Reasons Your Husky Keeps Digging Holes

The 4 Most Likely Reasons Your Husky Keeps Digging Holes

If you want to know one thing about your new Husky, it’s why they like to dig holes. Have you just gotten a Siberian husky?

Do you ever wonder why they like to dig holes and wreck your yard so much? This is what this post is about.

Why Do Huskies Like To Dig?

If you know why your husky digs holes, you can stop him from doing it in the first place. Your husky could be digging holes for a number of different reasons, each of which calls for a different plan.

Most likely, one of the following is why your husky is digging holes:

1. Not receiving enough exercise or play.

Huskies need a lot of things to do because they have a lot of energy and need to be active. People often call huskies the ultramarathon runners of the dog world. This shows how energetic they are!

If you don’t do this exercise with your Husky, he or she will almost certainly be bored. This will add up over time, and your Husky will probably start acting in a bad way. digging in this case.

2. Searching for a cooler spot to lay.

Do you live in a hot country, or do your summers get hot? If so, and you leave your Husky in your yard, this is a very real possibility.

If you’re there, it’s easy to stop him, but sometimes you’ll go back inside and come out to find him underground!

This is normal for all dog breeds, not just the Husky. When a dog gets too hot, it will try to find any way to cool down.

3. Natural instincts

Have you ever seen a husky try to dig up an animal that was buried in snow? Even though they almost never get it right, it’s still fun to watch!

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In any case, his natural hunting instincts kick in, and he’ll go after something he smells or hears underground. He doesn’t mind if this means he has to dig.

He might bury food, treats, bones, or even toys to do this.

This is another example of how he naturally knows what to do. In the wild, animals often bury food to keep other animals from taking it.

By burying it, other animals will have a much harder time finding it, and the person who buried it will always know where it is.

4. Trying to escape

Huskies are masters at disguise. They are like Harry Houdini, but for dogs.

If your husky hears, smells, or sees something beyond your fence, he will definitely try to jump over.

Your husky will keep going even if your fences are tall enough to stop him.

Huskies are smart, and if he can’t fly, he’ll try to dig his way out if he doesn’t succeed.

Don’t underestimate how well your Husky can run away. Even though it sounds strange, huskies can dig under fences, even though they are medium to large in size.

How To Stop Husky Digging Holes | Quick and Easy Method


Until you figure out how to stop your Siberian Husky from digging, which will take time, the easiest way to stop him is to not leave him alone in the yard.

Reasons Your Husky Keeps Digging Holes

He won’t be able to keep doing it this way. The more he digs, the more he will do it because it makes him happy.

More Exercise

Huskies have a lot of energy, and if they don’t have enough ways to use it, they might start digging. If you do more with your Husky, like jog him for a couple miles, he won’t have the energy to dig.

Self-Play Toys

Your husky may also be digging to China out of boredom.Self-play toys are a great way to keep your dog entertained in the backyard.

The Wunderball is a great choice because it bounces in different ways when it’s dropped, which will keep your dog playing.

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Treat toys, the iFetch, the Tether Tug, and other similar things are also good options.

Use Natural Dog Repellents In Previous Holes

There are many smells that will bother your husky. He can use lemon peels, vinegar, used coffee grounds, spices, or even his own poop. Most of the time, this works for all breeds. source

When your husky digs you a moon crater, use some of these repellents to fill it back up. Your husky will be able to smell the smell in the ground, but you won’t, so he won’t want to dig there again.

A Place To Dig

Last, your Husky digs make you feel good about yourself. In addition to getting rid of energy, your dog likes the feel of the dirt between his toes and the smells he finds.

He might be trying to find a mole or a gopher.

Giving these dogs their own sand or mud box may be the only way to keep them from digging up your whole yard.

Use a box made for kids or make your own. Make sure it has a clear edge and that the soil inside is different from the soil in your yard so your dog can tell the difference.

Put toys and treats (buried shallowly at first) inside the box to get your dog to dig there instead of elsewhere.

This is a great idea because it gives your dog exercise and keeps him busy while keeping your landscaping in good shape. And he won’t be able to dig his way out of your yard.

Is Your Husky Trying to Escape?

Another thing to think about is whether your husky is trying to run away. If this is the case, you can be sure that big holes will be dug right next to your fence panel.

Huskies are masters at disguise. They can get out of almost any situation by climbing, jumping, or digging.

If this is the case, you need to act fast and keep your husky inside until you can make your yard husky-proof.

One Important Tip to Remember

Training is always part of fixing behaviour problems, no matter what kind they are. When you teach a Husky something, it’s important to remember that you should only use positive reinforcement.

For this kind of training, he needs to be praised when he does it right and shown the right way when he does it wrong. There was no yelling in positive reinforcement.

When you move your husky away from where he is digging and take him to his special digging area, encourage him to dig, and then give him a treat when he does, he will learn much faster. If you do this again and again, your Husky will quickly connect the two things.

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Reasons Your Husky Keeps Digging Holes

This is great because you’re not stopping your husky from digging; instead, you’re just telling him where he can dig.

The best way for Huskies to learn is to make sacrifices like these, which, to be honest, aren’t that hard! Your dog will have a great time.

Last Thoughts

You should now know more about why your husky digs holes and what you can do to help him stop or at least move.

Leave a comment if you’ve found a way to stop your husky from digging holes.

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