Can dogs Masturbate? 8 Reasons To Know

One day last year, I was teaching a small group of savvy direct response marketers the art of writing a super compelling headline… and… one of the participants asked me, “Can Dogs Masturbate?” I was stunned. Not only was the question off-the-mark… it also exposed a shocking lack of knowledge about what makes a great headline.

“Does Your Dog Masturbate?” – You’ve probably heard the expression “Don’t ask if you can go to the bathroom, ask if your bladder is full,” but have you ever wondered if dogs actually have the ability to masturbate? After all, we’ve known that dogs can be sexual creatures for ages. Dogs’ reproductive system has the same parts as ours, and they have the same hormones, and their sex organs are much the same size, so there’s no reason why they wouldn’t have the same urges and needs.

The study, “Does Masturbation Help Dogs Become More Sexually Inhibited?” found that when given a sexual opportunity, many male dogs were more likely to masturbate if they had previously been masturbated by their owner.

Can dogs Masturbate?

Dogs, both sexes, are capable of masturbation. Young dogs that have been spayed or neutered are not exempt from this natural tendency in intact (fertile) canines. When newborn puppies hump their siblings, some people are horrified, but they fail to see that this is a necessary life skill, not something done out of passion or aggression.

Can dogs Masturbate?

People who own dogs tend to think of them as children and treat them as such. To them, this kind of action can be seen as incredibly sleazy. Dogs, like all other creatures, are motivated by instinct.

Does this suggest that dogs, like us, can jack off? We’ll find out.

Why Do Dogs Masturbate?

It is common for dog owners to believe that having their canines neutered or spayed will alleviate their dog’s masturbatory cravings. Dogs that have been spayed or neutered masturbate, even if they lack a desire for sex.

Your dog’s masturbation may be caused by a variety of factors. Dogs’ unsophisticated intellect and incapacity to hide their feelings are to blame. When it comes to sexual pleasure, people can tell the difference between good and wrong, but dogs aren’t capable of doing so. The following are eight possible explanations for why your dog may be masturbating.

Sexual Behavior

For the most part, this is what motivates people to commit these acts. It’s common for dogs to “masturbate” by humping objects about the house when they’re in heat. Until they are fixed or spayed, they will continue to mount.

Spaying or neutering won’t stop him from humping things right away, but with time, he’ll quit doing it.

For Fun

Dogs are inherently playful creatures. When they’re trying to start a game, their playful attitude might lead them to hum other dogs. A dog’s lack of socialization may be seen in the way they leap up on each other and begin humping.

While playing, some dogs may also become sexually aroused. Humiliation will follow.

Stress or Excitement Response

Social Behavior

The social behavior of your dog alters when it reaches adolescence. After seeing the world through the eyes of an adult dog, they’ll want to do the same. Trying to assert their supremacy, they’ll be observed humming on the street.

Both male and female dogs exhibit this tendency. Dominance among the pack is shown by humping other dogs and other objects.

Compulsive Disorders

Masturbation can become a compulsive behavior for certain dogs. When dogs are under stress, this behavior is more likely to occur. Masturbation, if it becomes a habit, might have a negative impact on the man’s day-to-day activities.

If your dog is mounting on you incessantly, you should consult a dog behaviorist.

Do Dogs Masturbate Because of Health Reasons?

Excessive masturbation in dogs can be caused by a variety of medical conditions. Included in this list of ailments are:

  • Incontinence of the bladder.
  • Infection of the urinary tract.
  • Allergies to the skin
  • Priapism.

Medical intervention is required for many of these problems, which can be life-threatening. Dogs who have them will often lick and chew their genital region to alleviate their pain.

Contact a veterinarian if you notice your dog licking or gnawing his own body. Veterinarians are the only ones who can help with these conditions, and not a behavioral treatment.

What to Do When Your Dog Masturbates Excessively

For a variety of reasons, including the risk of resulting in unwanted offspring, your dog should not hump other canines. If you try to stop a dog in the middle of a “performance,” they may get hostile.

