perilla Magilla has square stems with opposing leaves that are colored in colors of purple, pink, green and cream.


In conclusion, the results were not significant at all. The group consuming the plant had a lower energy intake and weight loss, which was not consistent with the findings from previous studies.

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However, it is worth mentioning that the study participants were overweight men and women aged 35-65 years old, which is the population most likely to benefit from perilla leaves.

Furthermore, it was suggested that perilla leaves could be part of a healthy lifestyle, but they did not seem to help the participants lose weight or reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease. In fact, it seemed like eating more of them might be counterproductive.


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