German ShepherdPug Mixes (Shug)

German Shepherd/Pug Mixes (Shug): Pictures, Cost to Buy, and More!

The German Shepherd and the Pug were mixed to make the Shih Tzu, which is a medium-sized breed.

The Shug looks like both of its parents, with a stocky, chubby body, a deep, broad chest, and a short muzzle.

Its ears could stand up like a German Shepherd’s or hang down like a pug’s. Its tail, which curls tightly on its back, also looks a lot like a pug’s tail.

3 Little-Known Facts About Shug

1. There aren’t currently any breeding standards for a Shug.

One way to look at this is that it’s a good thing. AKC standards sometimes care more about how a dog looks than how healthy it is, so the lack of restrictions means that Shugs have a better chance of showing hybrid vitality. On the other hand, it seems to say that breeders can sell any puppy and call it a Shug.

You should do a background check on any breeder you want to work with to make sure you get a healthy dog that fits your needs. Talk to people who have bought puppies there before and keep an eye out for any bad press.

When you meet the breeder, ask to meet your possible puppy’s parents and to see the Shug Puppy’s health certifications. Don’t buy a puppy from them if they drag their feet or don’t have the right papers.

2. Shugs are different from Pug-Zus.

A shug is a dog that was made by crossing a pug with a German shepherd. A Pug-Zu is a dog that is a mix between a Shih-Tzu and a Pug.

German ShepherdPug Mixes (Shug)

Shih-Tzus also have a “sh” sound in their name, but that’s about all they have in common with German Shepherds. They are about as different from German Shepherds as you can get and still have a dog. Don’t mix them up!

3. Pugs are the favored dog of royalty.

Corgis, step aside! Before Queen Elizabeth II and her Welsh puppies, the pug was linked to the royal family.

Pugs were first made as lapdogs for the Chinese Emperor, and a story says that one of them saved the future King William III of England from being ambushed by Spanish soldiers.

Marie Antoinette and Josephine Bonaparte were two other famous people who owned pugs.

Temperament & Intelligence of the Shug 

Are These Dogs Good for Families? 

Shugs are devoted family members. They like to play and get people’s attention. They are very loving and want to join in on everything their people are doing.

Their personalities go well with young, active kids, and if it wasn’t the Shug’s idea in the first place, they’ll gladly join in on whatever mischief your kids are up to.

There are two things you can’t do if you want to keep a Shug as a pet. First of all, they are too friendly with strangers to be good guard dogs.

A pug hasn’t warned William of Orange about an upcoming enemy attack in a long time. Pugs and shrugs are more likely to run up to strangers and wag their tails than bark for help these days.

Second, Shugs have trouble being alone. If your family is too busy to spend enough time with it every day, your puppy may chew up a pillow or pee on a carpet to let you know it needs more attention.

If it has another German Shepherd in it, it may dig under your backyard fence when it gets bored.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets? 

In contrast to how it acts around people, a schnauzer’s loyalty to its breed, the German Shepherd, may make it suspicious of and unfriendly toward your other pets.

Luckily, if you socialize it with other dogs and cats when it’s a puppy, it won’t do that anymore by the time it’s an adult.

Things to Know When Owning a Shug

We don’t know much about Shugs’ personalities yet because they are still a new breed that hasn’t been closely watched.

The information in this article is a good place to start with German Shepherd/Pug mixes, but the genetic lottery can produce puppies that are very different from the norm. Again, nothing beats meeting the puppy’s parents before you pay for it.

Food & Diet Requirements 

Shugs do well on dry dog food with fiber-rich foods like chopped vegetables added to it.

Choose an organic dog food that is made with real ingredients and contains no by-products or gluten meal, and feed it to your Shug twice a day.Let it eat as much as it wants. If Shugs’ food is left out, they often eat too much.


Because it is so active, it needs to go for a vigorous walk every day and have enough time to play. But if your shrug has the pug’s brachycephalic snout, you shouldn’t overwork your pet because it could make it have trouble breathing.

