Can Drug Dogs Smell Mushrooms? Update 2022

How does a drug dog distinguish between mushrooms and marijuana? That’s a trick even the best detectives in law enforcement are still trying to figure out.

How do these dogs sniff out all those hidden mushrooms?

Drug dogs are trained to sniff out certain drugs—including the incredibly common mushroom species Agaricus bisporus (commonly known as the “white button mushroom” in the US).

These dogs can detect marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, and heroin from the scent of mushroom caps alone. And, they even detect it at levels far below that of human olfactory abilities.

First of all, are mushrooms narcotics?

Mushrooms, commonly known as shrooms, belong under a group of chemicals known as psychedelics.

When ingested, psychedelics often produce extremely potent hallucinatory effects in the person.

This implies they tend to tamper with the users’ manner of viewing things.

This can be via seeing things that are not there or feeling like one is out of this world and is in another.

That looks wild right?

It may seem nice, but it has some really harmful side effects, and it is also highly prohibited.

can drug dogs smell mushrooms

Can police dogs smell shrooms?

Shrooms are detectable by sniffer dogs.

For them, this isn’t an issue.

The dilemma when it comes to sniffer dogs and shrooms is whether sniffer dogs have been taught to smell shrooms or psychedelics in general.

Most sniffer dogs are trained to smell drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

On the streets, these substances are commonly referred to as “hard drugs.”.

So why do sniffer dogs not get trained to smell psychedelics especially shrooms?

This is because most illicit substances found in the market are generally narcotics.

This is because narcotics are fairly inexpensive and the smugglers of the drugs get to market.

This signifies that narcotics are the primary focus of the police agency.

They squander a lot of time trying to train sniffer dogs.

This is because training sniffer dogs involves a lot of time and patience.

What’s the purpose of spending all that time and effort training a dog if they’re only only going to see mushrooms?

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They also squander a great deal of money and time.

This is due to the fact that psychedelics being smuggled is an incredibly unusual occurrence.

These products cannot be sold like drugs because of their high cost.

Does this mean police dogs cannot smell shrooms?

Some may conclude from the foregoing that luggage-sniffing sniffer dogs are unable to detect mushrooms.

This is not totally accurate.

The reason they do not generally smell shrooms is that they are not trained on it.

Dogs may learn to detect anything by training them to do so.

Most times, a dog can only tell around five unique odors of various drugs at a time.

This makes it more vital for the dogs to get trained on the more popular opioids obtainable easily on the market.

However, dogs are taught to tell the police when they scent anything strange indicating that they might sniff something that is not typical and inform the police.

If ordinary drugs were cross-contaminated with the mushrooms during the production process, they may potentially smell them.

The police dog would detect the drugs in the mushrooms and inform them.

Can sniffer dogs manage to tell apart from ordinary mushrooms and those that are psychedelic if trained?

That’s correct. It’s due of their highly developed sense of smell.

They are able to distinguish between the many components of a single fragrance. Let’s imagine they have a sense of smell.

To put it another way, they could determine which mushrooms contained the psychoactive compound psilocybin by their distinct scents.

Note: Psilocybin is what makes shrooms psychedelics and produces the hallucinogenic effects.

can drug dogs smell mushrooms

How are sniffer dogs trained?

It’s crucial to note that the training process is made fun of by linking it with enjoyment through the use of goodies and prizes before it is discussed.

The training procedure then starts:

To keep him entertained, give him his favorite toy. One by one, each chemical impurity’s stench will be connected with this toy.

A little strong-fiber towel is normally needed to be utilized as a tug of war item. It’s a favorite toy of the dog and the trainer alike. After the session, it’s cleaned and repurposed.

Once the dog has become accustomed to playing with the towel, they begin to add trace quantities of the medication to the towel.

The medication is also inserted in the beloved toy during playtime. This aims to help them make the connection between the act of tracking down the source of the drug and having fun. After a few days of getting acclimated to it, the trainers turn it into a game. They instruct the dog to discover the towel loaded with the medication and once they do, they get rewarded with tasty snacks.

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Once a sniffer dog has been accustomed to the procedure, he or she will sit down and point their snout in the direction of the source of the drug’s odor.

Most dogs’ breeds may be trained to be sniffer dogs but the specific favorites are German shepherds and Beagles.

What are the effects of mushrooms?

The use of mushrooms is generally considered to be a high-risk activity.

Thus it is always vital to know the hazards linked with the intake of the medicine.

Here are some of the most typical indications noticed after consumption:

Vomiting and diarrhoea

Breathing too quickly

a rapid or erratic heart rate

The senses of sight and sound are also involved in hallucinations.

It’s called a “trip” when it results in positive or negative shifts in a person’s state of mind and attitude.

A high internal temperature

Headaches and migraines

Conclusion – Can drug dogs smell shrooms

In conclusion, drug dogs sniff out drugs by inhaling them and then breathing them back out into their bodies.

That’s called “inhalation sniffing,” and this behavior can sometimes help identify the presence of illicit drugs even when it’s in powder form or when it’s mixed with food. But there’s also a way to train your dog to be able to smell mushrooms—and other types of illegal drugs.

The training you will learn about is called scent conditioning, and it teaches your dog to be able to smell a specific odor in a specific location. This training involves putting an odor onto a treat or food that the dog associates with a reward, and then teaching your dog to associate the scent with another stimulus such as a specific location.


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