How Smart Are Corgis

How Smart Are Corgis? 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About It

You might think, “Corgis are so small, they only like to play and cuddle.” But that’s not the case.

Corgis are very smart dogs, which they show in a number of ways. They do well when they can break up groups of land animals and learn from their own mistakes.

Corgis are one of the top 30 smartest dogs because they learn in these important ways. So let’s find out what else about them makes them so smart.

Are Corgis Intelligent?

If you have a Corgi, you already know the answer to this question. Corgis are very smart dogs, which even people who have never owned a dog before can tell right away.

How Smart Are Corgis?

Corgis are smart dogs, and there are a lot of them. Studies have been done to find out this, and Corgis have done well in all of them.

For example, corgis are very good at learning new commands. On average, it takes a Corgi between five and fifteen times to learn a new command. This is a very short amount of time compared to other dogs, who can take weeks to learn something new.

This means that a Corgi can learn a command in just a few minutes. Corgis are also thought to be smart because they can remember what they were told before and do what they were told the first time.

How Smart Are Corgis

This is a fantastic thing to say about their intelligence because it means that once the command is in their long-term memory, they will almost always be able to execute it without fail.

Instinctive Intelligence

Corgis may be small, but don’t let their size fool you. They are very skilled and in tune with their instincts. Their past is what makes them so in tune with their surroundings.

Corgis were first trained to herd cattle, which meant they had to keep an eye out for any cows that got away. This simple act has made a big difference in how smart their instincts are right now.

They are now very sensitive to both small and large movements from both small and big animals. This makes them great at barking as loudly and as often as they can to warn you of an intruder.

Their history is also the reason why they are so careful and protective.

Even though they are only about 12 inches tall, they are used to taking the lead by protecting their caretakers or the herds they watch.

Obedience Intelligence

Corgis know how to do what they are told. Because they are great at “following the leader,” which is you!

These big dogs with short legs have no trouble listening and following directions as long as the commands are clear and consistent.

As was already said, they are very good at remembering commands that are put in their long-term memory, which happens quickly. Because their brains work so well, they are also very good at launching demands, which they enjoy.

Their ability to obey also depends on how close they are to you, their caretaker.

The better you get along with your Corgi, the easier it will be for it to accept any basic order you give it, sort it out, and carry it out with ease and as few distractions as possible.


We all know that Corgis are smart dogs, which might make you think that they are easy to train. For the most part, you would be right!

They are happy to stand at attention and wait for your orders because they are smart, have good instincts, and are loyal to you. They love to learn, which is one reason why it will be easy and effective to teach your Corgi.

Keep in mind, though, that Corgis are tough little dogs. They are usually happy-go-lucky, but they are smart enough to learn their own routines and habits based on what you tell them.

Because they are smart and confident, they can seem a little stubborn once they have learned on their own, and it can be hard to change their habits.

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Lastly, as the teacher, it will be up to you to be more sure of yourself and in charge than the Corgi. This will make training them easy.

What Makes Corgis So Smart?

Corgis stand out from other smart dogs because they are so good at herding. Only a few breeds can compete with them in this way. Corgis also have a remarkable ability to change and learn on their own.

All of this makes Corgis great at communicating and solving problems, which is why the AKC sings their praises and even compares their intelligence to that of humans.

Is Coren’s Dog Intelligence Criteria Flawless?

Nothing is perfect, and Coren’s criteria for intelligence are no different. Still, no one has come up with a more objective way to measure how smart a dog is. After all, obedience trial judges from the American and Canadian Kennel Clubs were part of the study.

Almost half of the North American judges provided professor comments (nearly 200 responses from them alone).

The job of these judges was to judge as many different kinds of dogs as they could. What were the predetermined criteria? The following two factors were observed by the judges:

  • The number of times a dog needs to hear a new command before it learns it Of course, the fewer times the dogs had to do something, the smarter they were thought to be.
  • How well did the dogs do the first time they were told to do something they already knew? Their success rate was used to figure out which dog breeds were smarter.

