Do Budgies Hold Grudges 

Do Budgies Hold Grudges? 5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Budgies are smart and sensitive creatures. They form strong bonds with people and other animals and give these relationships a lot of importance.

But if your budgie’s behaviour and devotion change after it has gotten used to its new home, it might be because it doesn’t like something. Even small things, like taking away its favourite toy, can make the budgie angry.

On the other hand, learning how it acts before and after it gets used to your home should help you understand its moods and feelings. Read on to learn more about budgies and holding grudges.

Can a Budgie Be Mad?

Yes, budgies can be angry and hold grudges against you, your family, and other pets in the home.

They are emotional creatures that can get upset for many reasons, but the most common ones are how you treat them or how you show your feelings to other pets.

After you bring the budgie home, give it time to get used to its new home and family.

During this time, the budgie might seem shy, and you might think they are angry. But that’s the budgie’s way of getting used to his new home.

Do Budgies Hold Grudges 

After the budgie gets used to its new home, you might be able to feel its love and respect for you. It will be happy to rejoice and enjoy the friendships it has.

If you make the bird afraid of you or lose its favour, it will get mad. Also, if you don’t take care of your budgie properly, it may show signs of fear and disdain, which means it’s upset. So, pay attention to how the bird acts around you and how you treat it.

Changes in the budgie’s behaviour, like hiding or getting mean, show that it is upset.

Signs Your Budgie Doesn’t Like You

Budgies are smart birds that form strong bonds with the people who own them.

If you take good care of a budgie, it will act differently when it sees you.

If your bird acts scared or suspicious around you, something is wrong with your relationship. So, watch out for these signs that a bird doesn’t want you around:


The clearest sign that a budgie hates you is when it acts aggressively, like by biting.

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Before you decide that the bird hates you, think about how you treat it. Are you putting the budgie’s safety at risk when you suddenly reach into its cage and grab it from behind?

Budgies may also be territorial. If you take a bird’s favourite toy out of its cage to clean it, the bird may feel like it has to protect its home.

A budgie might attack for no obvious reason. When you change a budgie’s food bowl or water dish, it will go straight for your hands and peck and bite them.

Hiding from You

If a bird sees or hears you walk into a room, it might run away.

In other situations, this means flying to a corner of the cage and shrinking as much as possible. Others may hide in plain sight and turn their back on you.

The budgie is scared and thinks that you won’t notice if it hides, especially if it stays quiet. In this case, you should leave the budgie alone until it calms down.

If the bird turns away from you, it’s mad. Luckily, this is usually only a short-term problem. Unlike fear, anger can be calmed by giving someone something delicious to eat.

Squawking and Screaming

If a budgie is scared, it might be quiet, but if it doesn’t want to be with you, it might squawk, screech, and fly around its cage.

When you get close to the budgie, it will probably fluff up its feathers and hiss.

These are clear signs that the budgie is trying to make itself look and sound as scary as possible to scare you away from its cage.

You should come back later, when the bird will be more open to seeing you.

Why Does My Budgie Not Like Me Anymore?

Parrots are complicated animals that need certain things.

Society & Animals says not everyone knows how to make birds happy. You might have scared or angered your budgie without meaning to, and now it doesn’t like you.

Before you try to guess what’s wrong with your bird, watch how it acts around other people. If the budgie acts strangely all the time, you should take it to a vet because it might be sick or hurt.

If your bird likes other people but doesn’t like you, that’s a personal problem. Think about what you might have done to hurt or upset your bird.

Poor Handling

If you touch your bird too much or don’t ask it to, it might start to dislike you. But first, you need to find out how your bird likes to interact with you.

Pay attention to the bird’s body language and response when talking to it, feeding it, or hanging out with it. It’s a great way to start getting to know your bird and making it more social.

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Do Budgies Hold Grudges 

Fear Triggers

Budgies may be scared of you, even though it’s not your fault. If your bird seems scared of you, think about whether any of these common fears are connected to you:

  • You have cat or dog odour on your clothes.
  • Strong smells are hard for your budgie to deal with.
  • Loud sounds include shouting or a voice that booms.
  • Clothing that is bright or flashy with colours that the bird doesn’t like.

In the same way, you might remind the budgie of someone who scared or hurt it in the past.

Try out different hairstyles and clothes, and even go without perfume or cologne.

Erratic and Unreliable Schedule

Budgies are social animals that don’t like being left alone for long periods.

When left alone, budgies get cranky and angry. The budgie doesn’t have to be out of its cage and next to you all the time. It’s nice to just be in the same room as you and hear you and see you.

Your budgie won’t come see you if you don’t have a regular schedule. This will show up in your relationship because your partner will stop trusting you and act accordingly.


Budgies have a lot of different feelings, including jealousy.

If you’ve recently acquired a new pet, especially a budgie, be mindful of how you divide your time and attention.If it thinks you are paying more attention to a newcomer, it will get upset.

If you need to, work with someone else to take care of both budgies at once. Neither bird will think that the other gets more food, toys, or attention than it does.

Keep doing this until the budgies get along, which will make your home more peaceful.

Scolding Behavior

When raising budgies, you should do what most pet owners do and praise good behaviour and ignore bad behavior.

Budgies can be destructive, poop all over the place, and get territorial, which can make them act in ways that annoy you. This is how budgies usually act.

If you yell at the bird, it may wonder what went wrong.Also, raising your voice will scare a bird, which could lead to a long-term relationship that you don’t want.

Lengthy Lonely Periods

If you leave your budgie alone for a long time, it will get lonely and grumpy. If you are going to be gone for a long time, have someone take care of your budgie.

Keep the same routine with the budgie to help us build a relationship based on trust and reliability.

How Long Does a Bird Hold a Grudge?

Budgies can be angry for anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. Experts pay attention to how badly they’ve been hurt and how close they are to their owner. Some owners know how to fix their bad relationships, which greatly reduces how long the budgies hold a grudge.

But keep in mind that budgies have a strong memory and may hold a grudge for a long time if you do nothing. Their actions will show if they’ve gotten over their anger and disappointment.

How Do I Regain My Budgie’s Trust?

If you can get the bird to like you again, that will help. You can’t force it to accept your apologies. Start by going to the cage every so often to let them know you’re there. When it gets used to you, give it treats and talk to it to get your relationship back on track.

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Watch how the bird reacts and how comfortable it is. If your presence keeps changing how it acts around you, you should try again.

Keep your distance from the cage, but stay in the same room long enough for it to notice and react to your presence.

Talking softly to it and telling it you love and care for it helps mend your relationship. It helps the bird remember your voice and get used to it again.

Don’t give up, even if the budgie rejects your efforts. It will tell you to come play with it when it looks like you can do so safely.


Budgies are fragile yet entertaining pets. If you know how to take care of them, you’ll enjoy their company. It will leave if you scare it or act in an unloving way. Depending on how you talk to it and fix your relationship, it may hold a grudge for a long time.

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