Can Two Corn Snakes Be Housed Together

Can Two Corn Snakes Be Housed Together? 2 Important Facts!

The beginning of the field. Can you keep two corn snakes together?

With one cage for two snakes, you won’t have to spend twice as much and will save time and energy because you’ll only have to clean and care for one cage instead of two. Snakes don’t have a lot of friends, though.

Can Corn Snakes Live Together?

Corns like to be alone and don’t like being crammed into small spaces. They don’t live together, hunt together, sleep together, or eat together. They don’t need friends or companionship.

It’s not just about what you like. The question is: what would happen if you put two corn snakes in the same cage? Almost certainly, it will have bad effects that can and should be avoided.


Corn snakes have been seen eating their own kind. This means they consume others in the same way they consume themselves.In fact, corn snakes will eat other corn snakes. Even though this doesn’t happen very often, it will happen more when corn snakes live together.

Can Two Corn Snakes Be Housed Together

Corn snakes are very adaptable, so they will eat whenever they can. In the wild, corn snakes never know when their next meal will come.

If they haven’t eaten in a few weeks, they will see another snake as a very tasty meal. Like all other living things, snakes need food to stay healthy.

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Aggressive Behavior

When corn snakes are kept in the same place, they might get too mean. This happens a lot when two guys live in the same place. Most likely, both males will try to be the top snake. This could cause bad things to happen to the snake that loses.

Since the snake is scared of being in the cage, it will probably stop eating and become very sick.

Most of the time, the bigger snake will become the stronger snake. They act like bullies, which makes the other, smaller snake feel very stressed.


As a hatchling, it’s hard to tell if a corn snake is male or female. You might think this won’t be a problem until your corn snakes are fully grown, but they are likely to get together before then.

This can be very dangerous for corn snake females. Like humans, animals can get into trouble when they mate too soon. In the worst case, it could even lead to death.


Corn snakes get viruses, diseases, and other kinds of illnesses. Snakes can get sick from viruses and bacteria. One of these is inclusion body disease, or IBD, which affects constrictor snakes like corns.

IBD can cause a number of uncomfortable symptoms, such as looking up, having trouble breathing, and becoming paralyzed. IBD is caused by a virus in the family of arenaviruses.

If a corn snake has IBD, it needs to be kept in a cage. IBD is very contagious, and it’s easy for one snake to give it to another in the same vivarium.

Here are some more details about snake health.


Snake mite infestations spread quickly if they are not found and treated. It doesn’t take long for the number of mites to grow and multiply. If hundreds of mites feed on a corn snake’s blood, it will get anemia.

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If you keep two corn snakes together and one of them has parasites, it won’t be long before the other(s) do, too. Keeping each corn snake in its own cage makes it easier to figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

Keeping Two Female Corn Snakes Housed Together

As was already said, snakes don’t want or need a friend. They like to live alone and don’t like it when other snakes come into their territory. If you want to keep two snakes in one cage, you must follow the rules below.

Both Snakes Need To Be The Same Size

Check that the snakes are roughly the same size, age, and health.This keeps them from eating each other and keeps the bigger snake from bullying the smaller one.

A smaller snake might be too stressed to eat, or it might not be able to eat at all because the bigger snake eats all of its food.

Enclosure size and hides

The cage needs to be twice as big as a cage that can only hold one snake. Corn snakes need their own space, so it’s important to have an enclosure that gives them this.

You will also need to give your corn snakes twice as many hides. This is done so that both snakes can rest in their own places. They will almost certainly never sleep in the same hide again.

So, can corn snakes live together in one cage? It’s not a good idea. But at first, it’s up to you to decide. No matter what you choose, please keep the above points in mind.

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Humidity and Temperature

Experts say that corn snakes should be kept in places where the humidity is between 40% and 50%. It is also important that the two sides of the cage have different temperatures.

Can Two Corn Snakes Be Housed Together

Set up a heating pad along the length of the cage to keep one end between 80 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the other end between 75 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep only one corn snake in the cage at a time when you feed it. If not, the snakes might start to dislike each other and try to get each other out of the enclosure.

Because of this, one snake might kill the other and then eat it.

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