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If you’re wondering how you can change your hair in Watch Dogs: Legion, you’re not the only one. A lot of players have been mesmerized by the level of customization in the game and have been wondering how far can you push the limits. To know how to change your hairstyle in the game, check this guide out.

How To Change Hair In Watch Dogs: Legion

With the level of customizability that’s on offer in Watch Dogs: Legion, it brings up a ton of questions, and changing hair is one of them. Sadly enough, Ubisoft hasn’t allowed players to customize hair in the game.

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It makes sense in a way, as you come across different characters that you can recruit and play as in the game, each character has different abilities and personalities and hair is one characteristic that defines it.

Watch Dogs: Legion : How To Change Hair | Customization Guide

As you can change what each character wears, the game developers saw it fit for every character to have their own hairstyle in the game. NPCs who work in corporate offices in the game will probably have decent hair, but if you happen to recruit a musician or a tattoo artist you will be able to see the difference.

Each character has a well-defined personality and it adds to the gameplay aesthetic while playing Watch Dogs: Legion. When a game offers you the ability to recruit almost anyone from the streets to join your cause, you’d want them to bring in their entire persona helping to add diversity and vibrancy.

While hair isn’t customizable in the game, you can recruit characters that look eerily similar to popular fiction characters, like John Wick. If you want to know how to recruit John Wick in Watch Dogs: Legion check it out right here.

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