15 Cat Breeds with Curly Tails (with Pictures)

Even though cats can talk, most of what they say is through their body language. They like to use their tails to show a wide range of emotions, which is why pet owners who have had cats for a while can tell how their cat is feeling just by looking at its tail.

Most people like it when cats curl their tails because it usually means the animal is happy or at ease. On the other hand, cats with curling tails are very unusual. So, it’s not surprising that breeds with curly tails are popular.

But here’s the thing: all cats can curl their tails. Only a small number of breeds have a tail that naturally curls. The American Ringtail is the only pure breed with a tail that stays curled all the time. This was done on purpose when the breed was created.

Curly tails happen sometimes in other dog breeds. But it has been shown that some breeds are more likely to have this trait than others. Here are just a few of them.


Cats With Curly Tails

1.Scottish Fold Cat

Another charming mutation gave rise to the Scottish Fold: while resting, its ears may fold back over its skull, however it still utilises them to communicate feelings. Despite the fact that its origin was a folded-eared Scottish farm cat, not all Scottish Folds exhibit the feature.

Scottish Folds have medium-round bodies and short, thick coats. Their dispositions are lovely but not needy. They may come in a variety of colours and have curly tails.

2.Russian Blue Cat

The Russian Blue is distinguished by its vivid green eyes and short, thick coat that is nearly blue in colour. The fur around their eyes, ears, and nose has silver points on occasion. Because of its regal appearance and natural grin, this breed is appealing and soothing.

They do not irritate allergy sufferers. Cats of Russian Blue heritage have been seen having curly-tailed tails.

3.Devon Rex Cat

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People adore Devon Rex cats because they resemble pixies, have large ears, and are extremely playful. Devons come in a variety of coat lengths and colors. Their appearance, like that of the Scottish Fold, arose naturally from a British housecat in the mid-20th century.

Devon mixes are uncommon, but the kitten may have a curly tail if one of the parents is a Devon.

4.Persian Cat

Persian cats, which are also called Persian Longhairs, may be the most famous lap cats in the world. They are great for petting because they are calm and sleepy, and their long, fluffy coats make them very soft. Persians don’t need as much playtime as other breeds, but they do need a lot of grooming, and they’ll let you know if you don’t give it to them.

5.Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are one of the oldest types of cats that are still around today. People know them for their colourful faces and paws and for the fact that they often have crossed eyes. According to a legend, this is because their ancestors once spent too much time staring at a sacred goblet.

Siamese cats used to have tails that were kinked, but over time, that trait was bred out of them. But sometimes their tails will be kinked, crooked, or curled.

6.Bengal Cat

Bengals are fun-loving housecats with a lot of energy. They look like wild ocelots or lynxes until they curl up next to you in a way that is definitely not wild.

In 2005, a Bengal kitten with a curled tail named Shinobu was seen in Arizona. Shinobu can move her tail from side to side or straighten it out if she wants to, but when she’s not moving, it curls up on its own.

7.Sphynx Cat

Sphynxes are one of the most unusual-looking cat breeds you can buy today. They are the definition of “ugly but cute.” Even though they don’t have hair, sphynxes are friendly, happy, and love to eat. The tips of their tails often curl on their own.

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Cats with no fur need to be bathed often or they will get a number of skin problems.

8.Ocicat Cat

Ocicats are like Bengals in that they look like wildcats but aren’t wild at all—unless you give them a bag of treats. Ocicats are athletic animals who love people, but they can also entertain themselves. They are born with many different colours of fur, and their tails are often curly.

9.Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll cats look like Persians, but they are more active and act more like dogs. In the early 1970s, they were made for the first time. Their name comes from the fact that when people pick them up, they go limp.

Since the first people to breed Ragdoll cats didn’t want to go through the standard certification process, it’s hard to know exactly where they came from. But it is very likely that they are descended from Siamese cats, which is why some Ragdolls have a curled tail.

10.Turkish Van Cat

Turkish Vans were said to be the two cats that were on Noah’s ark. Even if none of it is true, there is no doubt that Turkish Vans have been fascinating people for hundreds of years.

These cats have silky-smooth fur, and their heads and tails have different coloured patterns. In addition to having curly tails, it is known that some Turkish Vans show heterochromia (different-colored eyes).

11.Singapura Cat

The Singapura cat came from a litter of kittens that was bought in Singapore. It is one of the smallest cat breeds in the world, and it is known for its big ears and brown skin.

Singapuras have short coats that are easy to care for, and they like to be petted. They have some Siamese blood, like many of the other cats on this list, which lets their tails curl.

12.American Keuda Cat

American Keudas are a unique and exotic breed that are believed to be derived from the first cats brought to Texas by Spanish explorers. They resemble the more widespread Egyptian Mau but have a larger spectrum of colours.

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In the late 1990s, an American Keuda kitten was given the moniker “Curlietail” because of her curly tail. Her tail curled less as she got older, indicating that the feature is more prevalent in kittens.

13.American Ringtail Cat


The American Ringtail was the first cat that was made to have a tail that wraps around its body. American Ringtails, which are sometimes called Ringtail Sing-a-Lings, are a rare breed that is being tested. The main breeder, Susan Manley, has made them by crossing domestic shorthair cats with purebred Ragdolls.

So far, American Ringtails seem to be curious, friendly house cats that like to explore but don’t mind being inside. We can’t wait to find out more about these very interesting new cats.

14.Australian Curly-Tailed Cat


Alana was found as a stray cat in Adelaide, Australia, in 2016. David Karamatic took her and her three kittens into his home. David quickly found out that Alana and her kittens all had tails that were naturally curled. He is working with American breeders to find out if Alana is a new breed or if she is related to the American Ringtail.

Final Thoughts: Curly Tailed Cats

It will be difficult to predict whether a particular cat will have curly-tailed kittens until American Ringtails become more widely available. Curled tails, like tufted ears or different-colored eyes, will remain a pleasant, unexpected surprise for the time being.

Even if you don’t find one with a curly tail, all of the cat breeds on this list are ready to lavish you with love and affection. None of them are bad choices!

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