The best thing you can do if you fear your dog will snap at you is to get in touch with a local dog behaviorist. Aggression may be treated by certified professional dog trainers as well.

The certification process does not need the trainer to have prior experience working with dogs who are aggressive.

In addition, a dog that attempts to mount another dog may be subject to repercussions. This affectionate gesture will be frowned upon by many dogs. This might lead to a physical altercation.

Another good reason to keep your dog from behaving in this manner is to keep him from getting into trouble.

Here are a few tried-and-true methods for keeping your dog from mounting or masturbating.

Let them Be

Most dogs will only mount a few times a day, if that. You don’t have to intervene if they’re just playing with a toy and not disturbing you or other dogs.

As long as you don’t mind him leaping on your or other people’s legs. If he mounts other dogs, the same holds true.

Distract Them

Before humping, some dogs will show the previously described indicators of sexual activity. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your dog if it pans or whines or licks or rubs against a human.

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Throw him a toy or begin a game when you observe this. Ask your dog to perform any tricks he knows, such as sitting or shaking. This will cause your dog to become distracted and refocus his attention on something else.

When you instruct your dog to stay away from other dogs, teach him to do so. This involves a wide range of circumstances, as well. Your pet will cease humping if he understands that ‘Go!’ indicates that he must leave.

When he listens to you, reward him with a reward. If he refuses to follow your instructions, terminate the game and have him practice more. When there are no other dogs around, you might want to give it a go.

Make Him Focused on You

Make sure your dog doesn’t keep huffing other dogs by teaching him to play games with you. Play tug of war or fetch with his favorite toy outside.

As a result, he’ll choose to spend time with you than other canines out on walks.

Spay or Neuter Your Dog

Consider having your dog neutered if you don’t want to breed him. Dogs will still hump from time to time, but it will be less frequent.

This will come in handy if he routinely mounts female canines. Also, think about spaying your female pets to prevent infertility. When a female is in heat or in the presence of other females who are, they will hump and mount. This type of behavior will be lessened as a result of spaying.

In addition, there are numerous advantages to spaying and neutering your pets.

Spaying and neutering will keep your pet healthy and happier for a longer period of time. Testicular and mammary cancers are two examples.

As a bonus, pups will no longer be born, which is a major cause of dogs being abandoned.

Give Him a Time-Out

To stop your dog from mounting you or anybody else, you need to break the behavior as soon as possible. You can’t hump you if you push him away or sit or stand in an awkward posture.

Then tell him ‘No!’ and take him to time-out if that fails. For a few minutes, lock him in a room with no toys.

Allow him to go outside when the timer goes off and go on as if nothing happened.

Don’t make a scene or appear enraged in front of the dog. A longer time-out period may be necessary if the problem persists.

Often, this alone will not be enough to keep your dog from climbing you. This is why it’s a good idea to spend some time training your dog.

Discourage him from engaging in undesirable activity by teaching him techniques that help him relax. Prepare yourself if you know your dog humps only under particular circumstances, such as when he is enthusiastic.

Before you do something that would set him off, have him perform tick. Reward your dog for being courteous by giving him treats.

Avoid Triggers

If your dog humps when stressed, try to keep him away from these circumstances. It’s not always feasible to do this, of course.

It’s best to keep your pet calm if you know there will be a stressful circumstance, such as visiting the vet. Taking him to the ordination is a great approach to help him overcome his apprehension of veterinarians.

Treat your dog when you’re inside. Treat your dog if he gets nervous or excited when you have someone around.

Medical Problems to Rule Out

Both male and female dogs are susceptible to urinary tract infections (UTIs), which can be excruciatingly painful. Masturbation may be mistaken for licking the genitals of an afflicted dog.

Priapism is a protracted and painful erection that occurs in male dogs without sexual stimulation. In order to alleviate the pain in his penis, a dog suffering from this condition would masturbate frequently.

The irritation and suffering caused by an allergy to the penis or vulva will encourage your dog to repeatedly lick, bite, or chew at the region.

