When Can Dogs Play After Spay? Update 2022

when can dogs play after spay

Do you ever wonder if your dog’s desire to play after spaying is normal? It might be difficult to get your dog or cat to lie down and relax following a procedure like spaying or neutering. Puppy dogs in particular are eager to resume their active lifestyles following neutering. They don’t comprehend how much rest … Read more

Can You Bring Dogs Into Walgreens?

can you bring dogs into walgreens

When you go into a local Walgreens store, one thing that you may not expect to see is a dog walking area. But the company has found a way to put its pet lovers’ desires into action. “Pet owners were surprised to see our staff working with the animals,” says Kim L. Harkins, director of … Read more

Can Dogs Do Backflips? Simple Ways to Teach

can dogs do backflips

Can Dogs Do Backflips? Are you wondering if your dog can do a backflip? Well, he definitely can. It’s a pretty common question, and it has some pretty simple answers. First, any dog can do a backflip if you give him enough motivation and inspiration. A dog doesn’t require any special equipment in order to … Read more

Can Sibling Dogs Breed? Benefits Or Risks?

can sibling dogs breed

For a variety of reasons, it is harmful to breed dog siblings. For those who wish to breed their dogs ethically and produce healthy puppies with few health issues, this is not a good option. Only if there is a scarcity of certain dog breeds in your area should you consider regularly reproducing dogs. There … Read more

Can Dogs Smell Wax Pens? All You Need To Know

Can Dogs Smell Wax Pens?

Many airports, train stations, and other public places have drug-detection dogs and law enforcement agents accompanying them. As a result, these dogs have been tasked with sniffing out everything from illegal substances and weapons to people. One has to question if drug dogs can keep up with the ever-increasing variety of smoking alternatives. There is … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Lo Mein? What You Need To Know

can dogs eat lo mein

Lo mein is just one of those foods that most people find to be both tasty and satisfying. Making lo mein When it comes to dogs, may they have some lo mein? No. Because so many complex ingredients like soy sauce, onion and pepper and salts have been added, they are not suitable for dogs. … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Blood? The Horrible Truth

can dogs eat blood

Blood contains proteins, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, which make it an extremely valuable part of our diet. A question I get asked a lot is: Can Dogs Eat Blood? In this post, we’ll show you that a dog’s stomach and metabolism make it impossible for a dog to eat blood. But that doesn’t mean … Read more