Can Snakes and Lizards Live Together

Can Snakes and Lizards Live Together? 9 Facts To Consider

If you like reptiles, you might want to know if you can keep different kinds in the same tank. So it makes sense to ask, “Is it possible for snakes and lizards to live together?”

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer to this problem because it has to do with more than one thing.

Most of the time, though, this is a “hit-or-miss” situation. Talk about it in the comments!

Is it possible for snakes and lizards to live together?

We’ve already said that this question doesn’t have a simple answer because lizards and snakes can get along in different ways depending on their lifestyle, how they were raised, and other factors. Here’s what you need to know:

You need to find out what makes your lizards and snakes different. Some of these animals are less dangerous and more friendly, but others can be very dangerous and mean. To make a choice, you may need to do a lot of research.

Even if you buy the right kinds of lizards and snakes, they might not be able to live together because they need different things, like different temperatures, places to live, and foods.

If you take certain steps, you might be able to live with a lizard and a snake. It will be a hit-or-miss thing, though. If you are afraid that a snake will eat the lizard, you can make it less likely by giving it good food.

In the same way, you can create a way of life where they can learn to live together. But these things are dangerous, so it might be best to stay away from them.

Lizards are often animals that live alone. That is, they would rather live alone and be by themselves. Because of this, if they are with another animal, they may become agitated and then violent.

Can Snakes and Lizards Live Together

Most snakes have poison, and some may be poisonous on both ends. On the other hand, every animal gets into fights from time to time.

When these two things are taken into account together, it’s easy to see that this won’t end well in most cases.

Housing Two Reptiles (Such as a Snake and a Lizard)

It would take a lot of work and research to make sure that the place where your pets live is safe and good for them.

Here are a few important rules and situations to watch out for if you want to create a healthy environment where your scaly friends can live together happily.

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Make sure that all of your pets, no matter what species or gender they are, don’t attack other animals and get along well with them.

This will keep your two pets from getting badly hurt or even dying. So, before you put all of your little friends in the same tank, you should learn about the habits of the different species you own and how the genders act differently.

You must create two distinct temperature environments within the same tank.

Snakes can only live in places that are cooler than lizards. For this to work, you should use a bigger tank with enough room for the two different temperatures.

Also, having that extra space makes sure that one side doesn’t get too hot or too cold for its natural environment.

On Coexisting Snakes with a Lizard

If you shouldn’t put a lizard and a snake in the same cage, here’s why you should never put a lizard and more than one snake in the same cage. Snakes are, by nature, animals that live alone.

They live on their own, hunt on their own, and eat on their own. The other snakes don’t like them, and they don’t “hang out” with them.

Snakes only talk to each other when they are getting ready to mate. If not, they would rather be by themselves and do well. They have always been shy.

When you keep snakes in the same place, you may run into the following problems:

  • Cannibalism
  • Disease
  • Feeding problems

A lot of snakes eat their own kind. It’s just in their nature. There are snakes that eat smaller, weaker snakes, and there are snakes that are eaten by bigger, stronger, and more aggressive snakes. If you keep snakes in the same place, you might spend or waste a lot of money.

Disease is a huge worry when you try to keep snakes together. more common than eating your own kind!

Since there is only one kind of snake, each one will have its own germs or diseases. even more so from a pet store. These different diseases can spread to your other snakes and kill them.

Snakes can also get very sick at the pet store. This usually takes a few months to manifest, but it can quickly spread to other snakes, killing BOTH or ALL of your community-housed snakes from the disease that was introduced.Or maybe a lot of very expensive vet bills.

In a communal snake tank, the snakes will fight over who is the boss, which will make it hard for them to eat.

One of the snakes in your community tank will become “Alpha” and will always be the one that gets fed.

Along with being the alpha, this snake won’t let the other snake eat at all to show that it is better than it. So, the submissive snake will most likely die of hunger, which is not good.

If Lizards Won’t Work, Can Snakes Live With Any Other Reptiles?

Reptiles don’t always get along, but you can have a happy reptilian community if you plan ahead and do your research on the species you want to buy for your small ecosystem.

