Can I Eat Corn Dogs While Pregnant? 3 Truth To Consider

Can I Eat Corn Dogs While Pregnant? This article is intended to answer questions about whether a pregnant woman can eat a corn dog or other hot dog, and if so, what should she limit herself to.

The only time you should be afraid to eat corn dogs is when you’re pregnant. So many questions. When are corn dogs safe for eating? When should you eat them? Are corn dogs safe when you’re pregnant? Well, let’s get into this.

Can you eat corn dogs while pregnant?

Pregnant women are allowed to eat corn dogs. However, it is advisable to avoid them during pregnancy.

Although corn dogs are a typical demand among pregnant females, there are chances of the existence of listeria bacteria that might cause certain health dangers, especially to pregnant women.

It’s important to prepare them correctly and to limit how much you eat.

What is a corn dog?

Deep-fried corn dog sausage on a stick. The batter is made of cornmeal, and the sausage is deep-fried in it. It initially developed in the United States and is a common feature of American cuisine.

Why is it not safe for pregnant women to eat corn dogs?

Corn dogs are made up of processed meat. Because of this, they should be treated with caution. There is a likelihood of the existence of a bacteria termed Listeria monocytogenes that can lead to listeriosis. As a result, to ensure that the bacteria in corn dogs is killed, they must be properly cooked.

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Listeriosis is a deadly but rare infection that can cause significant difficulties in pregnant females and may lead to miscarriage.

The temperature at which a corn dog is cooked and served, rather than its composition, determines whether it is safe to eat. Corn dogs should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use a meat thermometer if you are making the corn dogs from scratch, or if you are grilling them, the hot dog should be sizzling hot rather than warm.

Using the grill or a BBQ to cook frozen hot dogs necessitates extra caution. Even though they appear to be done from the outside, they may still be undercooked on the interior. As a result, a meat thermometer is preferable.

Women can become infected with listeria at any moment during pregnancy. Symptoms might emerge anywhere from two days to thirty days following exposure. Pregnant women’s immune weakens somewhat in the third trimester, making them more vulnerable to illness.

Migraine and the flu are other possible diagnoses, but these are the most common symptoms people experience when they come down with the stomach flu. If left untreated, the germs can reach the nerve system and cause stiffness in the neck, disorientation and even convulsions.

Miscarriages, stillbirths, and birth abnormalities are all possible outcomes in more severe instances. Pregnant women, on the other hand, have an extremely low risk of contracting listeriosis.

How to safely consume corn dogs?

By taking the required steps, we can avoid even the tiny danger of listeriosis. The basic precaution is to boil the corn dogs completely at a minimum of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep an eye on the temperature of the meat with a meat thermometer. If the beef is steaming in the center when you slice it, you’re good to go. In any event, corn dogs should not be served cold.

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The nutritional composition of corn dogs

A 100-gram serving of corn dogs has the following nutrients:

Calories: 263

11 grams of total fat

Saturated fat: 2.9 g

Cholesterol: 45 mg

Sodium: 556 milligrams

Potassium: 150 mg

Total carbohydrate: 32 g

Protein: 10 g

The daily recommended allowance for calcium is five percent (5%) (DV)

Iron: 19% of the DV for iron

5 percent of the daily value for vitamin B6

2% of the Daily Value for magnesium

Cobalamin: 5% of the DV for this vitamin

can i eat corn dogs while pregnant

What sort of corn dogs are risky for pregnant females?

Women who are pregnant should avoid eating corn dogs that have not been served hot immediately after cooking. Examples of corn dogs that might be dangerous to ingest in pregnancy are:

RAW: directly from the package or can. Always cook them first until boiling hot.

Popcorn dogs purchased from a street vendor or petrol station where the corn dogs are kept warm but not boiling.

Grilled corn dogs that have been set out to cool on a platter.

Corn dogs that have been cooked prior and put in with a salad.

Any corn dog, cooked or uncooked, that has been inadequately kept i.e., left out at room temperature or out of the refrigerator for extremely long.

Are Pregnant Women Allowed to Eat Cooked Hot Dogs?

Preservatives and color enhancers like nitrates and nitrites have been used in processed meats for many years. Carcinogenic nitrosamines can be formed in the body after consumption, which is dangerous for both pregnant women and their unborn children.

The good news about nitrates and nitrites is that it’s simpler now to get hot dogs that don’t have them. Nitrate-free dogs are now being offered by even well-known brands like Oscar Mayer and Ball Park. The uncured turkey hot dogs from Applegate’s Great Organic and Waterhill Naturals are both good for you.

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For those with a vegetarian bent, there are vegetarian options such as vegetable corn dogs, veggie brats, and other cold cuts. MorningStar Farms, Quorn, Gardein and Tofurky specialize in meat replacements.

Just be cautioned that many “fake meats” have excessive salt levels and include not-so-healthy additives. A number of them are created with wheat and are therefore not gluten-free. Read the lists of contents carefully, taking specific attention of salt levels and unknown compounds.


In conclusion, if you are eating corn dogs while you are pregnant, you will probably experience some adverse effects on your baby, including fetal alcohol syndrome. If you are not sure if you have consumed alcohol while you are pregnant, and you want to be safe, it is best to avoid corn dogs altogether.

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