Can Dogs Get Their Ears Pierced? 5 Things You Should Know

How do you know if your dog can get his or her ears pierced? Does it really matter?

Is your dog too young to get a dog piercing? Many people are concerned that the piercing process can cause bleeding and pain for the dog. Some breeders will tell you that the piercing process can hurt the dog, but it’s not as bad as people make it seem. In fact, the truth is that a dog who has his or her ears pierced will be much happier and healthier.

Learn all about ear piercing and the effects it can have on the health and appearance of the dog.

Can Dogs Get Their Ears Pierced?

Dog Ears Pierced – Is It Safe, Humane, and Legal?

Everyone considers ear piercing to be normal. However, what about piercing your dog’s ear? Let us learn more about the problem.

Is getting your dog’s ear pierced safe, compassionate, and legal? Piercing your dog’s ear is considered cruelty to animals. Ear piercing in dogs is prohibited, and piercing your dog’s ears may land you in a lot of trouble.

Dog owners go the additional mile to make their canines look nice. Depending on the weather and the occasion, some dog owners dress their dogs in gowns.

Dogs have even been seen wearing bow ties. Others are placed in a stroller if the owner enjoys going for walks.
Even a newborn who is still unable to make decisions for itself is permitted to have his or her ears pierced. Getting your dog’s ear pierced, on the other hand, is a very different scenario.
This conduct causes your pets bodily pain or distress. Dressing your dogs and adding accessories might make them feel uncomfortable, but they have no physical effect on them.

Piercing your dog’s ears was a painful experience. This action may progress to the point where you are injuring your dog. The piercing of a dog’s ear is therefore an example of animal cruelty.
The piercing of a dog’s ear has been a hot topic in recent years. Some people believe that this inequity should be addressed. Some individuals also claimed that it is a sort of art, and that the dog’s owner must be the one to determine whether or not their dog’s ear should be pierced.

Some individuals may think your dog’s ear pierced to be attractive and commend you for completing the task. Others, on the other hand, would shun you.

They’ll even report it to animal control or the cops. Stay for an enjoyable read if you want to learn more about the dog’s ear piercing.

Can A Dog Get Its Ears Pierced?

Dog owners, for some reason, enjoy making alterations to their pets. Pedicures are included in this modification. Color-painting their dog’s nails is a popular pastime among dog owners.

They also have a connection to their dog’s hair coloration. You may attempt a variety of fashion trends with your pets, but one of the most contentious topics is ear piercing.

Can Dogs Get Their Ears Pierced?

Perhaps the majority of you have never heard of such a thing. You may be a dog lover, but you were unaware that your dog’s ear could be pierced. So, certainly, it’s a possibility.

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Although dog piercing is not a fashionable fad, some dog owners do it on their pets. Though few people find it attractive, it might be a danger to your dog. It’s not the same as being a person.
People can have their ears pierced and then continue about their lives. They may just forget about their piercings because they will heal on their own and will no longer be as uncomfortable.

It’s not the same with dogs. Dogs do not act in the same way that people do. We don’t travel about as often as we used to. We don’t play with other dogs or animals in the dirt.

If a dog’s ear is pierced, it might be scratched and torn with their own paws. Dogs like running about, rolling around on the floor, and performing other actions that might harm their piercings.
The ear of a dog is similarly susceptible to infection. If you get it pierced, you are exacerbating the problem. You see, it’s not only about the dog’s outward beauty; you also have to consider your dog’s wellbeing and health.

Is It Illegal To Pierce Your Dog’s Ears?

The practice of piercing a dog’s ear has been hotly disputed throughout the years. The practice of piercing a dog’s ears is popular among dog owners. It’s referred to as art.

They enjoy incorporating their pets into the fashion trend and beautifying them. For a long time, this behavior was regarded typical. However, after much consideration, many recognized that dogs may dislike the idea of having their ears pierced.

Naturally, we will be unaware of this because our pets are unable to communicate with us. As a result, the question of whether a legislation should be enacted to prevent this has arisen.

A bill prohibiting the tattooing and piercing of animals has been passed. Dogs and cats are the most frequent pets. Tattoos and pierced animals are not permitted under the law.

This ear piercing will be allowed solely for medical or identity purposes. This behavior is also legal if the piercing is done by a registered veterinarian. The measure was dubbed a “great thing” by some.

However, many others opposed the law, claiming that it should only be passed for the sake of common sense. People, unfortunately, do not have a lot of common sense. This bill was well-received by the people.
Many people engaged in ear piercing on a regular basis, and it is only lately that this practice has been condemned. This is now seen as animal cruelty. Animal abuse is now considered a crime.