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If you have a yard, make sure the fence goes deep into the ground because German Shepherds like to dig fences down. They would also be fine in an apartment as long as they had enough things to do or toys to play with.


It may be easier to train because it is smart, but it needs a strong master who knows how to deal with its strong personality.

Socialization: Teach your Shih Tzu puppies how to get along with other pets and people they don’t know. You can invite friends who own dogs to your house or take them to a dog park so they can meet other dogs and learn how to get along with them.

To deal with the stubbornness of your Shih Tzu puppy, you should train it with commands. Once your pet knows what “come” means, you can teach it to come when you call. Say its name and the word “come” in a firm voice.

Then, slowly move backward while luring it toward you with sweets. When it does well, give it treats and nice words. Do this a few times until your dog always comes when you call him, even if he is busy with something else.

Housebreaking should start at the same time as obedience training. Take them outside every two hours from the start. Make your dog go to the bathroom in a certain spot so he will associate that spot with going to the bathroom.

You can even teach it a specific word, like “toilet” or “let’s go,” so that when it needs to go to the bathroom, it will go there without your help. When your dog does something good, praise it and give it treats as a reward.


Because they don’t shed as much, they only need to be brushed once a week to get rid of any extra hair. To keep it clean, you should also use a damp cotton ball once a week to wipe its eyes and ears, brush its teeth, and clean its nails.

Conditions and Health

The health of your puppy will always depend on which parent it prefers. German Shepherds are more likely to get dysplasia, and pugs are more likely to have their airways close up. Both breeds can have trouble with bloat and allergies.

Minor Problems

Allergies: Both pugs and German shepherds can have allergies, which can cause their skin to get red and itchy around their eyes and ears. Pollen and other allergens that could make your Shug sick can be removed by cleaning it regularly with damp cotton.

Serious Conditions

Elbow and Hip Dysplasia. Early arthritis is caused by joints that are not well formed. Dysplasia is common in German Shepherds, and they can pass it on to Shugs. A reliable breeder will find out if the parents are at risk for dysplasia and get rid of them.

Gastric Torsion/Bloat. Deep-chested dogs often have trouble with bloat. It happens when gas in a dog’s stomach can’t get out, which hurts the dog and kills its organs. The best way to keep your dog from getting bloat is to make sure it eats slowly, doesn’t work out right after eating, and doesn’t eat anything that might give it gas.

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS). This disease is common in pugs. BOAS means that a dog’s face is not shaped in a way that lets it get enough air. BOAS is hard to treat without surgery, but the German Shepherd is less likely to have breathing problems because its nose is longer.

Male vs Female

Both male and female Shugs look and act pretty much the same. On average, men are about an inch taller than women. When compared to the differences between mixes that favour one parent or the other, the differences between men and women are small.


Feed your Shug both high-quality dry dog food and a healthy homemade diet. On the other hand, too much food can be bad for their health, so keep an eye on what they eat.

What Makes Shugs so Special and Why Do They Cost What They Do?

Even though shug puppies haven’t been around for a long time, they are still very popular. German shepherds have been bred with many different breeds to see what traits and looks the offspring have.

People fell in love with the shug right away and found that its cute intelligence brought something special and happy into their homes. We can now name and write about all of the great qualities that make a shug unique.

To understand shugs, you should first know where they came from. This will help you figure out why they act the way they do and why dog owners all over the United States love them so much.

Pug History

In China, pugs were first raised and bred so that they could be lap dogs. Because of this, they need and want human attention to be happy and healthy.

Most shugs are born with this trait.They also tend to have the same stubbornness and sense of humour as pugs. Since they joined the American Kennel Club, people have called pugs clowns.

Fun fact: Puppies used to be treated like royalty, and they would sit on the knees of the Emperor. It wasn’t unusual for these lapdogs to have their own small palaces with guards.

They like to play and act goofy, and they love it when their owners laugh. When you’re sad or upset, these little cuddle balls are the dogs to go to, and they’ve passed these traits on to their shusky offspring.

