Why Do Bichons Whine So Much

Why Do Bichons Whine So Much? 5 Reasons & Solutions

The Maltese is a small dog that looks a lot like the Bichon Frise. Its French name means “curly lap dog” in English. Even though it is small, the Bichon Frise is very strong. Their necks are long, and their chests are strong.

They have a soft, non-allergenic coat that is loosely curled, and they are great to cuddle with. The Bichon Frise is a breed of dog that is naturally friendly and good with kids. They love to have fun and are very affectionate.

But it can be hard to train them to stay in one place. Before you get a Bichon Frise, you should do some research because some lines have been overbred in a careless way.

Whining is one of the most annoying things about the Bichon Frise, so if you get one as a pet, be ready for it.

Why do Bichons whine so much?

Bichons may whine because they want something from you, are afraid or scared, or are waiting for something.

To stop your Bichon from whining, make sure they have enough things to do and chew on when they’re bored, that they get enough exercise and time with you, and that they’re not afraid of anything.

If you have a whining Bichon Frise or are thinking about getting one, this article will tell you everything you need to know about why they whine so much.

Companion Dogs

Bichon Frise dogs have been people’s companions for as long as they have been around. On the islands where they grew up, they were liked at first.

Sailors fell in love with these small dogs and took them all over the world, where they became famous.

Why Do Bichons Whine So Much

One of the things that has kept the Bichon Frise popular over the years is that it likes to talk to people. A lot of people who own Bichons say that their dogs can read their minds.

Dogs that are great companions and great communicators often want to talk a lot. The breed usually makes sounds like barking and whimpering.

Your Bichon may be whining because they want to talk to you or because they can feel your stress. This is a common trait in dogs like Bichons that are kept as pets.

They Can Have Their Own Minds

People say that Bichons are easy to train, but that doesn’t mean they’ll always do what you want. Bichon frises are just as likely to do something for you as they are to ask for something.

Bichons sometimes whine to let you know what they want. If they are not trained well, a Bichon can be a determined and annoying little dog when they want something from you.

It’s not unusual to see a Bichon whining for food that their owner has, wanting to go outside and play, etc.

They Might Not Be Getting Enough From You

The Bichon Frise is a small dog with one of the least shedding coats of any animal. This makes them a great alternative for a wide range of people, including those who work full-time or live in an apartment.

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Bichons don’t need as much attention as other breeds, but that doesn’t mean they’re happy to be alone or ignored all the time.

If your Bichon is complaining for no apparent reason, they may just have higher demands and expectations of you.

They May Be Anxious

A common sign of anxiety is whining. If your Bichon Frise is whining a lot, especially when new people or dogs come into the house, which might be scary for them, your dog might be whining out of worry.

When the whining is accompanied by other signs of anxiety, like shivering and clinging too much to you or other family members, it’s even more likely that anxiety is to blame.

They May Be In Suspense

Dogs tend to feel a lot of suspense. Most dogs seem to like waiting for something they want more than the thing itself.

Dogs love to wait to be let loose so they can chase a toy, go outside, or take the next step on a walk.

Many dogs whine when they are excited or nervous. If your Bichon often whines before, during, or after a walk, in the car, or at other times when they think something is about to happen, they may be anxious.

The Root of the Behavior

Stress often shows up as whining. When stress makes someone whine, they usually also pant, cower, pace, lick their lips, and refuse to respond to cues.

If you are training your Bichon and you hear him moaning, he may have reached his stress limit, and you may need to change how you train him. When your Bichon gets excited, he may start to whine.

If they get too excited, they might not be able to keep themselves in check. When their favourite person comes home from work after a long day, they jump, bark, whine, and just go crazy.

Bichon Frise dogs, especially young ones, will whine to get your attention. Your dog will start whining as soon as you leave the room because he doesn’t want to be alone and wants you to come back right away.

If your Bichon Frise is unhappy, he will, of course, whine. Take him to the vet if you hear him whining when he goes up or down stairs or when he puts weight on one leg. Older dogs may whine when they move because their joints hurt.

Does your Bichon whine when he meets new people or animals? A shy Bichon will whimper to make people feel better. Dogs think that these new people or animals are dangerous and that whining will make them stop.

When appeasement whining, dogs don’t look at you; they tuck their tails, hold their ears back, and roll around on their backs.

If your dog does more than one of these things, it may be time to hire a trainer to help him be more confident and get over his fear of meeting new people.

Encouraging the Behavior

Even the calmest person can be thrown off by a puppy that doesn’t stop crying. On the other hand, your dog can’t tell you how he feels with words. He sometimes starts growling, whining, and barking.

Why Do Bichons Whine So Much

So, how can you stop your dog from whining all the time? If your dog just started whining, it’s likely that he’s in pain.

