Can You Buy An Axolotl At Petco 

Can You Buy An Axolotl At Petco? 4 Full Facts About It

Petco has a wide variety of pets, pet food, and pet supplies, but its aquatic animals are some of the most expensive.

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Does Petco sell axolotls?

No, you can’t get an axolotl at Petco. First of all, it is against the law in places like Maine, Virginia, and California to sell axolotls. Also, they are hard to work with and must be taken care of very carefully.

We’ll use this page to explain why Petco doesn’t sell axolotls, since we’re experts on them. We will also talk about other places in Mexico where you might find this four-legged amphibian.

Why Doesn’t Petco Sell Axolotls?

It Is Illegal to Sell Axolotls in Some States

Can I buy an axolotl at Petco? The answer is no, which is too bad. It is now against the law in Maine, California, and Virginia to keep these strange salamander-like creatures as pets.

This law was made because people were worried about invasive species getting into local water systems and upsetting ecosystems.

Even though they are against the law in some states, it is important to note that they are legal in other parts of the country if you have the right paperwork.

Can You Buy An Axolotl At Petco

Even though axolotls might seem like a fun and unusual pet to have at home, it is important to know the rules in your state and think about the possible consequences before bringing one home. Better to be careful than to make a mistake!

They Are Delicate

The axolotl is a beautiful and unique animal that a lot of people who like unusual pets want to know more about. But Petco doesn’t sell them, so you’ll have to look elsewhere.

This is because axolotls are very sensitive animals that need special care to grow.

In fact, they have specific needs for water temperature, pH level, and filtration that even experienced owners may find hard to meet.

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Also, axolotls that are caught in the wild often have diseases that can spread quickly in captivity. Because of these things, they can’t be sold as pets at Petco.

Even though it might be tempting to buy a cute little axolotl from a pet store, you should do your research and find a reputable breeder who can give you care instructions and a healthy pet.

They Are High Maintenance

Even though they may seem like easy pets to take care of, these cute animals need a lot of special care.

Axolotls are sensitive to the quality and temperature of their water, so their tank needs to be cleaned and checked on a regular basis.

A pump and filter that work well are needed. They also have special dietary needs and must eat live pet food like worms, snails, or small fish.

Also, unlike many other aquatic pets, axolotls need the space and filtration system of an aquarium for an aquatic turtle to live.

Because of this, Petco has made the responsible decision not to sell axolotls to keep people from buying these animals if they can’t take care of them.

If you want to get one of these beautiful animals, you should learn as much as you can about how to take care of it before you make the commitment.

Where Can I Buy an Axolotl?

Pet Shelters

Axolotls are not as common as cats and dogs, but they make great pets for people who want something different. But what if the Petco or pet store near you doesn’t sell them?

You never know, maybe one of these cute amphibians is at the local animal shelter. Shelters often take in exotic pets whose owners can no longer care for them. Axolotls are a hardy species that do well in new situations.

Adopting an axolotl from a shelter not only gives one of these strange pets a good home, but it also helps animal rescue groups do their important work.

If you want to bring an axolotl into your home, don’t forget to look for them at your local animal shelter. They are very active and curious.

Pet Stores

In addition to cats, dogs, and fish, many pet stores also sell more unusual animals. One of these unusual choices is the axolotl, a type of salamander that lives in Mexico’s Lake Xochimilco.

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Some people may not be familiar with axolotls, but they make interesting pets because of how they look and what they seem to do.

They can grow back missing parts of their bodies, change the colour of their skin to match their surroundings, and even rebuild their own minds. But not all pet stores sell axolotls, so don’t be surprised if your local Petco or PetSmart doesn’t have any.

Look online for stores that sell exotic pets or breeders you can trust. Before you bring one into your home, you should do your research because they have certain needs for food and a place to live.

On the other hand, if you are willing to put in the extra work, an axolotl could be a really unique addition to your family.

Private Breeders

Can you find axolotls at your local pet store? Don’t worry, you can still get these interesting species from private breeders.

These people know a lot about amphibians in general, including axolotls. They usually come in different colours and sizes, and they can give you advice on which type of axolotl would be best for your home and way of life.

Before you buy from a breeder, you should definitely do your research to make sure they are honest and trustworthy.

On the other hand, private breeders offer a different way to find your new pet axolotl. Also, buying from a breeder instead of a pet store encourages the right way to breed these unique animals, which is good for their health and well-being.

Buy Them Online

If you can’t find axolotls at your local pet store or want a wider range of colours and patterns, you might want to buy one over the internet.

You can buy axolotls from many reputable breeders online, and they will even ship them right to your door. But it is very important to do research before buying from any supplier.

Look for axolotl breeders who can prove they know what they are doing and have pictures and reviews of animals that look happy and healthy. When you buy axolotl genetics online, you might also be able to find rare or unusual ones, like copper or leucistic ones.

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Can You Buy An Axolotl At Petco

Overall, buying an axolotl online could be a great way for picky shoppers to get more options. Just remember to put the animal’s health before your own at all times.

How Much Does an Axolotl Cost?

Between $30 and $75 will buy a small aquarium. The most expensive and unique ones will cost between $100 and $200.

Axolotls can be expensive, and the cost depends a lot on the breed and colour.

There are also other costs, such as buying a tank and buying the materials for the tank. For some tests, it may also be important to buy a few extra tanks.

You will also need a way to filter the water to make sure it is clean. You can buy one of these for between $30 and $50.

In the wild, axolotls eat other animals. Worms, snails, crustaceans, tiny fish, and salmon fish pellets are some of the things they might eat.

There are a number of food stands, and prices range from $5 to $30.


This animal is strong and can live for a very long time. They need a tank with a filter and enough air to hold very clean, steady water.

Axolotls are easy to take care of, as it turns out. They like tanks that have some rocks in them. You should make sure they drink water. Axolotls may live for several years in the wild.

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