On the other hand, German shepherds have histories and personalities that are very different from each other. German shepherds can be cute and funny, but their personalities are much more obvious.

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German Shepherd History

German Shepherds were first made in Germany, and the first one was brought to a show of dogs in 1899 and sold right away.

After that, they became more and more popular until they were an important part of German history and culture. German Shepherds were made to work, and they did it very well.

No matter what you want to do, the German shepherd can do it. People started to notice how smart they were not long after they became well-known.

So, these dog owners started to train their dogs in new ways. During the first and second world wars, German shepherds put their lives at risk to get food and other supplies to the front lines.

The third smartest dog breed is the German Shepherd. Even though they came in third, they are the second most popular dog in the US.

They were quickly brought to the United States, where they have proven to be great police, military, and family dogs. Because they are smart and have a good sense of smell, they can help the police and military more than anyone could have asked for.

They have been good guard dogs and family dogs for a long time because of how protective they are and how active they are. They sometimes get a bad rap for being violent, but they are only aggressive when they are taught to be.

Many of the traits of German shepherds have been passed down to the next generation of shugs.

Shugs are very loyal and smart, just like German Shepherds. They also have a lot of energy, but not quite as much as German Shepherds.

In What Ways are German Shepherds and Pugs Different but Also Similar?

We know that both German Shepherds and pugs have a lot of great traits that they pass on to their offspring. What are these traits, and how are they different?

And if they are so different, how do people get them to breed in the first place? There are a lot of questions about the strange mating of two different animals, so let’s take a look at how it all works.

When German shepherds and pugs get together, they make a new breed that has some of the best and worst traits of each.

So, it’s important to know both their strengths and weaknesses, as well as what they have in common and what makes them different. German Shepherds and Pugs

German ShepherdsPugs
Height77-95 pounds14-18 Pounds
Weight24-73 inches10-12 inches
HairShort, Brown and
Black, Sheds
Short medium brown hair that can be course. They shed a lot, although it is short hairs.
TemperamentVery intelligent, loyal,
and high energy
Very funny, Lazy around on
humans laps, sweet
PersonalityThese dogs will help anyone and everyone but when standing guard
they can be the most
terrifying part of
someone’s day.
These dogs are the funny dogs
in town. They love to
hang out with
humans and actually need
time to be a lap dog (its kind of like their job)
They love humans and kids
and are very light-hearted
although, they can be very
NeedsThey need to have
plenty of
exercise and they need
to be walked with
a weighted vest. They
need high-quality
balanced food and they absolutely need to be
challenged mentally
every day.
Then need to have short brisk walks every dog to keep them healthy
and strong. They also can’t be
walked for too long or they
develop breathing issues
because of their short snouts.
Similarities*Shepherds love
*Shepherds need walks and
*Shepherds are good
family pets.
*Pugs love Humans
*Pugs need daily walks
*Pugs are great family pets
Differences*German shepherds
need human
interaction but not
as much as
*German shepherds
are always
smart and not
always funny
*German shepherds
have a lot of special
*German shepherds
are easy to
train because of their
*Pugs need human
time to survive
*pugs are funny
not always smart
*Pugs don’t have a
lot of special needs
*Pugs can be hard
to train because
of their stubbornness

Because these dogs are so different from each other, it can be hard to understand why owners and breeders would want to cross them.

Breeders have found that even though these dogs have some things in common and some things that are different, their genes work together to make a dog that is fun, friendly, and smart.

What is the Shug Really Like?

So, if German shepherds are smart, task-oriented dogs, and pugs are more laid-back family dogs, what kind of dog is the shug? Is it relaxed or focused?

Well, the shug and the dogs are both unique. These new breed mixes combine hard work and laziness to make a fun-loving dog who likes to play games and will also cuddle with you on the couch while you watch Netflix.

The shug is very smart, but he also likes to have a good time. So, even if you think you’re playing a mental game, your shuffle will change the rules and have you laughing before you know it.

Slugs can have two different kinds of eyes and four different kinds of hair. Their hair can be black, brindle, cream, or caramel, and their eyes can be hazel or brown.