Your new reptile friends need to live in a place with similar temperatures and weather.

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A snake that needs a 75-degree, dry desert environment and a lizard that needs a 95-degree, humid forest environment can’t live together. So make sure that your pet has everything it needs.

There are also gender differences and aggressive or domineering behaviours to think about.

Males of the same species often can’t live together because they all want to be the alpha. When they get together, they will fight each other to see who is the strongest.

To avoid this, try to keep only one male of each species in your tank, and make sure that any other reptiles of that species are female. This will help make sure that the neighbourhood is happy and healthy.

How to handle aggressive snakes

When a snake feels like it is in danger or is sick, it will act aggressively. No one wants to have to handle a snake in this way, but it is sometimes necessary and can be dangerous. But I can make some suggestions that will make the situation much safer for you both.

To be extra safe, you should have one person for every four feet of snake you want to handle. If you do this, you will be able to handle your reptile in every way.

Make sure you have everything you need. Wear long sleeves, pants, and shoes with closed toes. Have a snake hook and the right medicine on hand. It’s impossible to be too careful!

Before you try to touch the snake, move slowly and let it get used to your presence. Then you should act right away to stop it and get back in charge of the situation.

Are there any similarities between snakes and lizards?

Snakes and lizards are also reptiles, which is something to keep in mind. Because they belong to the same group, they have many things in common, such as (but not limited to):

They have Similar Sensory Organs

Sensory organs are parts of the body, like the skin, that have sense receptors and try to pick up on things going on around them.

Can Snakes and Lizards Live Together

Some of these sense organs, like Jacobson’s organ or hemipenes, are the same in snakes and lizards. The organs of the Jacobson can find things in the air that can help both snakes and lizards in different ways.

Their Skin types are quite similar

Both of these things are reptiles, so their skins are the same. Reptiles’ skin is usually dry and covered with scales, and lizards and snakes are no different.

This rough skin is mostly made up of dead cells that need to be shed over time to make room for new cells. Inside them, new skin with scales grows.

They are both cold-blooded animals

We’re not talking about a “cold-blooded murderer” when we say “cold-blooded.” This is the scientific name for animals whose blood temperature changes depending on where they are.

This trait helps these animals in many ways, but it can be a problem when temperatures are very high or low. Because of this, lizards can’t live long without water.

What are the differences between snakes and lizards?

Even though they are in the same family, their genera and species are different. Because of this, they may have many different traits and behaviors. These are talked about below:

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Most Lizards Have Legs While Snakes Don’t

Most people think of a snake as an animal with no legs that moves by swaying on the ground. In most cases, this is true.

Even though some lizards don’t have legs and some snakes do, this is usually not the case. In fact, lizards can run surprisingly fast for how big they are. This is because of their legs.

Lizards May Live Close to Water, But Snakes Don’t

Snakes tend to live in dry places like deserts, savannahs, or even dry woods. Lizards, on the other hand, can live in many different places.

Lizards can be found in deserts, but most of the time they live near water, like in ponds or rivers with fresh water.

Lizards Typically Feed on Pests, While Snakes Have A Variety

Even though lizards are small, they prefer to eat small insects instead of bigger animals. This is why they also do well in homes.

On the other hand, a snake will eat many different things. Lizards are also a type of prey. Also, snakes usually eat small mammals, but there are some species that eat bigger mammals, like humans.

Will snakes eat lizards if they live together?

We all know that snakes can be dangerous, but it’s important to look more closely at the dangers they pose to lizards when they live together.

Most lizards are small, and even if they are big in general, they avoid big animals. Because of this, they don’t pose much of a threat to snakes.

On the other hand, snakes are much bigger than lizards, and depending on the species, they may have many different foods they can eat. They eat many different kinds of small animals, like lizards.

So, if you put a snake and lizard together, the snake will eat the lizard eventually.


Our last talk must have made it clear that you shouldn’t put a snake and a lizard in the same cage. They’re different from cats and dogs. But if you “have to” do this anyway, you must be very careful.

Can snakes and turtles live together? 

Most reptiles do not get along with each other. This is because they might eat each other or attack each other, or their needs might not be the same.

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