Why Are There Only 110 Dog Breeds On The List?

The judges only included dog breeds that got at least 100 points from them.

Because there weren’t enough tests to make sure the data was reliable, unusual breeds were left out.

Also, because all of the judges were from North America or Canada, the study only looked at breeds that were recognized at the time by the American or Canadian Kennel Club. It’s important to note that none of the most popular hybrids, like the Horgi, were part of the study.

What Does It Mean To Be A Bright Dog, According To This Particular Study?

Dogs that are smart can learn a new command after only five to fifteen repetitions. So, in just a few minutes, you can teach your Corgi puppy any basic command.

That’s pretty amazing on its own, but wait until you see how often people follow a known order on the first try.

The success rate for Cardigan and Pembroke Corgis is 85%. So, despite having a reputation for being stubborn, this breed is very easy to train.

The Best Corgi Intelligence Features

There are many things about your Corgi that will show you that it is a very smart breed of dog. However, we can focus on two things that make them stand out as a well-known breed of smart dog: self-correction and herding.

Corgis can learn new commands and fix their mistakes on their own, but they are not perfect and will make mistakes.

What’s interesting about them is that they can figure out what they did wrong and fix it before or after you do.

Next, they can herd large animals like horses and cattle because of how they work and how big they are.

They keep their herd safe and together by barking and circling them. This keeps the herd in a fairly tight pack, which makes it easier to move through the terrain. Because of their size, they can move faster than the herd, making the Corgi the leader.

Pros & Cons Of Adopting A Dog As Smart As Corgi

From what we can tell, both studies and owners agree that Corgis are very smart. Is it really so great to have a dog that knows a lot?

Sometimes it can be hard to deal with your dog’s high intelligence. Intelligent dogs can be hard to handle, just like intelligent children. The problem is pretty much the same. They are very clear about what they want and how to get it.

Corgis are stubborn, which only makes things worse. Corgis know they are smart and capable of coming up with their own ideas. If they weren’t so set in their beliefs, that wouldn’t be a problem.

The best way to stop this from happening is to start training your Corgi as soon as you get it. It’s best to start as soon as possible. You must be consistent and firm with your Corgi puppy, no matter how cute or funny he or she is.

Get ready to have to wait. If you don’t do this, your Corgi will learn how to “take advantage” of you whenever possible. That’s how smart Corgis are!

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For example, many Corgis won’t go for a walk, so they hide under the bed and stay there for hours. Even their favourite snacks can’t make them change their minds.

Many dog owners believe that the more intelligent a dog is, the more stubborn it will be.These dogs think they are too smart to do what you tell them. So having a dog that is very smart is both a blessing and a curse.

Let’s talk about Corgis again. Remember how they can learn a new command in as few as five tries? This can be good and bad at the same time.

Corgis, in particular, can tell right from wrong as quickly as they can tell good from bad. It can be dangerous to let this kind of dog get into a little trouble every now and then. They might see it as the way they should act, and it might be hard to correct the mistake.

As we’ve already said, smart Corgis don’t assume anything. You give them a simple rule or instruction to follow, and based on that, they come up with their own ideas.

You might teach your Corgi not to touch food on the table, for example. If food falls on the floor, your Corgi might think it’s a buffet. Corgi is intelligent enough to keep thinking and come up with ideas such as, “If I knock some food off the table, it’s free for all!”

How Smart Can You Expect Your Corgi To Be?

Corgis are smart dogs by nature, and it would be hard to call one a “stupid dog.” However, each dog is different, and these differences can become clear as you get to know your dog.

In general, you can expect your Corgi to be as smart as you let it be, which will depend on how well and creatively you train it.

If you let your small beast of a dog use its brain well in difficult situations, it will only improve its natural intelligence.