Infections caused by bacteria can occur for a variety of causes, including inadequate sanitation and improper hygiene. Bacterial infections can cause skin discoloration, acne, and vaginal swelling.

UTI-like symptoms in dogs may be caused by bladder stones, which are particularly difficult to remove from the bladder.

Urinary incontinence occurs when the dog’s bladder loses control and it urinates unintentionally. One indication of urine incontinence is excessive licking of the private areas.

What to Do About Excessive Mounting and Masturbation

Do not attempt to stop your dog from mounting other dogs, people, or things if you believe he will turn hostile. As an alternative, seek the advice of an experienced expert, such as a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist or Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB or Associate CAAB) (Dip ACVB). It’s possible to get treatment from a CPDT (Certified Professional Dog Trainer) in your region, but only if they have professional training and substantial experience effectively treating aggressiveness. For accreditation as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT), this level of competence is not necessary. If you need help locating a behavioral specialist in your region, please check out our post, Finding Professional Behavior Help.

As a Response to Stress or for Sexual Purposes During Play

If your dog mounts just once or twice a day and it doesn’t annoy you, other people, or other dogs, you don’t need to intervene.

Attempt to divert your dog if your dog’s mounting or masturbating bothers you or other people or pets. Try to attract his attention before he masturbates or mounts you. The amorous-looking behavior of certain dogs before they mount or hump can be seen when your dog approaches an object or person and begins to pant, lick, whine, paw, or rub against it. What to do if you observe your dog engaging in any of the activities listed above, or if you witness him attempting to mount someone or something? Play games, offer your dog some chewie, or ask him to do some previously taught basic obedience skills (sit, down, shake, etc.).

Consider neutering your dog if he is still an intact male. Dogs that have had their testicles removed are less likely to engage in masturbation or arousal, especially when they’re around a female in heat. Consider spaying your female dog if she’s still unaltered. It might lessen her desire to hump other dogs, especially if she only mounts while she’s in heat or when she’s in the presence of other female dogs that are in heat. ‘ Spaying or neutering your dog offers additional advantages, as well. Mammary and testicular malignancies can be prevented, as well as undesired litters of pups.

Your dog may get into problems if he mounts other dogs. The hump isn’t something that many dogs like. Your “amorous” dog might get into a fight with them if they take offense. It’s possible to educate your dog to respect other dogs if he’s a hump-happy one. Using “leave it” with other dogs is a great way to teach your dog the meaning of the command. When your dog is playing with his friends, keep a close eye on him. Tell him to “Leave it” as soon as you notice him ready to mount another dog. Reward him for good behavior. Work on leaving it alone for as long as you can without other dogs present for a little longer if he doesn’t respond to your commands. Playing games with you with your dog will help reduce your dog’s interest in other dogs if he’s a chronic humpster. I love tug-of-war!

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Pushing him off, turning away, sitting down, or otherwise adopting a stance that prohibits him from mounting will dissuade him from humping you or others. Say “Nope!” and take your dog to a quiet, secure place for a brief time-out if he won’t stop. (Be sure the time-out room doesn’t include any entertaining things for him to play with.) Wait between one and three minutes before reentering the room. Release your dog and go on as if nothing occurred when the time-out period has ended. You don’t need to show any signs of apprehension. A time-out will be issued for any further attempts by your dog to mount you. If you give your dog a time-out more than a few times, you may find it difficult to grab your dog when you shout “No!” If that’s the case, you may clip a two- to four-foot leash to your dog’s collar and let him pull it about the house while you monitor him. Then, when you need to take your dog to his time-out place, you just pick up the leash. Dogs can get hooked on furniture or their leashes might get twisted around their legs if the leash isn’t removed.

