How To Predator-Proof Your Rabbit Hutch: The Best Methods

Rabbits are animals that are hunted. Foxes, hawks, cats, dogs, and raccoons are just some of the wild animals that hunt rabbits. If your pet rabbit lives outside, you need to keep it safe from animals that could hurt it.

Build a strong hutch for your rabbit out of solid wood, strong wire mesh, and strong bolts. Covered outdoor runs will keep hawks from attacking, and a floor will stop foxes from digging under them. Use sprinklers and lights that turn on when motion is detected to keep predators away.

We’ll talk about what kinds of animals hunt rabbits and how to keep your pet safe when you take it outside. We’ll show you how to build a rabbit hutch that can’t be broken into by predators and give you tips on how to keep dangerous animals out of your yard.

Predator Proofing Rabbit’s Hutch

If you want to keep your rabbit outside as well as inside, there are some safety measures you need to build into the hutch.

Even though it's important to keep your rabbit safe from predators, the hutch should also be impossible to get out of.

Here's how to make sure your pet's Hutch is safe from predators:

1) Hutch Material

Rabbit hutches are usually made of one of three main materials:
  • All net Wooden Metallic frame
  • Metallic seems to be the strongest, but it is not a good choice for summer.
The metal frame may keep your bunny safe from predators, but if it gets too hot in the sun, it could burn your bunny.

So, it's best to choose a Hutch made of a material that keeps out predators and can stand up to different kinds of weather.

Your best bet?

2) Placement

We've already decided where we want to put our pets.

But it takes a lot of experience to know where a rabbit hutch could be attacked and where it won't be. If you just got a rabbit, pay close attention and look at our rabbit checklist to make sure you have everything you need for it.

Make sure you put them at the right height, neither too high nor too low.

Your rabbits should be 1 foot off the ground.

Keeping them up high would attract raccoons and other animals that might push the Hutch over because they were curious.

3) Change the Wiring

If you want to keep your pet rabbits outside, make sure the hutches have strong wiring.

They wouldn't be able to get away, but predators would still be able to get to them.

Wiring can be hard to do, and it also depends a lot on what the hutch is made of.

Make sure to use thick wire that big, strong animals like dogs won't be able to break.

Also, make sure that the wire is properly fixed.

Depending on your Hutch, you may need to make sure the wire is in the right place. Make sure there are no weak spots and that it fits perfectly on the surface of the Hutch.

In this case, weld mesh is the best way to wire a rabbit hutch, and most good ones use it.

4) Locks and Bolts

Putting the right locks in the right places is a key part of making a home safe from predators.

What you need to know is this:

Make sure your hutch's latch is locked if it has one.

Latches are the most dangerous type of lock, and the mechanism around them is simple.

A latch can be opened by a toddler, but it could also be opened by a hungry fox or badger.

So, if you have a Hutch that is locked, make sure it is attached well and hard to open.

You could also try putting a bolt on the latch.

What's the deal with Bolts?

Well, let's just say it will make the locks on your Hutch more complicated.

5) Check the Surface

Foxes and dogs are great diggers, so make sure your Hutch is set up on a strong surface.

You might not believe it, but...

Foxes can be very sneaky, and they might dig a tunnel under your rabbit's hutch to get to it and eat it.

But rabbits can also dig their way out of the Hutch and into the open, where they can be attacked by predators.

This is a big no for grass surfaces!

Make sure the surface can't be broken through to stop any kind of tunneling.

The surface of a Hutch can be made of wood, concrete, or marble.

6) The base of the Hutch

When building a hutch, make sure the wiring is also on the outside.

Why put the net under the water?

This helps the trash get into the tray so it can be thrown away later.

If you use a wire with big holes, your rabbit's feet might get stuck, leaving it vulnerable to attacks from below.

7) Add some support

When predators try to attack, they often look for weak spots in the enclosures of their prey.

If your rabbit's hutch has a strong support, like wood, it would be hard to scratch the way in.

Only putting them in wire cages wouldn't be smart.


With a wooden frame, it was easy to nail the wires in place. Your pets would do best with a wooden frame on a wooden stand.

8) A strong Roof

If a wolf can't get in from under the Hutch, its next move would be to climb over it and try to get to the rabbits that way.

Make sure that your roof is strong and made of a material that is hard to break or tear.

Weld mesh or a wooden slab that is nailed to the main structure would be good for the roof.

9) Sturdy Structure

When the hutch is high up, the predator may sometimes throw it to the ground to see if it can break it.

The best way to stop this from happening is to make your Hutch strong. This will help keep the Hutch from getting hurt in any way.

Metal is the strongest material. When you combine it with wooden edges, your structure is ready to go outside.

10) Electric Fencing

Electric fencing is a very new way to keep out predators, and it may be your best bet.

Why does this work?

Well, once the predator feels the electric shock, it's not likely that it will come back.

If electrical fencing seems hard, add spikes to the ends of your fence to keep foxes and other predators from getting in.

Also, make sure that your fence is strong and doesn't have any big holes or weak spots.

11) Odor Repellents

How do animals that hunt find their food?

They can smell them.

How can you stop this?

Odor Repellents.

You can quickly get rid of your Rabbit's smell with odor repellents, which will stop the predator from coming after it in the first place.

As part of your cleaning routine, spray odor-blocking spray on and around your rabbit's hutch.

12) Prevent Rabbits from Chewing the Hutch

Rabbits like to chew, especially on wood.

This can happen when they are hungry or when they are just bored.


Make sure that you put a metal rod or frame inside the wooden frame to keep the Hutch from falling apart.

Also, try to give your rabbits a routine that includes the right food and a mix of work and play.

This helps get rid of both the boredom and hunger that make them chew on the hutch in the first place.

13) Keep an Eye

The best thing to do is have someone watch over your pet, but people who work long hours may not be able to do this.


It's not hard to keep predators out of your rabbit's hutch. It is a simple idea that involves a few basic steps. Even though proofreading is easy, this step is very important. Make sure you do all or some of the things the article says to do.

Also, if you want to keep a rabbit, make sure you know a lot about what they need and how they act. Your first job as a pet owner is to get to know your rabbit and form a bond with it. Once you know what your bunny does and how it acts, you can change its environment to suit it.

Just make sure to give your rabbit's hutch comfort, privacy, and safety.


How do you protect rabbits from being eaten? As a pet parent, your first job is to keep your rabbit safe from danger. You can do this by either keeping your rabbit inside or making sure its hutch is safe from predators.

Do rabbits know who owns them?

Like cats and dogs, rabbits know who their owners are and will often go to them when they call. But it's important for the pet parent to get close to them.

Do rabbits like to hug each other?

If you do it right, rabbits like to be cuddled and held. Just don't take them up high because they'll feel scared. Also, don't wake them up while they're sleeping because it might scare them.

Should I put something on my rabbit's cage at night?

Your rabbit's cage doesn't need to be covered at night. Just make sure your Hutch is safe from predators.

What's the best place for rabbits to sleep?

Newspaper, wood pellets, paper pellets, and shredded cardboard are all things that rabbits can sleep on.

How big of a cage does a rabbit need?

The House Rabbit Society says that there should be "at least 8 square feet of enclosure space and at least 24 square feet of exercise space for 1 to 2 rabbits, where the rabbits can run and play for at least 5 hours per day."
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