If you were one of the dog owners who engaged in this behavior, you should stop right now. One of the obligations of being a dog owner does not include inflicting harm on your dog.

Is It Animal Abuse To Pierce A Dog’s Ears?

Piercing your dog’s ears is, in fact, considered animal cruelty. A dog owner may just want their dog to appear stylish, yet piercing their ears causes agony to them.

Cruelty to animals is defined as inflicting suffering on them. While piercing a dog’s ear may cause momentary discomfort, you are the one who caused the discomfort.

Can Dogs Get Their Ears Pierced?

As previously said, it is popular to dress your dogs and paint their nails, but ear piercing is painful. Because they scratch their piercing and make it to bleed, it may be highly harmful for the dog.

One of the dog’s quirks is that they like to scratch certain places of their bodies. They even enjoy scratching their ears, which is one of the most typical areas they desire to touch.

You can’t even stop your dog from scratching his ears. They are not going to be ordered to stop. Ear piercing for your dog is likewise unnecessary.

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It’s inconvenient and painful. Infection is also a possibility. Some dog owners believe that piercing your dog’s ears is selfish and cruel.

You may think it’s stylish and fashionable, but your dog may be in discomfort. They may be in agony and you will be unaware of it since they are unable to communicate with you. And it is instantly referred to as animal cruelty if you inflict undue agony on your dog.

You could even go to jail if you commit such a crime. People might report you to the authorities, and piercing your dog’s ears can get you in a lot of trouble.

Risks Of Having Your Dog Pierced

Piercing your dog’s ear may appear stylish to you and others, but it is now against the law, and there may be issues if you do so.
Aside from the difficulties, several facts simply prove that a dog’s ear should not be pierced.

Dogs Scratch Their Ears A Lot

Ear scratching is a favorite pastime of dogs. This is a habit that all dogs exhibit, and they do it frequently.

They could scrape their ears and the piercing if you put a piercing in their ears. Scratching will result in discomfort and a wound.

Dogs Love To Shake Their Ears

Dogs have a proclivity for shaking their heads a lot. When they’re wet or just want to get some dirt out of their ears, they do this. Because the piercing can touch anywhere, this behavior can be unpleasant and result in lacerations.

A Dog’s Ear Is Prone To Infection

The ear of a dog is extremely susceptible to infection. You can make your dog’s ear even more susceptible to illness by piercing it.

It is common for dogs to have ear infections even if they do not have their ears pierced. Adding piercings will just make things worse.

Your Dog May Feel Discomforts While Wearing The Earring

They will attempt to remove the earring if this occurs. This is something you do not want to happen. Because your dog may yank the earrings off, this might result in bleeding all over the place.

They can also remove their earing by scratching it. This is a bad sight since the earring might shift and cause further injury to their ears.

Dogs Are Not Born To Get Their Ears Pierced

An ear piercing in a dog is unusual. Your dog’s lifestyle does not include ear piercing.

Dogs, unlike humans, are not designed to have their ears pierced. They can live a completely normal life without having their ears pierced.


Can Dogs Get Their Ears Pierced? Short answer: Yes, it’s happened more than once. It’s an urban legend, started by a famous comedian many years ago. The punch line was “and my Aunt Marge’s cat got his ears pierced too!” In fact, there are several different reasons why a person would have their ears pierced.

Not all of them are for cosmetic purposes. Some people get their ears pierced because they are prone to getting infections in the outer ear and having the piercer clean and sterilize the ear before inserting the earring.

Others get their ears pierced to avoid wearing headphones when they are listening to music because the earphones can cause infection. Yet others get their ears pierced because they have been involved in an accident where the other party was not careful enough to protect their ears. And so on.

The point is this: yes, it is possible for someone who cares about their pets to get their ears pierced for non-cosmetic reasons. But, as far as I know, there is no legitimate medical reason for a dog or any other animal to ever have their ears pierced.

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They are all legal modifications. And since there is no law specifically against tattooing or piercing an animal, or any of those other issues, they can do as they please.
It’s almost standard practice in some parts of the world (such as the USA) but thankfully it’s illegal in many countries, including Ireland and most of Europe. Ear cropping, known technically as ‘ cosmetic otoplasty’, offers no benefits to the animal.
Ear cropping is an elective surgery currently implemented in approximately 20 dog breeds, including Dobermans, Great Danes, Boxers, Schnauzers, and many others. This procedure involves the surgical removal of most or all of the flappy portion of the ear.


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