Some painful illnesses, like stomach torsion, don’t show much on the outside, but they may be medical emergencies. If your pet starts to whine, you should take them to the vet as soon as possible.

When your Bichon starts to whine around new people, you need to do everything you can to boost his confidence. Different kinds of training, like agility and obedience, can help your dog feel better about himself.

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Teenage dogs that haven’t outgrown the stage where they always need their owners and whine to get their attention should be ignored. This may be hard for owners who love their dogs too much, but if you ignore your dog, you will be happier.

When dogs whine because they’re bored, it’s clear that they need something to do. Keep him busy by having other family members show him new things to do.

What To Do About A Whiny Bichon

If your Bichon Frise never stops whining, you’ll be glad to know that you can do something about it.

Bichons do well living with people, and if you handle, train, and socialize your Bichon well, you can expect it to become quieter pretty quickly.

Never Reward Whining

If your Bichon whines and gets what it wants, it will soon learn that whining is a good way to get what it wants.

Even if you only praise your Bichon Frise once for whining, it can have a big effect on how often they whine to get what they want.

If someone in your home gives your dog attention when it whines, your dog is more likely to keep doing it.

Bichon frises are more likely to keep trying even if they only succeed a small percentage of the time when they whine and get rewarded for it by going outside, getting food, or doing something else.

In fact, if your Bichon Frise doesn’t get much attention when it whines, it may start to whine even more.

Partially rewarding whining is one of the worst things you can do because it causes the dog to internalize the behaviour and increases the likelihood that it will repeat it.

Give Your Dog Entertainment During Downtimes

Bichon frises are low-energy dogs that do well in apartments, but that doesn’t mean they can just lie around all day.

Like all other breeds, these dogs need to be played with. There are many ways to keep your dog busy when you have some free time. Here are some of the options:

Toys are distributed alongside food.A food-dispensing toy, like the Kong toy, is one of the best ways to keep your dog busy when you’re not around. When a dog chews on a Kong, it naturally calms down, which can help anxious dogs.

Games with pieces of a puzzle. Puzzle activities, like hiding a toy or treat, are a great way to keep your Bichon from whining while also stimulating his brain and easing his stress. Your Bichon won’t be stressed out when he or she is trying to solve a problem.

Find Ways To Reduce Anxiety

Bichon Frise dogs aren’t known for being especially anxious, but any breed can feel anxious at times.

If giving your dog a toy that gives out food doesn’t calm him down, talk to your vet about drugs, natural pheromones, or calming tools like a Thundershirt.

Different anxiety relievers work for different dogs, so try different things until you find one that stops your dog from whimpering.

Build Ritual

Rituals can be a good way to ease tension or build suspense. Rituals in your Bichon’s life let them know what will happen next in a predictable way, so they don’t have to wonder and worry about what will happen next.

A great way to create a routine for your Bichon is to do things like give it exercise, food, toys, affection, and other things at the same time or in the same way.

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Not everything can be done at the same time, but it can always be done the same way.

Why Do Bichons Whine So Much

Before you take your Bichon Frise for a walk, always ask them to sit and stay. This will make them less excited.

Ask your Bichon to sit and stay before meals to help him or her stay calm before and while eating.

How To Help A Fearful Bichon Frise

In general, Bichon frises are known for being happy, friendly, and lively little dogs. But any dog has the potential to be too scared.

If you saved your Bichon Frise from a hoarder or a puppy mill, they are much more likely to be afraid. Bichons are sensitive dogs that can take a while to get over a bad experience. Here are some thoughts:

Give your dog some space. Don’t force your Bichon Frise to interact with you or the rest of your family before they’ve had a chance to figure out how their life has changed.

Put your Bichon in its own space and use a baby gate to separate it from the rest of the family. This way, it can come up to the baby gate on its own to interact with the rest of the family.

Feed yourself. Bichon Frise dogs usually like their food, so you can use their regular kibble and treats to get close to them.

To help your Bichon Frise trust you and your family, feed it by hand by throwing it kibble or feeding it directly from your hand.

Train. It may seem strange to train your Bichon before they trust you, but this is a dog that learns well, and you may find that teaching them basic commands will help you bond.

To train a scared Bichon, make a clicker sound when the dog does something you want, like look at you, and then give it a treat.

Enjoy A Whine-Free Bichon Frise

Some people call Bichons frises “fru-fru dogs,” but they are usually happy, outgoing, and brave little dogs who almost always have a smile on their faces.

If your Bichon always whimpers, it’s probably because of something in his or her past or present life.

You can stop your Bichon Frise from whining if you work with it to figure out why it’s whining and find ways to stop it.


No matter how patient you are, a dog that whines all the time might be hard to deal with. First, you should make sure it has nothing to do with your health.

Then, slowly get rid of all the other causes until your dog feels better and is back on track to being happy and well-adjusted.

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