Discouragement alone will not stop this from happening again. Preventative training is also necessary. In order to prevent him from humping while he’s among people, you’ll have to teach him an alternative behavior. For example, teach him to sit when commanded. You may use your dog’s ability to sit for a reward to prevent humping after he’s learned to do so. Say “Sit” as soon as you notice your dog beginning to climb. Praise him and reward him with a yummy snack if he sits. He’ll likely sit for a few more times before you ask him to do something more difficult, like a trick. A few minutes of playtime with a favorite toy can help your dog relax after he’s done some polite behaviors and cooled down a bit. Changing your dog’s motivational state may cause him to lose interest in humping. Ask your dog to sit and remain anytime you perform the things that cause him to hump, such as hugging, greeting, arguing, or any other exciting or chaotic contact between people. Whenever your dog acts respectfully instead of mounting, treat him regularly.

Try to keep your dog from mounting in stressful situations, such as meeting new people, if it is the only time he does so. Even if you can’t prevent it, you should make every effort to lessen the anxiety your dog feels. If your dog has anxiety about going to the vet, bring him in for regular social visits instead. Make sure your dog is well-fed and calm throughout these visits to the veterinarian’s office. Following several weeks or months of infrequent “cookie outings” to the vet’s office, your dog will begin to love the experience.. Future trips to the veterinarian facility will be considerably less stressful for him as a result of this positive adjustment in his attitude. If your dog becomes nervous while meeting new people, try distracting him so that he doesn’t feel overwhelmed. When new guests come to your house, train your dog to sit or fetch his favorite toy so that he can please them.


Your dog’s habit of licking himself to excite himself once or twice a day isn’t a problem if you don’t mind it.

You should try to divert your dog’s attention as soon as he starts licking himself if his activity bothers you or causes discomfort to his skin. Simply throw a toy or game, give your dog some treats, or get him to perform some things he already knows and appreciates (sit, down, shake, etc.). Moving your dog to a new place may also help.

Masturbation or Mounting Obsession

Distract your dog as soon as he begins to mount or masturbate. Toss a toy, play a game, give your dog a chewie, or ask him to do any previously taught basic obedience skills or tricks that he likes to perform (for example, sit, down and paw).

Your dog may require expert treatment if his behavior has deteriorated to the point that it is interfering with his usual day-to-day activities. Learn more about how to find an animal behaviorist by reading our article “Finding Professional Behavior Help,” which includes information on how to locate either a CAAB or an Associate CAAB (Dip ACVB). A Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) may be able to help if you can’t locate a behaviorist in your region, but only if she or he has professional or academic training and substantial experience treating obsessive behavior.

8 Reasons for Dogs Masturbating

1. Physical need

Obviously, your female or male dog is doing it because she or he needs to relieve tension in their sexual organs. Male and female libido and heat cycles in young women drive them to desire sex. Frustration and other behavioral disorders might result from the absence of sexual activity in dogs throughout their adolescent years. To prevent unwanted litters, get your dog spayed or neutered.

2. Memories of pleasure

Neutering or spaying may not completely eliminate the desire for sex and masturbation in dogs; nonetheless, they may still have recollections of these feelings. Spayed or neutered dogs are more prone to this type of behavior. They quit masturbating when the memory fades.

3. Boredom

When dogs have nothing better to do, they typically turn to self-indulgence. Don’t neglect giving your dog adequate exercise and toys to keep them occupied while you are away.

4. Asserting dominance

In order to show their superiority over other dogs, canines hump and mount them. Male dogs aren’t the only ones who engage in this type of activity. It’s typical for a dog to have an erection during the act, even if it isn’t sexual.

5. Over-stimulation

Dogs aren’t particularly good at distinguishing their own feelings. People often confuse arousal with enthusiasm, therefore they’ll often want to mount and hump the source of their thrill.

6. Playing

Many dog owners are surprised to see their young puppies huffing and puffing one other up during playing, but for young dogs, it’s all part of the game. Play-humping is not arousing for a puppy. Adult canines with weak social skills, on the other hand, may become sexually stimulated when playing with other dogs.

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7. Force of habit

Some dogs may hump items just because they are accustomed to doing so. When it comes to behaviors, it’s possible that your dog is doing it unintentionally. You should see a behavioral professional or teach your dog to stop humming on command if he or she is constantly whining.

