can dogs smell dab pens

Can Dogs Smell Dab Pen? 3 Things You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered if dogs can smell Dab Pens? Here is the science behind what makes Dab Pens and their flavors so potent.

When we think of dogs smelling stuff, we usually think of the dogs that live at the house and run to the window when you come home or the ones that eat out of your hand. However, did you know that you can get dogs to smell certain types of things? Here are a few things you can smell to increase the likelihood that your dog will be able to smell these things.

Can your dog smell Dab pens? Are there new and innovative methods of delivery being used by the cannabis community to take advantage of this new technology? What are some of the pros and cons of dab pens as compared to other ways to consume?

Can Dogs Smell Dab Pen?

You’ve probably seen a drug-detection dog at an airport, railway station, or some other type of security checkpoint. It takes a lot of training to make these dogs adept at sniffing out everything from illegal substances and explosive devices to misplaced people.

In other words, if you’re wondering if dogs can detect the scent of dab pens, the answer is unequivocal: Even if the vape pen is small and covert, dogs are able to smell it out, even if you’re inhaling marijuana or tobacco. To understand why, continue reading!

Signs that Dogs Can Smell Dab Pens

Numerous responses can be elicited from dogs when exposed to the odor of medicines. Even more, the amount of smell detecting accuracy may vary somewhat from dog to dog, depending on the breed. Dogs are initially exposed to a fragrance of the medicine to help them recognize a new one. They will warn their handler when they detect an appealing aroma..

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Some dogs are taught to bark in order to alarm their owners, whereas others aren’t taught this at all. The most common “alerts” include sniffing the area where the narcotics are buried, waiting in front of the site until their handler arrives, or digging or pawing at the scent.

There are certain breeds of dogs that are inherently better at detecting scents, just like there are some humans. Scent-seeking dogs such as German Shepherds, Basset Hounds, Beagles, and Bloodhounds are well-known. As a result, you’ll often find these canines in law enforcement or security roles.

The History Behind Dogs Smelling Dab Pens

Dogs are no longer utilized to identify prescription pharmaceuticals or other legal substances, such as cigarettes, but rather to sniff out contraband and illicit narcotics. Many people use vaporizers known as “dab pens” to enjoy various kinds of nicotine, including tobacco (vaporizers are more commonly used to inhale marijuana). Dogs aren’t used to smell out tobacco usage, but they can detect the aroma of marijuana inhaled using dab pens.

Police officers, meanwhile, are not training their drug-detection canines to identify marijuana as more states and municipalities legalize the substance. Hard-to-detect narcotics like heroin and ecstasy have been the focus of training instead.

can dogs smell dab pens

The Science Behind Dogs Smelling Dab Pens

It’s also crucial to realize that a dog’s ability to detect drugs can vary greatly depending on its breed. While German Shepherds and Beagles each have roughly 225 million olfactory cells, Bloodhounds have at least 300 million. Though they haven’t been trained for smell detection, most canines can identify illegal substances at five parts per billion, even if they weren’t specifically developed to do so

However, dog trainers point out that the dog’s personality might have an even greater impact than the breed itself. Drug-detection canines need to be fit, independent, nimble, and hardworking in addition to their hunting and tracking talents. Distracted or uninterested dogs aren’t suited to the task at hand. Instead of requiring a specific breed of dog,, a K-9 training center, requires a drug detection dog to know how to alert their handler, find illicit substances in 10 minutes or less, and show proficiency in searching various indoor and outdoor areas – rather than specifying a required breed.

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Training Dogs to Smell Dab Pens

To learn more about drug detection training for enterprises and businesses and halfway homes, you may also contact private groups. Even though they are not members of the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDA), the dogs in this program undergo the same rigorous training as those at the Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NDDA). Reach out to a private group in your area if you’d want to learn more about training your dog for smell detection.

Can drug dogs tell if your high?

Debra Stone, who claims her five trained canines can detect heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, and ecstasy, began the program this year and hopes to expand it in the coming years. A marijuana seed may be detected from a distance of up to 15 feet away, and clothing that has been exposed to marijuana residue the night before can be detected by the dogs’ acute sense of smell.

Can dogs smell drugs inside you?

Animals can detect the presence of drugs including ice, ecstasy, speed, cocaine, and heroin, which is a huge aid to law enforcement. Police can search you for narcotics based on a sniffer dog’s indication. An indicator is a dog’s way of letting its handler know that it has detected something.

Can Dogs Smell Vape Pens?

Vape pens and cartridges are among the many chemicals that police narcotics sniffer dogs are taught to look for and identify. Vape pen juice and cartridge cartridges might be trained to recognise certain compounds, such as e-liquid or nicotine, that are contained in the devices.

Can drug dogs smell vape pens? The short answer is yes, but only if they’ve been taught to do so by their owners. Drug detection dogs are taught to detect a wide range of drugs, but they can only alert their handler or owner if they have been trained to identify the precise ingredient in your vape pen, no matter how well disguised it may be. What’s the secret?

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A drug dog may be taught to recognize between two and five distinct narcotics, according to customs officials and police dog handlers A combination of aromas that are combined together to mask the stink is no match for them.

In other words, any nicotine-laced vape pen may be detected by a trained sniffer dog, even if the flavor of the e-liquid is disguised by another flavor. Additionally, police canines are trained to detect the presence of cannabis or THC in a juice cartridge by detecting the scent and alerting their handlers.

In the event that you’re utilizing a marijuana vape pen and wonder, “Can dogs detect marijuana vape pens?” Be mindful that if your dog isn’t specifically trained to seek out that scent, they may not show any signs of it being detected.


In conclusion, a dog could sniff out the Dab Pen in less than a second. However, the human brain takes far longer to process this information. For example, in my experience, it takes about 4 seconds for me to consciously register a certain smell, then another 4 seconds before I can recall what that smell reminds me of, and even another 2 seconds before my brain can tell me whether the smell is positive or negative.

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