Also, training it in a structured and traditional way will teach it skills and traits that most dogs already know, while being creative with your demands and rewards will give it the right motivation to learn out-of-the-box tricks and trades that will show off and build on their natural intelligence.

Can Corgi Intelligence Be Improved?

All intelligence can be improved, even that of a Corgi! One small but important way to improve their natural and trainable intelligence is to correct their mistakes.

How Smart Are Corgis

We know they can sometimes fix themselves, but not always.

So, when you have the chance to correct your Corgi’s mistake, you should take it, because it will fill in the gaps of what they don’t know and make them smarter overall.

You can also improve your Corgi’s intelligence by watching it work and helping it find efficient ways to do things.

help you to help you to help you to help you to help you to help you to help you to help you to help you to help you to help you to help you to help you to help you to help you

This lets their brain follow, understand, and act on your instructions or their own ideas much faster and with a clearer sense of how things work, which leads to more success.

Corgi Intelligence in Comparison with Shiba Inus, Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes and Golden Retrievers

Compared to the intelligence of Shiba Inus, Akitas, Malamutes, and Retrievers, a Corgi can be a real opponent, and it is clear that it is just as smart as these other breeds.

Even though these other dog breeds are much bigger than a Corgi, research has shown that just because a dog has a bigger head doesn’t mean it is smarter.

Malamutes and Akitas are smart dogs, but they can’t fix their own mistakes as well as Corgis can.

Shiba Inus and Akitas are just as smart as Corgis, but their willingness to work makes them great team players but not as good at leading on their own as Corgis are.

The Retriever is the Corgis’ main rival for the most intelligent dog award, but the fact that Corgis can control a whole herd of bigger animals puts them at the top of the list of very smart dogs.

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What can I do to keep my Corgi smart and mentally sharp throughout their life?

You can keep your Corgi smart and mentally sharp as it ages by building on the intelligence he or she was born with.

Take your Corgi on different adventures, talk to them about anything, show them new things, and put them in different situations so they can keep growing as a dog and as a member of your family.

You shouldn’t go overboard with this, but it is a chance to strengthen the bond you already have with your Corgi and let them fully experience life with you.

They’re going somewhere, so make the ride fun and interesting for both of you.

The more safe opportunities kids have to learn about life and the more you share with them in a loving way, the smarter they will be for the rest of their lives.

Another important but often forgotten part of a dog’s life is giving them the mental stimulation they need.

Mental stimulation builds intelligence, the ability to solve problems, the ability to change, and other skills that last a lifetime.

Often, this mental stimulation is the cherry on top of your dog’s day.

They have been played with, loved, had fun, and made friends. Now, to be comfortable and happy, they need mental exercise.

Different toys and instruments can be used to provide this kind of exercise.

Another great way to keep your Corgi smart and mentally sharp throughout its life is to teach it new things.

Show them something new they can do in the yard or around the house.

No matter what you decide, if you teach them something new every now and then and let them practice it, their minds will continue to grow even after they’ve stopped learning.

Does Owning A Smart Dog Matter?

When choosing a dog, you need to think about more than just how smart it is. It is much more important to choose a canine partner who has the same personality and temperament as you. All dogs are smart enough to be great friends and give you a lot of joy.

How Smart Are Corgis

As you can see, some dogs are way too smart for their own good. It turns out that a less smart dog can make life a lot easier for the person who owns it.

This is why a lot of people choose these kinds of dogs. Before getting a pet, you should really think about it.

Final Words

Are Corgis intelligent or stupid? Now that you know the truth, you also know that being smart isn’t everything.

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi are both very smart, loving, and loyal dogs.

Before you bring one home, you should carefully look at how they act and what they are like. They can be very pretty, but they are also very active and sometimes stubborn.

You can’t decide if you really want a Corgi until you’ve done a lot of research. That’s the only way to make sure you won’t live to regret what you did.

The good news is that most owners are happy with their decision. Corgis are one of the best kinds of dogs in the world.

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