Can Dogs Smell Edibles Reddit? 5 Things You Should Know

A recent study found that canines are capable of detecting odors, and may even be better at it than humans.

A recent study by the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine revealed that dogs can smell edibles at least 1,000 feet away. That’s a long way! The findings of this study show that a dog’s sense of smell is about 3,000 times better than that of humans. It’s not surprising that a dog would be able to sniff out an apple from more than one mile away.

The study focused on dogs as they were the only animals to participate in this experiment. Can you guess what other animals are able to smell? What other animals have better senses than humans?

Did you know that dogs are capable of smelling edibles from up to 2,000 feet away?

Can Dogs Smell Edibles Reddit?

What Is Edible Cannabis?

Edible cannabis products (also known as edibles) are edible or drinkable cannabis products that include cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are chemical molecules contained in cannabis that, when taken, have an effect on your mind and body. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a cannabinoid that causes euphoria and intoxication in users (or high). CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has been shown to have some medicinal promise, however additional study is needed to prove this.

Edible cannabis products come in a variety of flavors. Despite the fact that some edible cannabis products resemble food, they are not food and are not meant to give nutritional value.

Edible cannabis products are a non-smoking and non-vaping option to cannabis ingestion. Here are seven things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about trying edible cannabis.

Can dogs smell edibles reddit?

Airport detection dogs are taught to undertake a range of tasks and are frequently cross-trained.

Keep in mind that a dog’s sense of smell is hundreds of thousands of times more sensitive than a human’s, and they WILL detect anything they’ve been trained to detect, even if it’s been vacuum wrapped many times…

Airport dogs can be taught in one or more of the following areas:

Detecting explosives
Detection of food and organic materials.
Detecting cash
Detection of drugs
1 and 2 are normally distinct talents, although 3 and 4 are frequently integrated.

So, yes, a Marijuana-detection dog WILL identify your edibles, regardless of how they’re wrapped.

Can drug-sniffing dogs smell edibles?

Can Dogs Smell Edibles Reddit?

It’s a topic that’s frequently posed on online forums like Wikileaf, GrassCity, and subreddits dedicated to all things cannabis.

The question’s goal is simple: people want to know the dangers of transporting edibles across the Canada-US border.

Anecdotal evidence, personal border crossing experiences, and ostensibly legal advice are usually inconclusive and speculative, with replies falling into one of two categories: certainly or probably not. Some people believe that drug-sniffing dogs would have little issue identifying cannabis in edibles, while others believe that cannabis undergoes chemical changes when baked into delicacies, making it more difficult for the dogs to detect.

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Do edibles have a distinctive smell?

However, the Dog Detector Service (DDS) teams of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), which are strategically situated at several ports of entry across Canada, imply that there is still a chance of being sniffed out by a dog at the border.

Edibles do, in fact, have a particular aroma and chemical makeup that differs from the plant. Most commercially produced edibles employ a standardized extract of THC that does not often include terpenes, the aromatic molecules that give cannabis its scent, according to Todd Knupp, extraction specialist at Colorado’s University of Cannabis Technologies. “It’s not that the odor of THC in edibles is undetectable; it’s just a question of how well the dog was trained to identify the fragrance,” Knupp explains.

Dogs can be trained to identify the aroma of cannabis in any form, according to master trainer Sid Murray of ATS K9 Detection Services. “The dogs can detect foods, oils, and sprays, as well as paraphernalia like pipes, pens, bottles, and lingering smells,” Murray explains, noting that dogs’ sense of smell is 100,000 times stronger than humans’.

However, certain super sniffer breeds, such as bloodhounds and beagles, can detect scents at a one-part-per-trillion level (ppt).

Can drug sniffing dogs smell edibles that have THC?

Drug dogs have been proven to be a complete ruse in studies. The dogs provide false positives on a frequent basis—about half of the time, if my memory serves me right.

Because the handler was giving the dog a slight hint that he intended a positive outcome, the dogs would occasionally record a false positive. The cop’s signal in several tests was purposeful. In some cases, it looked to be unintentional. In any case, the dog sensed that its master desired a happy outcome, therefore the dog supplied it to him.

So, whether you have drugs or not, if a cop calls a drug dog to search you, it will almost certainly report a positive.

Can Drug Dogs Really Smell Marijuana and Other Drugs Through Odor Proof Bags?

Can Dogs Smell Edibles Reddit?

I was working with a drug dog specialist the other day who was looking through footage from a police drug check on Interstate 80 in Lincoln, Nebraska. The expert was able to supply me with a significant number of ammo to attack the government’s case, especially whether the drug dog was properly trained and whether the drug dog genuinely signaled to the odor of drugs, after reviewing the video and training records of the dog. During our talk, I inquired about the “odor proof” bags used to keep the marijuana and whether they were effective.

I assume the bags in this case were LOKSAK bags. In a controlled atmosphere, the odor resistant bags operate, according to the expert, who has tried them. Sadly, the argument that the dog did not signal because odor proof bags were utilized is rarely successful.

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Drug Dogs and Detailing

We discussed specifics with the expert in another conversation about whether the drug dogs are genuinely alerting to a narcotic or merely presenting behavior that the officer wants to see so that they may be rewarded. It’s a yes or no situation when it comes to detailing.

The handler guides the dog to a certain place, and the dog either identifies or does not indicate the presence of drugs. Through deposing and cross-examining several officers, I discovered that not all dogs that are qualified can detail. This is alarming. How do you know if a dog alerted and then indicated to the odor of drugs after being walked around a car three or four times without signaling if the dog can’t pass a yes or no test?

On Interstate 80, drug dogs are frequently seen wandering around a car for two or three loops before alerting and indicating the presence of drugs. This is concerning, according to the expert, since it may convey the idea to the dog that the handler is going to stroll him around the automobile until the dog warns or suggests.

The ability of a dog to detail is critical in determining whether or not the dog can detect the odor of drugs. Obviously, if you lead the dog to a certain spot to sniff for drugs and the dog does not tell when drugs are there or when there is no odor of narcotics present, you know the dog isn’t trustworthy.


We’re all aware of the advances being made in the cannabis industry, thanks in part to the availability of edibles laced with the substance. Are authorities stepping up their efforts to identify edibles in light of the shift in consumption habits?

Yes, they are working on advanced detection measures, including the training of drug-sniffing canines. As with cannabis, many dogs are sensitive to the smell of edibles. However, this does need extensive training because the smells of edibles and cannabis can differ significantly.


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