The shug is a medium-sized dog that is a cross between a pug and a German shepherd. It stands 11 to 15 inches tall and weighs 45 to 50 pounds. Shugs are the perfect mix of the different sizes of their parents.

The shug is usually the same colour as a pug, but it can sometimes have markings like those of a German shepherd. Their ancestors, the pugs, gave them their short noses and curly tails that lay on their backs.

The ears of each puppy will be different. Some will have ears that hang down like those of pugs, while others will have ears that stand up straight like those of German shepherds.

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How do German Shepherds and Pugs Make Shugs?

German shepherds are much bigger than pugs, so it’s hard to imagine how these two very different animals could get together and have babies.

Shugs like to be outside and play or take short walks. Still, they need a lot of water when they work out, so you might need to bring water and a bowl with you when you go for walks and to the park.

But, as we’ve seen, it’s not impossible. If these two dogs are to have puppies, the female German shepherd must be female and the male pug must be male. A female pug would die if the puppies were any bigger.

With the help of a male pug and a female German shepherd, breeders can help these two animals meet and have puppies.

It’s not a simple task that can be done without a breeder’s help, but the result is beautiful puppies.

German ShepherdPug Mixes (Shug)

Can Shugs Reproduce?

Canis lupus familiaris is the family of all dogs, no matter what breed they are. So, any dog can have babies with any other dog (depending on size, sex, and other influences).

This means that mixed-breed dogs like the shug, pug, and porg can have puppies with any other breed of dog, not just their own breed mix.

Slugs are very easy to take care of because their coats are short and they don’t shed much. They only need to be brushed gently every few weeks.

You might want to have your dog neutered if you don’t want to deal with puppies. If you want to breed your shug, you should know that you don’t have to own a German shepherd or a pug to start making more of these cute dogs.

How to Get a Shug and How Much They Cost

Now that you know everything there is to know about smugglers and why they are so popular, it’s time to learn how to buy one and why they cost what they do.

So, first of all, how do you find a shug and buy one? On the other hand, it could take hours and a lot of time to look for shaggy puppies for sale.

Even though they are becoming more popular, they are not often advertised on traditional dog websites. So it’s unlikely that you’ll find them if you look for them in the usual ways.

If you are having trouble finding a Shug dog breeder, you can get the names and websites of Shug breeders in your area from local and national breed groups.

P.S. If you still have trouble, you might want to think about going to dog shows. They are a great way to find out about things.

You should find a dog breeder close to you and talk to them in person. This means you will talk to the breeder about a price and a time to pick them up and pay for them.

Because each breeder sets their own prices, the price of a schnauzer puppy can be anywhere from $500 to $2000. However, there aren’t many chances that your shug is worth $2,000 or more.

Most owners will stick with you for about $500 because these dogs are mixes. But this could make you want to start your own family. If there is a big need for beautiful shug puppies in your area, you could become a breeder and help more of them come into the world.

What other breeds do German shepherds mix with?

Breeders have found that German shepherds get along well with a number of other dog breeds.

They are a mix of golden retrievers, pit bulls, rottweilers, Chinese wolves, Akitas, Siberian huskies, Labradors, Collies, Welsh corgis, poodles, and chows.

What is Shug short for?

A dog that comes from a cross between a German shepherd and a pug is called a “shug.” The name comes from the two dogs’ names put together.

The letters s and h come from the word “shepherd,” while the letters u and g come from “pug.” A shug is when these two drinks are mixed together.

Can you breed a pug and a husky together?

Even though it seems strange, the dog-breed hug comes from a husky mother and a pug father.

Huskies and pugs are very different types of dogs with very different sizes, but breeders have found a way for them to get along.

Final Thoughts

We don’t see many shrugs in dog parks right now, but we think that will change in the future.

They are a cross between a German Shepherd and a Pug, two popular breeds that are only matched in star power by the Huskorgi. However, they avoid the most common problems with both breeds.

Shugs are a cross between a German Shepherd that doesn’t need five acres to run around and a Pug that can breathe.

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