8. Stress

When dogs are stressed, they may masturbate as a kind of stress relief. Anxious dogs may masturbate as a way of relieving their stress, and this behavior is common. Fixing this problem requires acclimating your dog to new situations, socializing your puppies, and helping them gain their confidence.

Do female dogs Masturbate?

Masturbation among female dogs is, indeed, a reality. When a dog is in heat, he or she will feel the need to mate with other canines. Masturbation isn’t just for fun for them. This behavior is also observed in female dogs that have been spayed and no longer have any sexual impulses.

Masturbation is common among females who have been spayed as adults. The fact that your female dog will continue to lick or hump her privates after she has been spayed is evidence that dogs may retain pleasurable memories.

How do dogs Masturbate?

Dogs’ masturbation practices may differ from ours, but the underlying idea is the same: stroking their penis or vulva against something until they climax, as we discussed above.

Despite their varied physical characteristics, male and female canines use largely the same techniques to escape their confines. Let’s take a closer look at their methods.

How do female dogs Masturbate?

When it comes to humping things or other canines, female dogs are just like their male counterparts. The most common method of relieving oneself is licking or stroking their private parts. Masturbation may be misconstrued for humping people or other dogs to display their might.

How do male dogs Masturbate?

Any thing that a male dog may brush his private parts against will be used as a sexual reliever. It doesn’t matter what you put in front of him; he’ll hump it until he’s satisfied. In addition to using their paws, some dogs also use their mouths or tongues.

Do dogs Masturbate due to health reasons?

Yes, dogs do masturbate for their own health’s sake. There are several medical conditions that might cause your dog to scratch or bite itself. Behavioral treatment will not stop your pet from masturbating if they have an illness or sickness.

If you can’t get your dog to stop licking their genitals, you’ll need to take them to the vet. The doctor will be able to determine the root of your dog’s excessive masturbating and suggest the most effective course of treatment and medication to alleviate the problem for good.

There are other symptoms to keep an eye on in addition to frequent shaking and a high temperature. These include frequent urination and excessive urine as well as excessive urination and difficulties in urinating. It’s recommended to rule out the following medical conditions before beginning any type of behavioral therapy.

What to do when your dog Masturbates excessively?

For sexual release, your dog may lick himself up to two or three times a day. In addition to being embarrassing for the owner, frequent masturbation is harmful for the health of the dog.

When a dog’s lower back is harmed by huffing and huffing at random, it can lead to lower back pain, while excessive rubbing of the genitals can produce an itchy rash. You may stop your dog’s self-pleasure habit by following these five steps.

Can dogs Masturbate?

5 Ways to prevent your dog from Masturbating

1. Distraction

Give the dog something else to do if you see it’s about to mount. Then, when they’re distracted, you may either start a game or order them to do something different.

2. Neutering and spaying

If you don’t want your pet to reproduce, get him or her neutered or spayed as soon as possible. In addition to curing the dog’s sex drive, getting a dog fixed eliminates a wide range of behavioral and health disorders.

3. Exercise

Dogs’ pent-up energy and ennui might lead them to masturbate and hump objects. The dog’s extra energy is extinguished by regular exercise and playfulness, which also provides the pleasure they would otherwise get through masturbation.

4. Training

It’s also a good idea to teach your dog commands and tricks to keep them from masturbating. Praise your dog with pats, supportive words, and rewards when he obeys your commands when he is going to hump.

5. Time-out

To stop your dog from humming inappropriately, put them in a room by themselves without any toys and leave them there for a few minutes. When you bring them back, don’t show any irritation, and keep repeating it everytime the dog tries to hump.

So, do dogs Masturbate?

Male and female canines that have been spayed or neutered will still masturbate. Dogs aren’t shy about masturbating in public, and they don’t care if you see them doing it in an inconvenient location or at an inappropriate time.

While some masturbation in dogs is to be expected, excessive masturbating should be investigated. You can get your dog’s masturbating behavior under control through training, exercise, and mental conditioning.


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